The white short -sleeved shirt is so cool, refreshing and fashionable, Li Qin white deer likes

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Everyone often wear shirts, but this year we wear shirts to pay attention to styles, do not always wear long -sleeved white shirts. This recent

Short -sleeved white shirt


very popular. Whether it is a female star, fashionistas or girls on the street are wearing. It’s quite distinctive.


I used to be a bit biased to the white short -sleeved shirt, I feel that this clothes are too


, And very



Essence It is the favorite of middle -aged men. But looking at the street shots of fashionistas recently, I found that this simple white short -sleeved shirt can also be worn with fashion. Recently, many female stars are wearing, such as Li Qin, White Deer, etc., wearing this short -sleeved white shirt. Let’s talk about what tricks can I wear this white short -sleeved shirt today.

Features of white short -sleeved shirt


Compared to long -sleeved white shirts, short -sleeved white shirts are more neutral, and the sense of leisure is more rich.

Neutral wind

The single product. It feels fresh, simple and handsome. Some white short -sleeved shirts are still refuated, with pocket decoration. Like the uniform worn by the captains, handsome and refreshing. The picture above is very representative.


There is also a white short -sleeved shirt modified the sleeve and made

Bubble sleeve


It looks like a sweet charm. Let the simple white shirt have a femininity. It’s very different. What kind of white short -sleeved shirt is wearing?

White short -sleeved shirt is suitable for people to wear?

White short -sleeved shirt is almost a

Basic item

, This dress is a little bit


Not to pick people

Essence It feels like everyone can wear. The sleeve is a three -point loose sleeve that can hide the big arm. The body is also loose and loose, and it can’t be seen by fatter. Therefore, this dress can be worn regardless of whether he is tall and thin. And

Child and old salty

In terms of items, young people wear concise and handsome, and middle -aged and elderly people are fashionable. As for what temperament or feeling to wear, it depends on how to match it.

Let ’s take a look at how fashionistas wear this short -sleeved shirt.

White short -sleeved shirt with shorts or pants, easily create intellectual casual style, handsome and capable.

The white short -sleeved shirt can wear a short piece, which is more neat. The white short -sleeved shirt worn by Li Qin is very beautiful, loose and stylish, capable and refreshing. With a pair of black loose shorts. Significant and handsome. It is beautiful to wear a pair of white shoes or canvas shoes on your feet. This set of leisure feels a little intellectual, and it is good to wear work or go shopping.


Little beauty, white deer, wears white short -sleeved shirts. She is a small lapel, with a slightly bubble sleeve shape, adding a sweet romance. Wear a black tie, full

College style

Essence With a pair of black high -waisted shorts, the waist of the pants is still a wide and loose band. The waist is thin and fashionable, with wide pair of white shoes on the feet and echoing white short -sleeved shirts, simple and high -level. Very good summer wear.

The girl’s match above is the same as the little beauty and white deer, but her white short -sleeved shirt is also dotted with a few small black patterns, with letters and patterns. Although it is very small, it is quite layered. With a pair of black waist and rotten shorts, wearing a pair of black boots, it is very handsome. The dark gray tie on the collar has a sense of intellectual and capable. The tie can also divide the upper body into two parts, as well as the effect of visual stretching. It is relatively thin, and is more friendly to those who are fat.

When it comes to white shirts with shorts, then you must not forget the straight type


Essence This year is particularly popular. You can wear a white short -sleeved shirt and unlock the buttons on the neckline of the shirt, which looks casual. With a pair of black high -waisted straight pants. Refreshing and handsome and capable. It is quite aura to wear this class.

In addition to white short -sleeved shirts, beige shirts are lower -key. It is cool to open two small forks on the cuffs of the shirt. With a pair of black straight pants. Wear a pair of red high heels on your feet. Refreshing, fashionable, intellectual and elegant.

White short -sleeved shirt with pants or jeans, casual and handsome and stylish


White short -sleeved shirt is a single product with its own casual attributes. It’s cool to match like men. For example, wearing a white short -sleeved shirt like supermodel Elena, wearing a cardigan, white vest inside, and a pair of black work pants, and pair of black boots on your feet. Handsome and ingenious. Cool girls are so well wearing a tide.

The printed short -sleeved shirt with white as the main color is a very good -looking item. It has a strong sense of leisure, and there is a lazy and casual holiday style. Choose a white printed short -sleeved shirt, with a pair of blue denim trousers. It is refreshing and stylish. It is good to wear shopping and vacation like this. However, it is a bit picky to wear it like this.

The white short -sleeved shirt is quite cool with a little perspective. This dress is a bit like a sunscreen shirt. Put it down directly, wear a small white vest inside, and wear a denim shorts to expose long legs. Wear a pair of white -soled sneakers on your feet. Fashionable and foreign.

The white short -sleeved shirt can also create a good and sweet style, very beautiful

Can a white short -sleeved shirt with neutral wind still create a sweet style? That’s right, this is a real thing, not flicker. How to wear it? You can wear a small lapel like the little beauty Zhang Ruonan above.

White short -sleeved shirt with bubble sleeves


Wear a red printed strap on the outside. In this way, the white short -sleeved shirt is sweet and playful.

The unders are equipped with a red A -line print skirt that is the same color as a small suspender, sweet and well -behaved. You can also wear a printed strap dress directly, which also has the same effect. It’s just that the combination of small slings and skirts is cooler.

Well, I have talked about the white short -sleeved shirt today. Do you like this dress?

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