“Woodworm” drill into the Internet

When I deal with wood all my life, Grandpa Amu knows the trees most. He feels that like a tree, just like a tree, just stand upright and stand upright. It was covered and turned into a trace of time.

Grandpa Amu was cold under the tree. Beijing News reporter Wang Shuangxing

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The old man in front of the camera was wearing a cloth, picked up a shaft, put down the steel saw, and ping the ping -pong for a few hours to make a Luban lock. No nails, no glue, all depend on tenonial and tenon.

The young photographer behind the camera was wearing shirts and trousers, busy adjusting the shooting angle and depth of field. He filmed each process and published it on the Internet. There, “Grandpa Amu” had millions of fans.

In the camera, a seven or eight centimeters long scars climbed on the right arm of the old man, and were burned by hot iron wire not long ago. Guangxi’s midsummer was fierce, and he was tanned, so the pink white scar was abnormal.

Grandpa Amu said that it is inevitable to be a carpenter’s work. In the past 50 years, the wounds were climbed around him. However, with the rapid progress of modern technology, the old bank of the carpenter should also gradually decline, the work is getting less and less, and the time is over, and the scars left during work have gradually cured.

But in the past two years, A Cheng, who was engaged in the short video production industry, accidentally shot him as a carpentry into video. The ancient tenon -and -mortise process quickly attracted the attention of netizens at home and abroad. “Net Red”, known as “Contemporary Luban” and “Elderly Edition Li Ziyi”.


Following the flow, fame, and attention … His father’s old craft was picked up by the Internet, and his son also found his own fixed sea needle in the tide of traffic. Father and son, old and new, like the tenon -and -mortise structure shot in the video, borrowed each other and have a new vitality.

Grandpa Amu made a toy for his grandson. Beijing News reporter Wang Shuangxing

“Drilling Worms” and the followers in the Internet

Every step in the manual work is the foot of time.

To make a Luban stool, the first step is -choose materials and flat, turn a piece of red pear wood that is not split into a rectangle of 30 × 14 × 6 cm, and then draw a short length of more than 50 markers lines. ——In a total of more than a day; the second step -drilling, one afternoon; followed by completing 18 small seams of saws and chisels, and another day’s work; Oil.

Grandpa Amu explained the principle of Luban stool to his son A Cheng. Beijing News reporter Wang Shuangxing


It takes 3.5 days to 4 days from starting to work.


Grandpa Amu said that in the old words in the line, the carpenter was a bug in the wood. The work is fine, and it must be patient, and it is not bad. A piece of wood is planed five or six times, it is not flat enough, and the size of the more materials is small; It is also difficult to draw lines, and the error generally cannot exceed one millimeter …

Grandpa Amu was originally named Wang Dewen. He was born in Shandong. At the age of 9, his father died of electric shock, leaving his mother, a sister, two younger brothers and him. The bitter days became more bitter, unveiled the pot, cooked the sweet potato underneath, the pot potato cake is affixed to the pot. Later, Wang Dewen dropped out of school and entered the production team. Until the age of 13, he was inspired by the carpenters who came to the house to repair the lid at home.

In the past era, “learning a fragrant craftsmanship to support the family” is the original intention.

Generally speaking, worshiping teachers must follow the master for three years without any income. After three years, they have not been able to go to the teacher. They have to come again for another year. Wang Dewen’s family was not good, and “couldn’t afford to worship”. He fought the carpenter in the village and followed the technology.

When the carpenters went out, he ran out of the house and followed; the carpenter worked, he rushed to help the saw; the carpenters ended, he took the leftovers home to study.

He and the reporter talked about the smoothness of decades: one foot seven, two feet seven, and low head for meals. The chair is one feet and seven, the table is two feet high, and the tableware is placed on the table.

Heart carefully, willing to work hard, the carpenter in the village felt that he was “the material of being a carpenter.” When you are not busy, you can pull the furniture to sell them to the market. In front of Wang Dewen’s stall, there are always many guests. In this way, at the age of 16, he had basically mastered all the skills of carpenters; at the age of 19, he could already work independently, and then did it year by year.

