Wearing ballet skirts and pants, but spicy eyes are special, and accidentally show up straight men’s favorite legs

The beauty of the entertainment industry is like a cloud, and the face of round faces, but their biggest feature is that it is very thin, and the small waist and long legs are very envious, but there is an exception in this. She attracts it with her fat figure. After everyone’s attention, it has become the most distinctive comedy, and everyone must be particularly familiar, that is, spicy eyes.

She is a very happy girl. She laughed sweetly. Maybe many people think that such fat girls are not perfect, and they are a bit ugly. She will never deliberately take care of the outside world, and her mood will not be affected.


I deeply felt the charm from her in “Fifty kilometers of Taohuawu”. It was almost a place where she was almost her. You can wear it, no matter what others think.

The new issue of Taohuawu ushered in the finals, and the hot -eyed Owaki who left in advance returned again, and Guo Qilin Wang Suzheng Li Xueqin three and a half sentences. In a gala, there were many projects, and there were four little swans.


The ballet combination of four people, the other boys basically wear white pants, even if it is not white pants, it will be stockings pants. It was in sharp contrast to others and looked unique.

But this did not become her ugly point, but showed the favorite leg shape of straight men. The spicy eyes were not a thin girl in nature, but she was fat and very cute. Said.

Putting these socks, it attracted people’s eyes. Although her thighs may be thicker than boys, the proportion is very good. It belongs to the shape of the carrot that is thick and thin. But there was no sense of disobedience, and it looked very beautiful.


For some female stars with chopsticks, the skinny female stars, such fleshy leg shapes are the favorite of straight men, which adds the charm of girls. At the same time, the girl is sexy. You will like it very much.


Most of the self -confidence of Morima Yoko comes from her family. When she asked her parents’ appearance, her parents did not hit, nor did she praise it. I just said: It is not beautiful, but it looks good. Following the cute and confident personality of the hot -bellies, fat girls should learn from her. Don’t blindly care about the views of others. Only by herself can she define herself. She really lives her.

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