Classic gorgeous change tasting Royal Oaks automatic upper chain two -color watch

[Watch House Watch Tasting] When I first saw Audemars Piguet, I did not feel any. I only know that it is an independent family business and one of the most famous watch factories in the world. There is no special enthusiasm. Later, I have repeatedly contacted Audemars Piguet’s models, and gradually attracted by its styles and corners. It feels so domineering. Since its birth of the Royal Oak series watches, it has become one of the classic masterpieces of Audemars Piguet. This Royal Oak Royal Oaks automatic upper chain two -color watch adds glory to this series. Let’s follow the editor to enjoy. Official model: 15400sr.oo.1220sr.01

Oaks symbolize power, and octagonal symbolizes regeneration. Audemars Piguet launched the stunning Royaloak Royal Oak series in 1972. This watch is from the master of watch crafts, because only they can have such a different magnificent vision and keen intuition. Royaloak Royal Oak series interprets the brand’s unique style.

Royal Oak Royal Oaks use two different materials -stainless steel and rose gold.

经典的华丽变革 品鉴皇家橡树自动上链双色腕表

From the appearance, this Royal OAK Royal Oaks uses two different materials -stainless steel and rose gold to show the avant -garde style. The fine steel material represents the essence of the original watch in 1972. It retains the iconic appearance of the Royal Oak Royal Oak Watch, and the rose gold adds a warm and modern atmosphere to it.

Silver -colored dial engraved “Grande Tapisserie” large checked decoration.

Through the mirror of sapphire crystal glass, the design of the dial is very simple and atmospheric. The silver -colored dial is engraved with the “Grande Tapisserie” large checkered decoration, which is one of the design features of the brand watch. Audemars Piguet’s logo is located at twelve o’clock.

Fluorescent rose gold embedded timing label and fluorescent Royal Oak royal oak pointer.

With fluorescent rose gold embedded timing, the fluorescent Royal Oak royal oak pointer to ensure that the watch can be clearly read at night, highlighting the readability of the watch. The calendar display window is located at three o’clock, allowing the wearer to witness the jump of time on the wrist.

经典的华丽变革 品鉴皇家橡树自动上链双色腕表

The 18K rose gold bezel, the crown is engraved with AP logo.

From the side, the watch has a thickness of 9.5 mm. After fine brushes and polishing treatment of refined steel, the metal luster is presented. The 18K rose gold bezel, the crown is engraved with AP logo.

经典的华丽变革 品鉴皇家橡树自动上链双色腕表

Essence steel and 18K rose gold bracelet to ensure comfortable wear.

From the appearance point of view, this watch has a warm modern atmosphere and is a model of fashion personality. In terms of comfort, the design of the models conforms to ergonom aesthetics, stainless steel and 18K rose gold bracelets to ensure comfortable wear.

经典的华丽变革 品鉴皇家橡树自动上链双色腕表

The watch with a stainless steel AP folding buckle is convenient to open and close.

经典的华丽变革 品鉴皇家橡树自动上链双色腕表

The watch with a stainless steel AP folding buckle, the button is engraved with the AP logo. Compared to the belt, the bracelet and buckle of the metal material is easier to take care of it in summer, and it will not damage the material due to sweat stains.

The watch is equipped with a 3120 watch factory automatic clinic movement.

经典的华丽变革 品鉴皇家橡树自动上链双色腕表

In terms of power, the watch is equipped with an automatic chain movement of a 3120 watch factory, with a rotor frequency of 3 Hertz (= 21,600 times/hour). The power storage guarantees at least 60 hours to ensure the accuracy and stability of the watch when walking.

The bottom of the table is also engraved with the Audemars Piguet logo, which is very branded.

经典的华丽变革 品鉴皇家橡树自动上链双色腕表

The bottom of the watch is also engraved with the Audemars Piguet logo, which is very branded. The close mechanical structure is clearly visible through the bottom of the table to meet the wearer’s exploration and curiosity about the inside of the clock.

With a warm modern atmosphere.


Each brand has highlights and classics worthy of attention. The recognition of the Royal Oak in the watch has long proved the success and classic of the series. Audemars Piguet inherited and carried forward the traditional Swiss watchmaking essence, always adhering to the brand concept of “driving routine and creating innovation”, and constantly updating the works of Royal Oaks, so that the world has maintained the attention and expectations of the brand. Official model: 15400sr.oo.1220sr.01; Reference price: No new product. (Figure/Watch House Li Shuai)

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