Grandpa Amu. Beijing News reporter Wang Shuangxing


The generation of that generation rarely emerged from the idea of ​​”changing”. Like the tenon -and -mortise in their hands, it is precise and strict, and it is a lifetime.

In 1989, his son A Cheng was born, and young people who grew up with the market economy had a completely different lifestyle and life rhythm of life.

A Cheng entered the Internet field in 2013, and went out to select and shoot with the camera every day. The experience summarized was: the video should be short, too long, no one can watch it; the plot must be funny, so that it can attract people; Cut some psychology, such as curiosity, sympathy, yearning …

“This area has become too fast.” A Cheng said, he had to follow the traffic and run quickly. Over the years, a lot of stories in the average flowers have been seen, and “explosive models” and “overnight net reds” are also everywhere. In order not to be drowned, he has done moving pictures, mixed with film and television works, and has done funny clips. I have also made a short video of food … People are rushing, shooting, in their heads, anxiety, anxiety, and dare not stop without stopping.

“For example, I have taken a video of special effects of food, and I have seen a lot of people. Until now, some people send messages to let me continue to shoot. But I was always anxious at the time.” A Cheng said, “No matter how many people watch, there are more people who watch. It is still the content of pan -entertainment, just like a popular culture, chasing this star today, chasing that tomorrow; this style of clothes this year will be popular next year. “

“Quick” replace “slow”

In the past, A Cheng never thought of shooting his father’s craftsmanship, and carpenter did not meet the “fast” of the Internet. And he is too familiar with those carpenters, “looking at him from a young age, he feels novelty.”

In A Cheng’s childhood memory, the guests would come to the door and ask the father to customize the furniture; sometimes the father was invited to work in the distance, and he was busy to go home until the Spring Festival.


In the 1980s and 1990s, the wind of reform and opening up slowly penetrated into the Luxi Xiaoshan Village, and more and more people demolished old houses, built new houses, and new furniture. During the period, you can earn 20 to thirty or more. In the age of five cents to buy a pocket flour, this is a small number. That is the best scene of carpenter.

Many of Grandpa Amu’s tools are self -made and use it. Beijing News reporter Wang Shuangxing

But a few years later, a turning point occurred. Someone in the village began to go out to do business. Occasionally, the myth that wealthy overnight stimulated people’s nerves; A Cheng saw a lottery and game console at a classmate, but he did not have his own home; Western furniture is gradually replacing traditional furniture, and the villagers marry The daughter -in -law, from cycling to a motorcycle, tricycle, to driving a car, pulled on the car, and from the past to find a carpenter’s washbasin and cabinet box, it became a cloth sofa and glass coffee table.


Wang Dewen studied new furniture, which was stuffed with fragmented shavings inside, with a three -in -board plate on the outside, but it was beautiful, but it was not strong. The painted paint was like putting on clothes for furniture. In contrast, as long as traditional furniture is selected well, the tenon -and -mortise is done well, and the service life is several times more likely.

However, the new furniture of “cheap and good -looking” still quickly replaces the traditional furniture of “time -consuming and labor -intensive money”, and the golden age of carpenters is over.

Nowadays, the old carpenters have reached the ancient years of Huajia, and most of them no longer rely on craftsmanship, including grandson, and enjoying their old age. A Cheng said that in that generation, the woodworking has gradually embarked on three different ways. One vision is long -term, puts energy on ingredients and processes, and values ​​the collection value of traditional furniture; More stringing, changing the western -style furniture that is more popular in the market; the other is the father. Even if there is no customer, I have been buried to continue to do it.

In 2017, Sun Tzu was born. Grandpa Amu and his wife came from his hometown to his son to Chentang Town, Wuzhou, Guangxi, to help Abong bring his children.

