During the peak of the baby’s cognitive development, these toys are essential

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4-6 months baby toy awards, are they so magical now …

7-9 months baby toy awards, toys that exercise the baby’s four abilities, do you have any?


Today I brought you a 10-12-month-old toy recommendation and laughter.

Since 10 months, I clearly feel that Zuo You’s desire to bite things is not so strong (but still bite …), so it has finally introduced more materials that are not afraid of bite in the type of toys.

At the same time, at this stage of great improvement of intelligence and cognitive capabilities, the baby suddenly realized the essentials of many toys. There were some toys that were not playing well before, and they were already skilled in when they took it out again.

Today, I also reviewed the photos of Zuo You’s toy this year. I still want to tell everyone again:

There are not many toys! Intersection

(I just walked around)

As parents, we always want to give the baby the best, but when choosing a toy picture book, we still have to do a good job of disconnection and let the child eat a way to play a way of playing.


10-12 months What should a baby play some?


10-12 months of development characteristics

If 7-9 months, Zuo You’s biggest surprise is the improvement of sports development, then 10-12 months of Zuo You most surprised me the leap in intelligence and cognition.

Since more than 10 months, the baby has begun to understand the interpersonal relationship around and can clearly distinguish between parents and outsiders. At this stage, babies have a clearer understanding of the concept of “objective survival”. They can easily find the hidden objects, and also start to actively imitate the movement and posture of adults.

When Zuo You is almost one year old, he can already point out the members, clocks, his nose, and tongue in the Chinese instructions. At the same time, I especially like to imitate the actions such as “sneezing”, “painting cream”, “tongue tongue” and other actions.

Babies of 10-12 months have also made great progress in exercise. Babies in this period can already hold things, and some can even take a few steps without assistance.

The baby’s hand becomes dexterous. They can open the bottle cap, pull the wire plug, twist the switch, etc. (so be sure to pay attention to safety).

In terms of language development, a 10-12-month-old baby will gradually understand the important meaning of “language” in interpersonal relationships.

There are a lot of things that babies can understand this month, but there are only one or two words that can be said, and even one sentence can not be said, but this is a normal phenomenon.

10-12 months need to exercise skills


Fine movement


You can add some fine movements to your baby’s finger, such as twisting bottle caps, unlocking, etc. (pay attention to safety !!!).

Spatial cognition

At this time, the baby is very sensitive to space and position transformation; it can strengthen the perception of space and itself.

language skills

Daily interaction can communicate with children as much as possible to guide the baby’s initial language output.

Big movement development


Cultivate your baby


“Take the first step of life”

Important big movement development.

Suitable for 10-12-month-old toys and activity types (by American Children’s Science Society):

1. Different sizes, shapes, and colors that can be stacked up.

2. Big building blocks.

3. “Game boxes” that can be pushed, opened, made and moved.

4. Big dolls and puppies.

5. There are big pictures of cardboard books.

6. Toy phone.

10-12 months toys recommendation

TOYROYAL puzzle six -sided box

When Zuo You was 11 months old, a little orange was delivered to this six -sided box. Originally, I thought I had studied all kinds of six -sided boxes, but the degree of fun of this box was still amazing!

Supermarkets to buy checkout and wash their hands. These scenarios are really interesting to combine hand -brain training! Not only can you exercise fine movements, but also help your baby to understand various living scenes and adapt to the development of habits.

Not to mention

Microphone function

It is a small, sound quality microphone, which officially lits Zuo You’s desire to sing, and the two rushed to the microphone.

As a result, when I returned this period of orange, I felt very reluctant … and then started searching for various microphones on the Internet. After selecting the N -type microphone, I finally bought a suitable one under the recommendation of a friend. See the next.

Go on a password

0 ¥ DJARCVDZ43C ¥ Tao Erbao https://m.tb.cn/h.48e2qhn 【Toyroyal Japanese royal six-face box multi-functional early education, wisdom, multi-faceted toy 1-3 years old]

Sing the microphone

At that time, in order to find a microphone that suits Zuo You’s singing voice at any time, it actually made me use the power of nine cows and two tigers. After searching for a large circle on the Internet, I found that there are not many suitable products.

Most of the children’s microphone on the market is

Power -free sound expansion


Well, you can understand that it is a virtual setting of no sound … The representative player is the child’s microphone of Weida, millions

Do not! want! purchase!

