42 -inch teaching all -in -one

Integrated design function is powerful, simple and easy to use

Gather TV, computer, audio, projector, electronic whiteboard,

Six functions of projection curtain cloth integration

No need to be complicated, efficient integration, simple and easy to use

Display size: 42 inches

Resolution: 1920 (h) × 1080 (v)

Brightness: 450CD/M2

Comparison: 3000: 1

Visual angle: level 178 degrees vertical 178 degrees

Life: ≥50000 hours

Touch type: infrared touch screen

Response time: <4 milliseconds


The effective diameter of the touch object: ≥5 mm (can support Win7 2 points of touch)

Touch screen resolution: 4096*4096

Communication method: full speed USB


Write screen surface hardness: physical tempered Mo’s level 7 explosion -proof

Touch service life: more than 80,000 hours or more

Plug -out modular computer, Intel dual -core modular computer

CPU: Intel 1037U 1.8G

Graphics card: Integrated Intel (R) HD Graphics Family graphics card

Sound card: Integrated high -clear stereo sound validity card

Net card: Integrated 10/100/1000M adaptive network card

Wireless network card: Integrated 802.11a/b/g/n


Memory: DDR3 1333 standard 2G

Hard disk: SATA standard 500G

TV interface: PAL/SECAM high -frequency interface AV input (audio and video composite)


Computer interface: USBX4, network interface, VGA video interface, HDMI high -definition interface, headset, microphone interface

AC power cable: 2 meters (double head)

Touch pen: 1

Remote control: 1

Video cable: 1

Audio cable: 1 root (such as the video cable is HDMI high -definition line without audio cable)

Warranty card: 1 set

Manual: 1 book

Author: ArticleManager