How many types have you seen in common wooden packaging boxes?

Wooden packaging box, I believe everyone is no stranger to this word. The wooden packaging box, as a transport packaging container, is popular with people because of its good carrying performance, light weight and very beautiful characteristics, and is often used in logistics and warehouse palletization. However, there are many types of wooden packaging boxes. We can only know which one is more suitable for themselves when we understand the types of wooden packaging boxes. Next, let ’s take a look at the types of wooden packaging boxes with Xiaobian! Hope to answer it for you!

1. Nail box

As the name suggests, the nail box is made of iron nails, and then fixed with a line. The larger the nail box, the more lined, the less, and the less, and there is no gap between the plates of the nail boxes. Essence Mainly by the baffle. Composition of side plates, bottom plates and cover plates. The nail box has better impact resistance,

Strong carriers


For transport packaging packaging and packaging of small items and some special properties.

2. Crossboard box

The reason why the barbar is called a barrier is because there is a gap between its boards, which belongs to a “skeleton structure. Its structure is similar to the nail box. The main feature is that you can see the items in the box, and

It can ventilate the items. The structure of the strip box is relatively strong, and the strength is high, and the carrier capacity is strong

Essence Usually


Package some fragile items and large equipment or vegetables.

3, bundle board box

Backboard boxes are a foldable box, which is also unique to its unique feature. The two ends of it are supported by two enhanced versions, and then tied with the remaining four plates, becoming a hexaineal bundle box. The side of the bundle box is bundled with a wire or a U -shaped nail. The two boards on the bottom of the box and the lid and the side are mainly fixed by wedge.

It can be folded when the bundle box is used up, so its storage space is relatively small


Usually, it is packaged in carton containers or fruits and vegetables.

4. Framework combination box

The frame combination box is actually similar to the skeleton of the box. First, the wooden strip or the wood is nailed to the required structure, and then nails the wooden board or the box composed of a plywood on the frame.


It belongs to a prefabricated wooden box

The packaging method is to fix the items with the base first, and then assemble the six -sided box.

Usually it is used to pack some heavy goods.


5. Wooden supporting board box

The wooden support box is a supporting frame made of stripes or wooden strips, and then nails with six noodles, and then nails into a packaging box. Although the weight of the wooden coincide board is relatively light, the carrying capacity is relatively strong, and the box surface is smooth. In short, it is a more beautiful packaging box. Usually

Used to pack some goods that need to be printed

6. Tymatic wooden box


The wooden box refers to connecting the vertical seam of the box plate with a mortise, so that the board or the plate is tightly connected with a bamboo stick or nail. The plate of the tenon boxes is relatively thick, and the surface is planed, so it is very beautiful.

It is often used for some more valuable items packaging, such as instruments, instruments, and so on.

The above is the detailed answer about “what are the types of wooden packaging boxes?” The above six packaging boxes are relatively common packaging boxes. The wooden packaging box can be divided into different packaging boxes according to the material, structure, and closed level. Through the above You can know that you can choose to take more effort to choose the box. Regarding the knowledge of the box, Xiaobian will share here for everyone. There are more knowledge to share with everyone next issue. Remember to continue to pay attention! I hope the above answers will be helpful to you!




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