Although many other products of Weida are quite good, this microphone is really noisy, and it is still grabbing the limelight! Before the child starts to sing it, wow wow to sing for ten minutes without stopping. Is this artificial intelligence captured humans? …

In addition, there are a lot of Macing with a point, or a piano, which is really inconvenient …

Until a friend recommended


just sing

What a fairy product is this microphone! Too powerful! I can sing without saying, I am still a wireless audio. I can cooperate with the singing accompaniment singing with the singing app. It can also switch a variety of sound effects …

It’s really a bit excellent, playing with our whole family into the pit, this year Zuoyou’s birthday party, we also took it to host it, just want to give you 10,000 likes

9 ¥ qxszcvdbxqc ¥ 匋 匋 匋 匋 匋 匋 匋 匋 匋 匋 匋 匋 https://m.tb.cn/h.4q7zenb [[Weiya Recommended] Singing the Dome Elf Micrnsk q3linefriend Customized Singing wheat]

Plan toys dragged the dog

I have always liked Plan TOYS toys. Seeing those round and polished wooden toys, I always think of the natural toys we have when we were young.

The natural wood development that Plan TOYS has always emphasized and the process of non -chemical bonding treatment is also very appreciated by me. I feel that it is particularly at ease for my baby.

This dragging dog is very suitable for nearly one year. You can pull the dog forward in the process of sitting or even standing. At the same time, by dragging the rope, the dog can also shake his head and swing his tail. During the process of playing, the baby can feel the fun of interacting with small animals.

But the dog is too expensive, you can buy this below

baby crocodile

, Much cheaper, the effect is the same ~

5.0 ¥ 5ACZCVDAVK9 ¥


Yibao https://m.tb.cn/h.4jltrwn [Baby learning to drag crocodile imported Plantoys wooden children hand pull car line pull rope traction toys]

TOLO Farm Animal House (Causal Relationship Box)

From 9 months, the baby will gradually have the concept of causality.

Therefore, about 10-12 months, some small toys that are introduced into causal relationships are very suitable for the logical cognition of the baby and the coordination of hand-eye.

The most basic cause and effect toy on the market is the button box. Each press button will trigger a box switch, and a small animal appears. Help baby understand,

“The button can trigger the organ”

On this basis, I recommend this “enhanced version” causal box. It is the shape of a farm. Each button is pressed with a farm -related animal from different places, including cocks, cows, sheep, and so on. On the other hand, you can look in mirrors and exercise fingers. The overall interest should be stronger and more scenic ~

6 ¥ CB8VCVDZHLQ ¥ 匋 一 匋 匋 匋 匋 匋 匋 匋 匋 https://m.tb.cn/h.48e2qxh


Children’s Day Gifts]

B.TOYS stack music

In fact, I bought it at a very young age when I was very young. However, Xiao Yue, Xiao Yue, does not understand what to do with stacking music. I only know that putting in my mouth to eat donut afternoon tea …

With the increase of Zuo You’s moon age, we gradually let them familiar with this toy. Finally in about 11 months, the two of them can clearly know how to circulate from large to small … I am also very pleased.

B.TOYS’s stacking music is the best in workmanship and aesthetics in various brands on the market.


The material is safe and environmentally friendly, and the color matching is soft and comfortable. If you want to enter, enter it!


5 ¥ HOPZCVDZ0N7 ¥ Tao Yibao https://m.tb.cn/h.480rcnm [Belle BTOYS stacking music hi rainbow circle colorful baby wisdom set toys]

Happy Farm Montessori Draw radish/fruits and vegetables

Draw carrot is a special suitable exercise

Hand -eye coordination


as well as

Brain development


In fact, when I was half a year old, I bought this toy, but then Zuo You didn’t know how to play at that time, and one couldn’t pull it out … This toy has been hiding for more than 10 months.

Unexpectedly, after turning out again, Zuo You already mastered the skills of pulling radish, and he had to pull all kinds of vegetables back and forth every day.

Because the baby will bite during the process of caught, it is recommended that you choose this toy priority when choosing this toy.

At the same time, because there are two forms of toys, “multiple fruits and vegetables” and “pure carrots” on the market, in order to help babies know more vegetable types, I have chosen a variety of fruits and vegetables combinations. This is still recommended.

7 ¥ fnxjcvdzxux ¥ 匋 一 匋 匋 匋 匋 匋 匋 https://m.tb.cn/h.480jhkj [Baby pulling radish 1 0-2 years old baby Yimeng Early Early Professional toy

Blessing children multi -functional land mouse

Playing mouse is also a puzzle game that is especially suitable for 10-12 months baby exercise coordination and reaction speed.

Compared with those mouse games with a lot of sound and photovoltaic stimulation on the market, this simple wooden manual manual playing mouse and toys is more suitable for small menstrual babies.

