Never! Wearing shoes can be broken! China’s fat tiger is going to play CBA next season?

Yesterday, Li Hongli released a video in social media.

He wears a panel of shoes, drill the ball directly, the white high thin guy, it is really wearing casual shoes!

Really too brutary …

Many old fans are more unfamiliar.

If it is not because of two years ago, the basketball variety “rebound youth”, maybe some fans will not know the existence of this person.

And he joined the NCAA League League University, it was a stage that made the fan saw another Chinese player on NCAA stage.


Although Li Hongli has lived in Canada, he is in the face of nationality, saying that he has already added Chinese nationality before the age of 16.


“I have seen everyone for a long time. I have a unified reply, because my parents understand, so I have entered the Chinese born before the age of 16, everyone can rest assured.”


After some explanation, break all doubts, there is a more and more expectations.

Height 198cm, arm exhibition 203cm, weight 104 kg, because excellent physical fitness and strong American spherical shining powder, many Chinese fans even gave him a very loud outward: “China Zion “.

When the NCAA stage is open to him, this expectation is slowly awaiting.

At the beginning of this year, Li Hongshi ushered in NCAA’s first show, but in the first two games on behalf of Qihai University, Li Hongli’s total starting time is less than 7 minutes, only 1 assists.

The third game did not even appeared, and the fourth game finally had a chance to play more than 8 minutes, and 3 shots 1, got 4 points and 3 plates 1 cap, but the fifth time was smashed, 0 Different 4 panels, only the chance of three points …

Whether it is sluggling in the appearance time and rotation treatment, and in view of the team that the team has already lost, Li Hongli should imagine that it is so much like this, almost unrestrained.

Although he is just a newcomer’s rookie, it is not worth it, it is not valued, but it is necessary to know that the University of Rihai University invited him to join, but the trust and expectation of him, and even verbally committed Li Hongli to win the main force. Location, there is a time guarantee.

But today, according to the team assistant, he has clearly told Li Hongquan. The coach REED will not give the rookie too much opportunity.

A season, he played a total of 14 games, averaged 12.1 minutes, got 4 points and 2.1 rebounds.


Li Hongli ncaa career is unfavorable, and he seems to have a long way to go, but it turns on the eye, Li Hongli will make another way of doing another way.

According to Eastern Sports Daily, “Li Hongshi will end early in the United States NCAA’s university basketball career, Join Shanghai team next season. According to informed people, the Shanghai Men’s Basketball Basketball Basketball has helped Li Hongshi completed the registration, he will represent the team in the second half of this year. The Youth League, immediately got a team’s appearance. “

In this way, Li Hongli is generally possible to mount the CBA stage next season.

In this way, the Shanghai team hoarded a wave of domestic advantageous potential Xinxing, except Li Hongli, and Dai Wei, Zhang Zhiqi, Li Tianrong, Pan Wei and others.


Plus Guo Yanwen, I have to look forward to the Shanghai team’s youthful storm.


Although the Shanghai team has invested in recent years, it can’t get a good result, but 520 days, Shanghai official Xuan Li Chunjiang joined.


What changes can I change in Li Chunjiang next season?

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