Popular science: How big is the D cup?

D cup, the gap between the bust and the lower bust is about 17.5cm.

1. Calculation method of the cup:

1. Calculation method of the cup

It is deepened by it. The length of the breasts of breasts (one of the measurements) to reduce the length of the lap of the breasts is a cup. The size between the two cups is measured with a long back buckle.


2. Dialogue calculation formula

Cup size = bust -lower bust.

Extended information


D cup refers to women’s cups with a bust difference at about 18cm, which is more common in Western women. D cup refers to the difference between the upper and lower bust (the difference between the lower end of the nipple and the lower end of the breast) is about 18cm.

Among Oriental women belong to the cup type of “very big” from C. The D cup belongs to one of the rare cups of Asian women. Cup size = bust -lower bust.

The word cup is determined by the French. Because the bra was invented by the French in the 1920s, its previous name was tightly tightly. The bra refers to BRA for short, which is derived from French. While the French invented a bra, they also determined units that were derived from the size of the breast or breast size. The word cup is translated by the Chinese people, because the bra, except for the strap, is left with two cups that cover the chest like a cup, and the size of the breast is measured by the size of the cup, which is easy and easy to understand. Experts suggest that you want to achieve the ideal cup optional exercise method.

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