Friendly Redemption

Write friendship today.

In recent years, the economic form has not improved, and a large number of people have been unemployed. Many people have been cut off. Most people face the pressure of mortgage, car loan, and wife loan. What happened at the time is that there are too many methodological methods to make money and make money quickly in the society and the Internet. Helpless people need help, but who has the energy to express friendship and help?

Many people (including me when I knock on this theme) thinks that “friendship” mostly happens in a life of life, but is it really like this?

Indeed, I am very friendly to neighbors. Although they occasionally pile up the small bags of garbage on the garbage bag in front of my door, they do n’t often do this after all!

I am very friendly to my colleagues, because my work needs everyone to cooperate together to do the best, although sometimes I will not be polite to tell the colleague who always thinks that I should be a mentor for everyone: please bring constructive opinions Come and participate in the discussion. If you question it alone, no one is worse than others.

I am very friendly to the little brother who gives me a courier, because I know who they are also children of the baby, and many of the chickens they need to face may want our children to not encounter in their lifetime.

What I want to say is that we are the spirit of all things (although it is self -proclaimed, and let’s pretend to do so). The friendship of those items without life is actually a redemption for our own

Entering the kitchen every day, I think of all kinds of jobs in my mind. Naturally the pot is the pot, the pot is the pot, and sometimes I think about why this pot is so greasy; the stove is the same. Stick up, this is not the housework that is not played!

Since the formal starting practice writing, many things have begun to have life and personality, which makes me have an impulse, and always wants to respond to their low words.

For example, the small steamer was bought in a morning market. It was originally used to cook and use it, and it was particularly suitable for cooking some of the time -consuming rice and miscellaneous bean porridge, because it did not need to add water. Last year, I used it to steam sweet potatoes. The irritable mentality made me quickly forget it. I ran to the rescue when I was drifting. The sugar dilute was all dried at the bottom of the pot. A layer of black was rusty, and it was not clean. I was simply downgraded as a dedicated steamer. But now, when you look at it, it is covered with a piece of oil on the body and lid. A kind of guilt spins. “I am really an unqualified master,”, I stared at the small steamer and thought, “Forgive me for the rough, let me correct my negligence, let me give you the treatment again!”

I put the small steamer in the pool, first soak the bottom of the water -alkali with diluted white vinegar, and then start to deal with the greasy stains deposited from the remaining month. It is Amway’s butterfly New, which is usually used to return to dishes. Another kind of thick large bottle of raw solution is that this inert old oil on the small steamer cannot be gramized.

The thick layer of raw liquid was brushed to the lid of the small cooker. sense!

At this time, the outer side of the pot of the steamer can be used to wash the sperm -washing fluid and put it aside. Pick up the lid and replace it with loofah dumplings to clean it, which is basically paid patiently. It does not require strength to brush a pot lid, but to brush a lid full of oil stains, you need to continue to rub a place until those slice stains are touched and slowly become smaller. When the level is flat, this oil stain is completed. After this operation, I was already sour after cleaning Xiaoyu pot, and the back of the waist was stiff. Therefore, I need to give me a praise from the toughness of the guilt of the small steamer. This kind of toughness is inspired and maintained by the dialogue between me and the small steamer during the cleanup process, and it is friendly to the friendship of items without life. Essence

For a small steamer that is less than 100 yuan, I might throw off the new one ten years ago. But now I won’t anymore.

I will cherish what I choose. Because I will remember the love in my heart when buying this small steamer, letting the stalls pack and pay. I even fantasize about several beautiful scenes after I have a small steamer. At that time, there was no epidemic. It was more than 200 meters away from home. It was a very prosperous morning market. The crowd was bustling in the middle of the stalls of fruits, vegetables, and Japanese miscellaneous products.

Yes, this kind of friendship is a cherishment of choice, and it is the continuous accumulation of good memory in their lives, even if they are no longer perfect. But without life, it has a record of your life. Such accumulation is unique.

Author: ArticleManager