Appendix: E-link electronic paper technology full analysis_Amazon Kindle Voyage disassembly

2014-11-26 05:48:06 Author: Geng Lixin

You know, most people currently choose the Kindle Voyage e -book, what they value is reading comfort, and such a sense of comfort is reflected in the display technology and touch technology of the screen. What is the principles of Kindle Voyage using the principle of E-Ink electronic paper?

Kindle voyage display graph (picture comes from The Verge)

附录:E-Ink电子纸技术全解析_亚马逊Kindle Voyage 拆解

As shown in the figure below, many small volumes “


“, Encapsulated black particles with negative electricity and white particles with positive electricity. By changing the charge, the particles of different colors are arranged in an orderly manner, thereby showing the black and white visualization effect.

附录:E-Ink电子纸技术全解析_亚马逊Kindle Voyage 拆解

E-ink electronic screen original diagram (picture from

附录:E-Ink电子纸技术全解析_亚马逊Kindle Voyage 拆解

Caption: 1. Upper layer; 2. Transparent electrode layer; 3. Transparent microcapsules; 4. White pigments with positive charge; 5. Black pigments with load; 6, transparent liquid (oil); 7, electrode pixel layer; 8, substrate; 9, light; 10, white; 11, black.

In order to be easier to understand, we can actually imagine the electronic ink particles as a “capsule”.

Negative black particles and white particles with positive electricity

And we can control the polarity of the current board current. According to the principle of gimmicking in the same sex, the principle of opposite sex, we can choose white or black particles on it, so that the point shows white or black. If the number of black particles and white particles at the same time on it can realize the display of different grayscale at this point.

Kindle Voyage screen (picture from IFIXIT)

The particles we can only see this design are only black and white, so most of the E-Ink electronic screen is only used to read text or read black and white comics. If you want to achieve color display, you may need to wait for some time. It is not perfect, and there are many places worth improving, but it is really powerful to do this.

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