Can’t the wet clothes covered with paper scraps cleaned?Teach you two tricks, sweep the paper crumbs

I accidentally washed the paper towels together when washing the clothes. All the clothes I washed out were covered with paper scraps. I could n’t shoot it with my hands. It was very laborious to clean up.Easily remove the paper crumbs on the surface of the clothes.

A wonderful trick, a hundred Jie cloth.

Just need a piece of clothing cloth to wipe the clothes with a rough side of a hundred clean cloth, and you can quickly clean up the crumbs of the paper.


Tips 2, rubber gloves.You can spray some water on the clothes with a watering pot. The palm of the rubber gloves is relatively rough. The rubber gloves are rubbed in one hand to rub it in one aspect. This can clean the paper crumbs on the surface of the clothes.


Well, these two tricks can help us easily remove the crumbs on the clothes. I hope it can help everyone. Remember to pull out all pockets before washing the clothes next time.

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Author: ArticleManager