“boom”! The man hit a transparent glass door with a seam of 3 stitches … Should the mall be lost? Netizens quarrel

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When visiting the mall, I hit the glass door with one end

As a result, the teeth are broken, the lips tear

Injury is not light

Is the mall be responsible for such a situation?


A netizen in Hangzhou encountered such an experience …

According to@571 description

On the day of the incident on June 14th,

The two took their sons to Xiaoshan Vientiane Hui

After parking the car in the underground garage

The wife took the son to walk into the door first

Husband stops a good car

When you want to follow in


But directly hit the glass door

As a result, the husband was not injured lightly

Three stitches on the upper lip

The teeth also hit half a one

In the later period, you have to do braces.

The worse thing is

Although the mall agrees to compensate for medical expenses

But only willing to provide consumer coupons in the mall

Unwilling to compensate cash

The negotiation of both parties failed,

The police suggested to take the contradiction mediation center to coordinate,

After that, there was no result.

This netizen said

My husband does walk normally,

No running, no mobile phone.

But is it right if there is no reminder in the mall?

I just want to say,

Is there a mistake in the mall like this?

Lawyer said:

Shopping malls need to share losses

Lawyer Lu Xinwei (Taizheng Law Firm)

: “Laws and regulations do not have clearly stipulated in the mall glass gate, but the” Civil Code “and” Consumer Rights Protection Law “have the obligation to ensure the safety guarantee of consumers.

The transparent glass of the mall has not been affixed with the anti -collision bar. It can determine that the mall has not fulfilled the reminder obligation. According to the “Civil Code” infringement liability, the “Consumer Rights Protection Law” stipulates that the mall needs to share losses, and reasonably bear a certain percentage of civil compensation liability.

Netizens’ posts caused discussion

Some netizens think,

This husband walked into the glass door,

Whether you walk normally or playing your phone,


They are all their own problems and responsibilities.

And there is no sign of “pushing” and “pull” on the door.

Mainly I was too careless.

Many netizens also said,

Can’t help others with personal experience.

And the mall as a public place,

Responsibility and obligations clearly identify

Where there is hidden safety hazards,

Many netizens said,

I have had similar experiences.



Have you encountered such a bad thing?

The practice of providing consumer vouchers for malls is used as compensation.

What do you think?

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