Grandpa Amu has a lot of time every day, except for walking, pouring flowers, and teasing grandsons, there is no other thing to do. He couldn’t help it, and it was itchy, so he ran to the garage of his son’s house to tapping tools. He made some saws and chosen himself, then found some wood, knocked and hit his grandson to make toys -dragon boat, rock chair, Qiu Qian, general case case ,Bubble Machine……

Balance bamboo dragonfly. Beijing News reporter Wang Shuangxing

Under the wave of times, it was the only way for Wang Dewen to relieve the loss.


He made a Luban stool for his grandson. Its exquisiteness is that without nails and glue, deconstruct a complete piece of wood but not cut off, and then rely on the tenon -and -mortise structure to turn it into a precision object that “close the wooden board to support the bench”.

A Cheng was not busy that day, she took it down and posted on the short video platform. Unexpectedly, less than one day, the playback volume exceeded more than 1 million. “Some people love to watch, so I will take more.” Since then, A Cheng has shot his father’s video and spread it. Grandpa Amu quickly became popular on the Internet.

Let more people see the old Chinese craftsmanship

Grandpa Amu never thought that the younger generation would be interested in carpenter. He has 2.7 million fans in watermelon videos, and also quickly became popular on YouTube. The number of views exceeded 200 million and a single video playback was up to 40 million.

Before starting to shoot his father’s carpenter, A Cheng was also in his own bottleneck. In his wife and brother, “I can’t do it anymore.”

When I first entered the industry, the person who filmed the short video of agriculture and rural areas, the person who filmed the three -rural theme, the person, Feng Mao Lin, “Everyone watched everything in you.” But slowly, more and more people joined, and the blue ocean gradually became the Red Sea.

Every day, people become popular, and every day is falling; the attention of the audience is constantly changing. Today, the popular themes may not be asked tomorrow. A Cheng became more and more anxious, realizing the existence of the foam in the industry, but he could not find his own way out.

Until I accidentally hit her father’s woodworking technology, A Cheng finally got rid of anxiety. “No matter how the time preferences change, my father’s craft is there.”

Foreign netizens were surprised by the magic of tenon -tenons, and they also expressed their envy of the tranquility of the countryside. Some people said, “This has changed my view of” Made in China “.” Some people say, “Human beings are a bit strange, and an old man can use it. After all his life, the purpose is to make a bridge for his little grandson and let him walk over. “Some people also lamented,” This gives us all a lesson, think about the existing things on hand, and then If you make good use of them, you will find that what you can do far exceeds your imagination. “

Grandpa Amu and grandson. Beijing News reporter Wang Shuangxing

The spirit of craftsmen, traditional culture, pastoral pastoral songs, Chinese kung fu, cultural output … For a while, keywords like this are crowded with the Internet.

The encounter between the old and the new and the Internet is also the encounter between the father and the son in their bottlenecks.


Father engaged in traditional industries spread the old craftsmanship with the help of the Internet, and the son of emerging industries with the help of carpenters allowed short videos to have the content foundation. I think, “I found a sustainable path for short videos.”

After “popularity”, Grandpa Amu’s reputation passed along the Internet to various places, and the adjacent neighbors far away from his hometown in Shandong also brushed the video of Wang Dewen on Douyin. In January this year, he and his family returned to the Spring Festival in Shandong. Someone always ran away. Find him to confirm whether the exquisite Luban locks and general cases on the Internet are from the hands of this old carpenter. “They feel incredible because I used to make furniture and doors and windows frames. I haven’t done this.”

As if he was investigating him, an old neighbor found that his leading crutch was broken, and asked him to help him be a new leader.

I haven’t done it, but with experience, it is not difficult, and Wang Devey quickly carved a faucet. The dragon ball contained in the dragon’s mouth is the most difficult. In the end, the gap between the dragon mouth is small, the mouth space is large, and the ball can be flexibly rolled in the mouth, but it cannot fall.

Grandpa Amu checked the Internet. In order to get efficiency, many factories first did a good job of hollowing the dragon mouth, then two semi -circulars, stuffed it in, and then sticking together, even if it was completed.

However, the woodworker pays attention to excellence. He still hopes to make it complete. In the end, he did not choose the method of online. Dragon Ball was finally completed.

