Xu Yun: Use love and responsibility to polish the background of education

On the plastic field, a group of children smiled cheerfully; in the concert hall, a melodious and brisk piano sounded; in the exhibition hall, a piece of gold medal bloomed like flowers …

“As an educator, you have to bring a good team, cure the school, and cultivate good people.” On December 22, Xu Yun, the party secretary of the Qinglong Elementary School Education Group of Yunyang County, was in his middle figure, wearing glasses. , Talking and powerful, very philosophical. “The root of education is bitter, but its fruits are sweet.”

“True education is not so much words, and Wu Ning said that it is practice.”

“You must first love jade, and educate people first.” Scholar -type principal Xu Yun said that since 1984, he has been engaged in educational career, which has been calculated for 37 years. “Real education is instead of saying that it is practice.” He said so, and did this.

In 2013, Xu Yun served as the principal of Qinglong Elementary School. Based on the “Lide Shuren and Five Education”, he put forward the educational thoughts of “follow the nature of children and use love to do education”, and summarized with a lifetime education experience to form a school concept of “full campus, childlike heart”.


Xiao Qinqin was studying in Class 4 in the 2013 level. His parents worked outside for a long time. The typical left -behind children were kept in the aunt’s house for a long time. “Don’t let a child fall behind.” After learning about this situation, Xu Yun took the initiative to fulfill the duty of “agent parents”.

Together with the head teacher, Xu Yun formulated a psychological counseling plan, personally taught his homework, brought Xiaoqin to the weekend festival, paid for the child to buy daily life supplies, and also contacted the social lovers to fund them. Love is speechless, and true feelings shake the world. Xiao Qinqin is cheerful and confident, and has improved its learning, becoming an advanced model for the inspirational growth of the school. Her inspirational speech has won unanimous praise from teachers and students of the school.


“President Xu cares about our teachers very much, and also visits the condolences many times.” Teacher Xiao Yan, in his 50s, was very emotional. Tens of thousands of yuan, maybe this old life is gone. “President Xu often said that the school is a big family. The teacher is the ‘top beam pillar’ in the family. It should give the teacher more true love and true feelings.”


“Education and management must avoid complexity, simple and simple, practical and effective.” Xu Yun, who has long cultivated educational fertility for a long time, feels extremely touched. Under his advocacy, in recent years, the school has adhered to the fundamental task of establishing a tree person, based on national courses, and based on the discipline educating people, the comprehensive implementation model of the “discipline+” important characteristics has been formed. The “six love education” of love, love nature, love society, love the society, love the motherland, love the world “, the content covers me from childhood to me, from childhood to righteousness, to shape people who are really uppercase. He led the team to establish the three major educational quality outlooks of “life quality, learning quality, and development of development, and development. The childlike curriculum system creates a book incense classroom, three minutes before the class, the characteristics of listening to music, and the practice of science popularization, and implement the characteristics of large reading projects and school -based courses.

The iron needs to be hard. In recent years, Xu Yun has won the honor of Chongqing’s most beautiful principal, outstanding teachers in Chongqing, Chongqing backbone teachers, and excellent experimental teachers in Chongqing. Municipal smart campuses, Chongqing compulsory education characteristic schools, Chongqing Civilized Campus “and many other collective honors.

“One person walks fast, a group of talents go far away”

“Education in the new era is not isolated. What needs to be shoulder -to -shoulder, integrate education and balanced development.” Xu Yun knows that as a young urban primary school in accordance with the latest national standards, the comprehensive reform of the new curriculum has stimulated the huge vitality of education and teaching. He has the responsibility to lead the team to promote the development of urban and rural compulsory education. “The balanced development of urban and rural education is an urgent need for the development of education, and it is also an important guarantee for the happiness of people’s livelihood.”


In 2018, under the strong support and overall arrangement of the County Education Commission, Xu Yun joined for 8 rural schools including Paixi Elementary School and Tonglin Elementary School to form a counterpart assistance relationship. He promoted the scoring school’s development ideas and concepts in the rural weak schools, forming interoperability between teaching resources, teachers, teaching and research, and students, establishing a community of quality management, improving the level of school management, and promoting the characteristics of school characteristics.

