Immigration New Zealand is not as good as immigration to Jiangxi Province

Seeing some people who are worshiped, they are bragging about New Zealand’s single -family villas. I hope that the Chinese will not be brainwashed by foreigners’ propaganda tools. The picture below is the villa near Lushan Lake in Lushan, Jiangxi Province.

Jiangxi Lushan Ruqin Lake Villa, photography author headline David 1825


Lakes and mountains, green mountains and green water. Lushan’s species resources are abundant. Plants are distributed with subtropical jungles, tropical evergreen broad -leaved forests, green deciduous broad -leaved forests, and chlorophytic forests with cold bands, as well as general shrub forests and mixed forests. For example, Qinhu is located in the west valley, surrounded by Fengling, the forest is beautiful, and the environment is elegant. There are many peacocks on the island, so it is called Peacock Island, which is connected to the Quqiao, which is dotted on the water pavilion to form a green mountains and green mountains, which are fun.

Jiangxi Lushan Villa, photographer headline David 1825

Buy villas near Lushan, Jiangxi Province, and you can also enjoy the noble treatment of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Can you enjoy the treatment of Jiangsu and Zhejiang and Shanghai in New Zealand? The villa living in Jiangxi, buying an automatic pencil from Duoduo, free shipping at 2.99 yuan. How much does you have to live in New Zealand and buy a pencil? New Zealand’s pens and notebook prices are very expensive. In addition, New Zealand’s white Chinese level is very poor, and they do not work hard to learn Chinese. You deal with foreigners with poor Chinese levels every day and what is the difference between living in Africa. Living in Africa at least cheap labor, you can hire a few employees to serve you specifically. Living in New Zealand, the price is high and the labor force is high. In order to save money, many things must be done by yourself. Everyone thinks about the lifestyle of New Zealand like China in the 1940s?

My kiln cave has a history of 400 years, and my ancestor was passed on to me


In the era of my grandparents, most daily necessities were created by themselves, including agricultural tools, stoves, clothes, quilts, mattresses, shoes. New Zealand is still the same. It shows that New Zealand is 80 years behind China.

Lushan, Jiangxi

China is the fastest economic development country in the world. By 2028, China’s GDP can surpass the United States in an all -round way.

By 2035, China’s nominal GDP will reach $ 41.8 trillion, exceeding the sum of the United States and Japan ($ 41.6 trillion).


Midstream Map of the Yangtze River


Lushan is located in Lushan, a subordinate of Jiujiang City.


Jiujiang City



As well as

Beijing -Kowloon Railway

The two major economic development belt is the center of the center of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. It is one of the first batch of five cities along the river along the river in China. “The place where the world is eye -catching” is known as the “north gate of Jiangxi”.

Immigration settled in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province to enjoy the dividend of China’s economic development. At least, living in Jiujiang City, operating a small enterprise, can earn 1 million yuan a year. You can make more money than living in New Zealand. Jiujiang City’s population is 4.6 million. The population of Jiangxi Province is 45.18 million. Hubei Province has a population of 57.75 million. The population of Anhui Province is 610,200. Living in Jiujiang City, if you do business, you can easily earn 163.95 million people in Jiangxi Province, Hubei Province, and Anhui Province. New Zealand’s population is only 511,000. The total population of the three provinces of Jiangxi Province, Hubei Province, and Anhui Province is 32 times that of a country in New Zealand. In other words, you produce the same commodity, which is at least 32 times larger than New Zealand in Jiujiang City.

The geographical location of Jiangxi Province is very good. The west of Jiangxi Province is Hunan Province, the south is Guangdong Province, and the east is Zhejiang and Fujian Province. The north is Hubei Province and Anhui Province. Living in Jiangxi, you can earn the entire south of China. Living in Jiangxi Province, you can enjoy the pastoral life of Lushan Ruqin Lake, and you can make a lot of money, which shows that immigration New Zealand is not as good as immigration to Jiangxi Province.

There are two types of immigrants, one is multinational immigrants, and the other is domestic cross -provincial or cross -county immigrants. Classified in the direction of immigration space


(1) Domestic immigrants: Rural -rural, rural, cities, cities, rural, cities, cities, domestic immigrants, from Beijing to Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, from Shanghai to Jiujiang. (2) International immigrants (immigrants across the national boundary, for example, from the United States to immigrate to China, Jiangxi Province, from New Zealand, China, Jiangxi Province, from Canada, Jiangxi Province, and immigration from Australia in Jiangxi Province.)

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