The new dragon head was on the old crutches, “Successful.”

“What an Internet celebrity is not an Internet celebrity, I am a carpenter.”

In the early morning of June 25, Grandpa Amu and his son A Cheng went to the mountain to cut bamboo to make bamboo dragonflies.

Grandpa Amu is not tall, slightly fat, and he will not get up. He held a machete in his left hand, chopped bamboo, and held a bamboo pole in his right hand to prevent snakes in the mountains -bamboo leaf green lying on the banana leaves. Essence

Grandpa Amu and A Cheng went to the mountain to chop bamboo. Beijing News reporter Wang Shuangxing

In the mouth of netizens, it is called “Xanadu” -The cicada and birds are mixed together. The banana shakes the green light on a sunny day, the stream is clear, and the bamboo house winds away.

This year, the local government intends to build a creative base for Grandpa Amu in Tun Liang Village to support rural craftsmen. One day, Grandpa Amu and A Cheng drove through the two. Several artists were sitting on the roadside, showing his portrait on the mobile phone, and shot him on the white wall.

Grandpa Amu got out of the car and greeted the artist cheerfully: “Real people are here, you see if you don’t look like.”

Say, stand with the artist and tilted his head to look at the paintings on the wall. The blue cloth shirt has a long bench with Luban lock in his hand, all of which are the iconic objects of Grandpa Amu, but to be honest, the face is too fat, but considering that the artist is present, no one says. Only Grandpa Amu said: “Not too much like …” Then he stunned the painter and laughed, “Look at this face, it seems like a little like yourself.”

The local government built a creative base for Grandpa Amu, and asked the artist to portray him on the wall. Beijing News reporter Wang Shuangxing


The chain effect after “fire” is not only the support of the government, but also many business activities to come to the door. Some want to live broadcast to bring the goods live, and some want Grandpa Amu to endorse the product. Because of the limited energy, A Cheng has not considered the time being for the time being. Essence

The media also poured around. Grandpa Amu has good memory. He can remember the characteristics of each reporter. A reporter carried a big shot every day to resist sweat; a reporter was from Hangzhou, but his ancestor was also in Shandong; there was a reporter who spoke. It’s not slow, ask little by little …


I have been interviewed a lot. He can even guess what the other party wants to ask. It is nothing more than “why is a woodworker?” “What do you think of the net red?” In the microphone, he was skillfully packed in the pocket, and the line passed through the clothes. Mai Bi was on the collar; when he chose the shooting site, he could even give suggestions for light.

When the TV station was shot in the village, the long guns and short guns always triggered the villagers to watch. Two or three grandma stopped the pace of feeding chickens and looked at the sun for a while. “Luban’s technology”; Occasionally, the young staff of the communications company recognized Grandpa Amu at a glance, took out his mobile phone and took a while, and laughed with his companion saying “seeing the tidbits.”

“Local (people) basically know me.” Grandpa Amu said that when he went out, he could always hear someone whispered, “This is Grandpa Amu.” Sometimes someone came over to say hello: “My child likes the piglet you made by your pigs. Page. “

But even if someone watched, there was a shot facing, Grandpa Amu still retained the habit and aura of the old craftsman. People sit on the small bench, open their feet, hold their hands slightly on their knees, and the waist pole straight; Dry the eyes and hang down, don’t care about anything, the ruler is dirty, dragging the coat and wiping, not wiped, and stained with saliva to continue wiping.

“Try to make them less (promotional activities), and get more to disturb.” Grandpa Amu remembered the news about the brother Zhu Zhiwen he saw on the Internet. “He is not living at home, moved out, can’t live, the door is quilt ( The onlookers) are kicking, then it is not necessary. “

“Knocking for decades, who thinks that my old man has been on fire.” Grandpa Amu said, “What an Internet celebrity is not an Internet celebrity, I am a carpenter.”

