What high -value 18K monthly viewing can be bought for 200,000?

[Recommended by Watch House Watch] The moon phase display function is known for its high value and practicality. It has always been one of the long -lasting design elements of the format watch. Essence The 18K gold watches usually give people a graceful and luxurious feeling, which is favored by many high -luxury brands. When the 18K golden case is integrated into the moon phase display function, what kind of sparks will their combination collide?

Jacques Big second hand series J007533200

Product model: J007533200

Domestic public price: ¥ 239500

Watch diameter: 43 mm

Case thickness: 13.23 mm

预算20万出头 都能买到哪些高颜值的18k月相表?

Movement model: Jaquet Droz 2660QL3

C case material: 18K Red Gold

Waterproof depth: 30 meters

Watch watch review:

The large second hand is the classic series of Jacques Dero. This ivory color large -fie enamel moon phase cup is made of 43 mm diameter with a modern style. The case is made of 18K red gold. Highlights, showing elegance. The ivory color dial created by the Daminghuo enamel process presents a unique warm and moist color. The time shows that the disk is matched with the Roman numerals, and the second stitches are Arabic numbers. Essence The 2660QL4 automatic chain movement can be seen through the bottom cover of the back of the sapphire crystal glass. The power storage of the movement is about 68 hours. Jacques use an astronomical moon phase, thanks to the addition of the special “135 device”, so that the moon phase display is required to be adjusted every 122 days. The movement is not only accurate, but also infinitely close to the actual monthly phase cycle.

Breguet Classic Series 7787BR/29/9v6

Product model: 7787br/29/9v6

Domestic public price: ¥ 227700

Watch diameter: 39 mm

Case thickness: 10.2 mm

Movement type: automatic machinery

Movement model: CAL.591DRL

预算20万出头 都能买到哪些高颜值的18k月相表?

C case material: 18K Rose Gold

Breguet classic series has been inspired by the works of the founder of the brand Breguet. It has been praised for a long time with its simple atmosphere, classic and timeless and elegant design. This is the same as the 7787BR/29/9V June. The diameter of the case made of 18K rose gold is 39 mm in diameter, and the thickness of 10.2 mm is comfortable and fit. On the side of the case is Breguet classic coin pattern decoration, the plate has an elegant and simple layout, and the brand ’s original hollow eccentric” moon -shaped “blue steel pointer is used. The inside is equipped with CAL.591DRL automatic upper movement movement with a thickness of only 3.02 mm. The movement uses a silicon material escapement device and a swimming shots to ensure the performance of accurate fingers. The movement components are decorated with the Japanese Geneva pattern and fish -scale pattern, which are carved by hand -carved by skilled craftsmen. It is not only beautiful in appearance, but also unknown quality assurance.

Jaeger -LeCoultre series 4142520

Product model: 4142520

Domestic public price: ¥ 200000

Watch diameter: 40 mm

Case thickness: 10.95 mm

Movement model: 866aa

Waterproof depth: 50 meters

The Jaeger -LeCoultre series 4142520 adopts the mainstream 40 mm meter diameter, and the size is moderate in line with the wearing habits of most people. The case is also made of 18K rose gold, with a silver sun radiation pattern dial. The dial has full calendar display. In addition to the moon phase above the 6 o’clock direction, it also has the date, week, and month display function. Although there are many functions, the discharge of the dial is in an orderly and pleasing to the eye. Through sapphire crystal bottom, the movement runs clear at a glance. The CAL.866AA automatic chain movement is upgraded by Cal.866. Compared with the old model, it has improved the design of the clockwork box and can provide 70 hours of power storage. This ultra -thin movement proves to the world that extraordinary skills and extremely complex functions can be perfectly displayed in a small space.

预算20万出头 都能买到哪些高颜值的18k月相表?


As the so -called “starting with the face value, loyalty to connotation”, the beautiful moon phase function, with a shell with 18K materials to show a unique temperament and taste. When you are idle, you can enjoy the moonlight on the wrist. The three moon -phase watches recommended above are the main series of their respective brands. The classic design gives them a high degree of recognition. Their prices are concentrated in RMB 2000,000 to 23,9500 yuan, which is the leader of the same price segment. If your watch budget is also in this interval section and is deeply attracted by the moon phase, then you may wish to consider the above -mentioned high -value 18K moon phase watches. (Xiao Feng, House of Figures/Watches)

Waterproof depth: 30 meters

Watch watch review:

Watch watch review:

Movement type: automatic machinery

C case material: 18K Rose Gold

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