In the “Where is the Spring” music class in the poverty -stricken mountain area of ​​the poverty -stricken mountainous area, the children of the mountain are sitting in front of the desk to share the “air classroom” on the screen, the smart teaching style, diverse teaching methods of teachers in the urban area, novel and interesting Classroom questions have allowed children to broaden their horizons and enjoy high -quality balanced educational resources.

“One person walks fast, a group of talents go far.” Xu Yun talked, under his leadership, the pilot Qinglong Elementary School district was launched in 2019, and the Qinglong Elementary School Education Group was established in 2020. Five urban and rural schools including elementary school, mixi elementary school, and Tonglin Elementary School have since entered the standardized institutionalized group education development model, promoting the advancement of urban and rural areas, and helping the balance of education. “Efforts to make each child enjoy fair and quality education.”

In 2020, Xu Yun took office and served as the party secretary of the Education Group. “The depth of love is far -reaching.” Xu Yun said, the same is true. He actively created a good educational environment, established a series of exchanges and learning platforms, and strived to allow the group’s schools to grow high -quality and balanced, and promote the high -quality development of the group’s education.


Today, Qinglong Elementary School’s “Children’s Fun Course Construction” has been fully landed. Zijin Elementary School’s “Student Evaluation Reform” has risen, and the science and technology education of Minde Elementary School is famous. The schools in the group have formed a symbiotic situation of beauty, the United States and the United States, and the United States.

“Do, persist to do it, to be better”

The author walked into the office of the secretary, and the nameplate was particularly eye -catching, saying “Chongqing Xuyun Name President Studio”. Established in July 2021, the studio is one of the first 38 studios in the city and the only principal studio in Yunyang County. The members of the studio are composed of the principals of the urban and rural schools of the county and 10 schools in Wushan Baiyun Elementary School.

“Cultivate a group of good principals, drive a few good teams, and achieve several good schools.” Xu Yun said that lending the advantages of the studio platform to integrate the high -quality resources of the school members in the school, in the “school management, cultural construction, teachers The “1+N” educational growth community is formed in the aspects of training, resource sharing “, highlighting the” one school, one product, one school, one special “, demonstration leading and vigorously enhance the county’s influence of school running.

“A principal to manage the school and train teachers is to create as many display platforms for them.” Xu Yun said that in the context of “double reduction” policy and “five” management, how to leverage the reform of education and teaching in the new era Ask to land?

“Do, persist, and do better.” Xu Yun said that the piloting studio is responsible, and it should be responsible for regional radiation and leading role. Improve management level. “I hope to promote learning with ‘room’, to promote research with ‘room’, and to promote it with ‘room’.”

“Being a teacher with emotions and a temperature education.” Xu Yun said that this was his pursuit of life. He was very lucky all the way, and this luck stemmed from the correct guidance to this team, so as to realize himself step by step to realize himself the value of.

In recent years, Xu Yun’s research topic “The Development and Application of Modern Teaching Technology in Combination of Modern Teaching Technology”, “Combination of Chinese and Middle School Chinese Class and Outside Classification of Modern Teaching Technology”, and the Research on Chinese Capability “has been concluded; The book of China International Broadcasting Publishing House “》 中国” is included, and “The Analects of Confucius” was rated as the first prize of excellent education and scientific research achievements at the 12th academic seminar of the Chinese nation’s traditional virtue education experiment. , Pay close attention to the characteristics of Phoenix Nirvana “by the” One Book of Chinese Famous Presidents to Govern the School “; the leadership team has established a childlike education studio,” six love “education studios, Qin Li Chinese master education studios, Yangyan Art Studio of Fine Arts Studio, Yu Dong’an Science and Technology Education Teacher Education Studio, Zhou Yerland Education Teacher Studio and School Reading Engineering Studio, etc.; Vice Chairman and Chairman of Elementary School Education Branch.


“The sea navigation depends on the helmsman, the development of the school depends on management, and the management of the principal determines the development of the school. The improvement of the principal means the progress of the school. The period will give full play to the leading, demonstration, driving and radiation role of the principal, comprehensively improve the personal quality of the principal, improve the management efficiency of schools, improve the connotation quality of the school, and make due contributions to promoting the high -quality development of Yunyang education.

(Correspondent Huang Zhou Wei Wenjuan)

Author: ArticleManager