Do you know the hottest big name belt in 2019? Recommend 9 models for you, women must -have fashion items

If you refer to it, you will find that as a fashion woman, there are really a lot of fashion items that need to be owned. . If it is not an important thing, you must dress up carefully. I believe that few people will use all these accessories.

Among the women’s fashion items, there are some of them that can be matched or not. It seems that it does not add this accessories to have nothing to do with it. However Sex can also reflect a sense of fashion.

It is a belt that women need. If it is in daily matching, there is indeed some people who will ignore its importance, but if you look at the fashion shows of major brands this year, you will find that the belt is already in fashion styling. Is it indispensable.

A belt is an indispensable accessory with dressing and improving temperament. With clothes, skirts, leisure or business, various style dressing styles, which new models of various brands this year are more popular? That is particularly immortal? I have selected it here.

Paragraph 1: Dior CD Dushing Mengtian Series Women’s Belt


Dior’s recent explosive potential item, don’t think that it is the Saddle saddle bag of Wang Ludan, but the thin belt tied to her waist. In Dior’s items, the design of the CD combination has actually appeared, but the CD Montaigne package design is too exquisite. This time it is used on the belt. This style is simple and atmospheric. At the atmosphere, there is a special effect that can instantly light up the entire dressing, and it is simply too versatile. The chip is anti -counterfeiting.

The belt of this Dior Montaigne buckle has three versions at a time. The first one is the weaving style with the taste of the previous Dior chest strap. Simple and comfortable is fashion. And the belt design is very narrow, only 2cm wide, so it is particularly feminine.

Paragraph 2: Ms. Phragmu belt


Regarding Ferragmu’s belt, I am afraid that men and women can think of them. The iconic dual A logo buckles are very classic and very popular, and I think this buckle design is very special and delicate.

In the classic belts of major brands, I think Ferragam’s belt is also very fashionable except for use.

Many handsome little brothers like Ferragmu belt because of the exquisite styles, and many girls choose their belt, the buckle becomes smaller, the belt becomes thinner, and the soft color matching, you can also feel full of girly atmosphere Essence

The classic models of each brand are the most worthwhile, because he represents a brand’s design concept,

Of course, there are exquisite and perfect reflection of materials and details.

If you want to use the belt that will never be bad, I may not believe it myself, but to say that the classic belt, I think the classic model of any brand is okay.


This Ms. Ferragmu belt is still a double -sided design. The front and the negative color are different. You can change your mood every day.

Article 3: Burberry classic checked lady belt


In the recent Paris Fashion Week, Burberry showed many classic checkered elements. It seems that whether it is past or future, if you want to get Burbaoli’s clothes to bids a scarf or belt, you can choose the British style classic plaid. Essence

Paragraph 4: Chanel Double C Display Ladies Belt

Xiaoxiang’s belt is just like their clothes and bags. There is a thrown elegant femininity. It seems that the belt buckle of each brand is designed by logo. Chanel’s early belt, which is the double C, which is the double C, which is the double C. The design of the buckle is thin and thin on the waist. Although most of the belt buckles are mostly double -C buckles, the designer can also open up and create many incredible styles.


Paragraph 5: Gucci classic dual G buckbiba belt

When it comes to the big -name belt of the classic logo buckle, Gucci also has a very hot style now, that is, the belt of this Marmont buckle, the double G buck The style of clothes often appears on the street shooting style of celebrities and fashion bloggers, which is 100 % popular.


Gucci GG Marmont dual G buckle belt, with 4 sizes available, black and red optional, and universal men and women.

Paragraph 6: LV classic logo buckle lady belt

I rarely see so many beautiful LV old flowers items, and the classic elements can also become younger! Do you like this colorful LV old flower belt?

Paragraph 7: Burber

In addition to the British style classic plaid, Burberry’s TB exclusive lock series launched this year has also been circled too many powder. The designer used the TB buckle directly on the girl’s belt.

The effect is not surprisingly beautiful.

This is also the style that the editor must stay. Compared with the classic logo belt of other brands, do you also think this Burbaoli TB buckle is more fresh?


And the color is also so immortal, pink, white, electric blue, full of girly atmosphere.

Paragraph 8: Diamond Double C buckle Chanel lady belt

This year Chanel has a lot of gorgeous bags, and I can also find some belts, such as this dual C buckle belt inlaid crystal.

A very gorgeous and delicate single product, full of crystals and pearls, full of gorgeous sense, this year’s fashion show’s popular pleated belt dress, becoming the design inspiration of this Chanel belt.

Paragraph 9: Hermes classic H buckle double -sided belt

Recently, I saw the Internet celebrity sharing on Xiaohongshu. How to create a wealthy woman’s temperament, I recommend some items, many of them are Chanel, but I think that as a luxury in luxury goods, Hermes should be the standard for rich women. Let’s not have a Hermes bag, at least there can be a Hermes belt.


Hermes’ style has always been classic, the bag is so, and the belt is the same. The belt of the classic H buckle is very easy to use, and it is easy to match with clothes. The first -class travel is many years, and it will never be outdated.


Although this Hermes belt shared this time, although it is neutral, it is also very suitable for girls. If you want a stronger sense of fashion, the H buckle also has a different design.


Who said that the belt is optional? After watching so many exquisite big -name belts, and the full score of fashion girls, it is estimated that everyone has made a decision for themselves, that is, in the future dressing and matching, the importance of a belt will not be ignored!


In the recent Paris Fashion Week, Burberry showed many classic checkered elements. It seems that whether it is past or future, if you want to get Burbaoli’s clothes to bids a scarf or belt, you can choose the British style classic plaid. Essence

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