After becoming a “net celebrity”, various media to shoot Grandpa Amu’s carpenters. Beijing News reporter Wang Shuangxing



Now, A Cheng began to try to understand the spirit of his father’s generation of craftsmen. In the final analysis, it is actually finding what he is good at, and then it is best to do it.

At the beginning of the video, A Cheng’s consideration of spreading, hoping to increase the story and plot, thereby ignoring the details of his father’s workmanship. At this time, Grandpa Amu would stand up to remind him to take more details. “Let everyone see a little bit.” Gradually, A Cheng began to try to find a balance between the two, and no longer sacrificed the content itself for traffic.

At the end of July, a group of television directors and cameramen heard the news and wanted to fully present the process of Grandpa Amu’s production of Luban stool in the show. After two days of shooting, because of the tense time, the cameraman asked: “Can you finish it tomorrow?”

A Cheng hesitated and asked his father, “Should you finish it?”

“You can finish, but not qualified.” Grandpa Amu looked at the wood and answered sullenly.

The Luban stool is a medium difficulty. The simplest small whistle can be completed in an hour, and the most complicated arch bridge takes more than ten days. Slow work is the principle of decades of old carpenter. If you want to make good things, craftsmanship, wood, time, lack of one indispensable, sacrifice time, you will not achieve quality.

A Cheng and his father Grandpa Amu learned woodworking. Beijing News reporter Wang Shuangxing

Father’s work attitude subtly affects his son. The thick wood, the seam of the seam of the chains is only a few minutes, but Grandpa Amu insisted on using his own small saw, which was labor -intensive and laborious, but it was more fine. Although it was not seen in the video, it could not see the difference.


This is the principle of decades. “People have left their names, geese have gone. The workmanship must be real.”


A Cheng was inspired by it. “Actually, I have a lot of opportunities to do things that can get high returns in a short time. I also know what to shoot and how to get hot spots, but those are temporarily temporarily. Continue. “A Cheng said that he wanted to do one thing for ten years, twenty years, or even a lifetime.

Today, while learning to shoot and edit skills, he is also learning carpenter with his father. It also began planning the factory that produced wood products, and invested in real economic operations behind short videos.

The son also affects his father. In recent years, A Cheng bought a smartphone for his father and taught him to surf the Internet and watch short videos shot by others. “Before he could only turn around in the village, see why other carpenters are doing, but now he can use his mobile phone to see how the craftsmen in the country and the world do work, which has a great impact on him.” A Cheng recalled that when he made a bamboo chair for the first time, he bent the bamboo through sand and fire to bend the bamboo without being damaged, which was the skill of his father’s learning from the Internet.

The father asked his son not to lose his traffic, and his son asked his father to not stick to tradition. Like the tenon -and -mortise in your hands, you can use each other to balance each other, so as to achieve strong and stability.

Recently, Grandpa Amu not only has to shoot videos with A Cheng, but also to record some programs with TV stations. The old man is patient. It is not annoying to repeat a lens several times. There are no props. The tool box cargo in his hand is true.

Grandpa Amu used the small bamboo house for tools. Beijing News reporter Wang Shuangxing

The south is humid and hot, and sweat beads hang on the horns before it can’t take long. A light blue towel is used on the shoulders to wipe sweat, and it will be wet all day.

Most shots are focused on those hands. It is a pair of old carpenter: cocoon is connected into one piece.

The middle finger of the right hand is shorter, and the nails are long. In the winter more than ten years ago, he frozen his hands when he was working, sawing the knife, and his fingers were cut off directly. He realized that he was injured until he saw the blood. Later, the doctor cut off some bones to sew the flesh.

Grandpa Amu was cold under the tree. Beijing News reporter Wang Shuangxing

The left thumb is also injured, so the skin of the fingertips is lighter than the surroundings. On Grandpa Amu, similar injuries are everywhere, “How can a carpenter be unattractive”, regardless of it, it is more serious, just apply some medicine.

When I deal with wood all my life, Grandpa Amu knows the trees most. He feels that like a tree, just like a tree, just stand upright and stand upright. It was covered and turned into a trace of time.

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