At the same time, the side of this toy also has fun piano, which allows the baby to hear pleasant music in the process of knocking and cultivate the rhythm and music. Combined with the mouse, there is also a group of magnetic fishing games, which is also a good helper to practice fine movements.

However, for babies (such as Zuoyou) with severe lipping periods, small parts such as “fishing” and “piano hammer” must prevent the baby from swallowing.

The approach of our family is to play these games only under the close care of adults, and usually put away all the small parts!


1.0 ¥ C2SBCVDABQS ¥ 匋 匋 匋 匋 匋 匋 匋 https://m.tb.cn/h.4jlginf [Multifunctional ground mouse children girl girl girl early education toys New Year gift 1 baby 2 baby 3 years old 4]

Kismine Qi Mai 100 capsules

Babies of 10-12 months have a clearer understanding of the space, the color, shape, and outline of the object. Therefore, this is a time period for the baby to start playing blocks.

Our wooden building blocks have really been a classic and comparative toy. Vest


I very much exercise the creativity of the baby, and the process of the base block is also very conducive to improving the baby’s

Fine movements and concentration

In the process of selecting the building blocks, I think the main point needs to be paid attention to:

Wood Material: Environmental protection and safety


Building block workmanship: The edges are smooth without painting

Spray paint: uniform color, environmental protection and safety of coatings

Block size: diameter greater than 3cm to prevent accidental food

After a circle of comparison, I think that Hape, Plantoys, and Chimai’s building blocks are all good quality. Basically, they are made of imported beef and water -based paint. In the end, I chose Kimai, which is cost -effective, and HAPE and Plantoys can also use nothing at will.

0.0 ¥ Rzi3CVDZZNP ¥ Pack Ten Treasure https://m.tb.cn/h.48ewXZG [Children’s Building Block Puzzle Intelligence Toys Infant Baby Big Granuita Wood Barrel 1-2 Girl Boy]

10-12 months funny mini games

Around October to December, our family found that Zuo You’s laughter has improved a lot, and many things that can laugh at them before have failed.

However, as the baby grows, they will change a lot of fun, so there will always be more things that make them laugh.

1. Speak some weird words such as water, garbage, etc.

Maybe Zuo You compare

Bad taste

Hahaha, more and more languages ​​can be understood with the growth of the moon, but they love to laugh particularly about some strange pronunciation words. Zuo You like it very much

“La”, “chai”

Sounds such as can laugh. So during this time, I gave them the palace Xida Ye


“This is my father and mother”


I heard it


It’s almost a crazy, you can try it ~

2. Delicate by “grabbing”

I don’t know if all the babies are the same. With the growth of the month, the classmates of Zuo You are more and more like to do something secretly.


Essence For example, suddenly grabbing the mother’s nose, cutting the cushion on the bedside and then together.

In fact, these should also originate from the baby’s


More understanding, they will be surprised and excited about their changes in objects.

Therefore, in order to cooperate with their joy, I would deliberately “grab the bag” when their little pranks, and came out of the back and said:


“Yeah! What are you doing!”/”Ah? How did the mattress open?”

The baby will laugh proudly.

3. Tickling tickling

After the baby 9-10 months, I have an obvious discovery that they have it.


Hahahaha. Whether they are kissing or tickling, they will hide while laughing. So during this period, you can also cooperate with such as

“Giggle Kisses”, “Tickling Tickling”






Go on a password

Go on a password

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Go on a password


Go on a password

Such a picture book interacts with the baby’s parent -child while tickling (we have also posted a video version in the public account).

4. Plastic bags such as plastic bags, urine -free bags, babies and other fluffy objects

Also due to the cognition of causality, the baby is about 10-12 months.

(For example, plastic bags, urine -free bags, fluffy inflatable sponges, etc.)

The feel and sound of the feel will be ridiculed. Especially the parents performed, and then they patted them.

Huh ~ 0-1 years old baby’s toys and laughing recommendations, I finally finished writing hahaha! Are you satisfied with the homework of Zuo Youma?

However, I still want to say something to you at the end:


You are the best toy for your baby!

(Well, this book is also the name, I also like that book too)

The toys we choose and buy will eventually only be a tool for us to accompany the baby to play and exercise the baby’s skills. However, the core necessary condition is that you have to be unwilling to accompany your baby to accompany your baby, so that they can achieve the most favorable growth.

It is not the length of companionship, but the quality and efficiency of companionship. Although this is a bit old -fashioned, it is the foundation that must not be forgotten.

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