Top Ten Wonderful DIY Car Inventory

Car is an indispensable means of transportation in people’s lives. After staying with a car for a long time, I want to think about how to make the car more beautiful and more individual. Compared to the Chinese people like it, stick to the hood and door of the pseudo -inlet/outlet, stick to the geckon on the buttocks, and tie the red rope on the rearview mirror. Foreign friends will play too much.

Below, let’s take a look at to what extent that foreign friends can “not be heaven”.

10th: Case and other car


It may be that the owner really likes photography too much, and it is not enough to bring one or even several cameras. In fact, it can not only prevent touch porcelain. When the surrounding vehicles do not comply with traffic rules, they can also report evidence collection ….. It should not, the owner of this car is a traffic police?

9: Soft disk car

The owner covers hundreds of floppy disks around the Honda Civic EK. The sharp -eyed guest may have found that even the license plate is DiskDRV (a floppy drive). I do n’t know how to wash the car?

8: Sign a car

This Jaguar boss is likely to be a businessman who can record important information anytime anywhere where you drive. However, there is definitely no way to get on the road, I hope that it is not because the parking spaces that occupy other people are so spoofed.


7: Telephone car

Is this the legendary mobile phone? And this visual car -based car is quite difficult to drive -although the front windshield is translucent, the several digital keys are too place.

Sixth: Automobile Zoo


This car is likely to belong to a zoo manager … Of course, such a design can’t help but let it sweat for it; after all, if there is a “small animal” without sticking to it, the car behind may be Battle.

5th: Divorce “Divide Stubing” car


The division of property that was cut into two halves was very thorough … (The door reads: divorced, the remaining half of the remaining half was taken away). If you put it in Chen Tian, ​​hey, this will soon be able to return to a new car that can be on the road normally.

4: “House” car

The RV with a steam punk flavor on the street may make people see those who see it mistakenly think that it is in London during the industrial revolution. Although it is much more than a RV, such a car can hardly drive on the road normally. Because it does not meet the design specifications of the road.


3rd: double car

“My wife and I are intimate, and even driving are synchronized.” … Okay, this is not a paragraph. In the hands of a foreign guy, this has become a reality. However, when you drive such a high car, you may not even pass many high -end rods, let alone go to the underground parking lot.

2nd: Balcony school bus

If the beetle above is a twin twins, then this yellow schoolba should be a conjoined baby. Being able to take such a school bus, presumably the children will not be tired of learning …


First: bathtub


In Britain with loose regulations, as long as the power and light meet the requirements, and there is a listing location, the vehicle can drive on the road, but there are not many people who change the bathtub to a car. Get up early? Do you have to come out if you have time to take a bath? Then take a bath and take the road, and you can earn enough eyeballs while reaching the company. The deficiency is that there is no anti -light equipment …

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