Material desires, the longest posts in the 2021 motorcycle circle

Due to the many tasks of testing and modification, I have not wrote about industry reviews this year. After the Mo Expo, I feel the status quo. Put or wait for a car to pass the time for time. High -energy warning, stinky and long, a lot of pictures,

More than 10,000 words




The Motor Expo in 2021 was very lively, and the new car appeared one after another. The disorderly flowers gradually became charming. From January to September this year, the new car of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology landed at more than a hundred units. A piece of singing and dancing,

Drunk Golden Fan

Walking between the piles of new cars, I am in a locomotive fame. As a chariot participating in the 4th Milan International Auto Show, I found that Chinese motorcycles have been easily realized


Beyond the global dream

Essence The number of new global cars at each Milan Auto Show is only dozens of units. We can kill the total number of new products around the world in half a year.


Watching the exhibition with joy, with inexplicable loss with it. Because, look at this new car and look at that new car, rare and creative highlights, a bunch of unexpected configuration stacks, the most terrible thing is that it is unknown

Lost the urge to have it immediately

Essence What is under this lively market? What will happen in the future?

Moriyou’s survival status in second- and third -tier cities

Bei, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen -Hangzhou, and the provincial capital cities, the motorcycle market has huge consumption power, but under the depth of various brands in a row in a row, the growth rate has slowed significantly. , Xi’an and other cities are strengthening the control of motorcycles, and it seems that the haze in the future seems to be heavy. Correspondingly, the second -hand alternative rate of these cities is increasing. That means


The new car consumer population is lost

The initial performance of group consumption power is to seek affordable second -hand models.


As a second- and third -tier cities, they generally follow the fashion of first -tier cities, and they are almost on the way. Young groups, if they cannot be among the work and life of first -tier cities, they will inevitably be obtained through the convenient mobile terminals to imitate the life taste and attitude of young people in the first -tier cities. Due to the support of credit cards and Huayan, the younger generation of second- and third -tier cities,


Impulsive consumption desire strong


Essence In addition, the cost of living in second- and third -tier cities is relatively low, but the entertainment life and atmosphere are not as rich as the first -tier cities, resulting in a strong desire to buy more than 100,000 motorcycle products.

Taking the cities in Shandong, my city in Shandong as an example, BMW K1600, Honda Kim Wing, and Harley CVO such luxurious models can reach three -quarters of the province’s sales. Standing on the street to watch entertainment motorcycles, the total number may not be as many as the provincial capital Jinan, but the number of mid -to -high -end models is properly not allowed. This is why Harley, BMW, Ducati, India, and Vespa are all busy layout the market. The conservative and conservative state of Japanese brands are gradually losing the control of second- and third -tier cities. In the face of increasingly refined and more selectivity of the motorcycle market in high -speed growth, they can only be hungry. Sales strategy to maintain its image. In 2003, BMW Harley began to settle in the Chinese market, but Honda Kawasaki was reluctant to come after ten years.

Fujiwara Tofu Shop, Retro Coffee Cars, and Late Night Cafeteria. These entertainment catering that originally emerged in first -tier cities have gradually appeared in second- and third -tier cities. What young people want are not affordable and cheap, but obtain

Specialty than ordinary people’s taste and freshness

Get self -recognition from avant -garde fashion consumption.


At night, the local net red punching point, watching the riders around him to come and go. If you only look at domestic cars, basically, this is the main stage of Penda Kimcola 300 and Haojue GSX250R. A large number of young users, dazzling clothes for men and women. Other models are 250SR, 650 national guests and Benaren lions, yellow dragons, and Sekon RE3 and RA2. Those models that claimed to be a price killer on the Douyin are almost difficult to see here, and occasionally, they are quickly submerged by a large number of well -known brand models. The price killer model is very similar to seeing netizens in the Internet era. Because, no matter how fierce the Internet is, it is known as the net red car of Zhenxiang. After the Golden Wing and Harley CVO of a team came,

There is no fragrance in an instant

Essence You know, riders in second- and third -tier cities are easy to have a sense of recognition from the product price.


Seeing this, many riders may think that the chariot is shallow and say the car at the price. As a brand with a biased price, Harley’s performance is the same as that in the displacement, and even the official dare not put detailed technical parameters. The Supreme Supreme CVO, which is priced at 588,888, has to increase the price by 150,000. Do you believe it? In Linyi, a city with the first sales volume in the province and the largest sales volume of Honda Kim Wing, the number of Harley gliding is more than the first two. When the team traveled, the 8888 and 6666 license plates of Qing Yishui crushed all cooked ducks. you


Can pretend to be disdainful

,but you


Can’t stop the team’s momentum


Essence Middle -aged people over forty years old basically obsessed with Japanese plots. Why does Harley, who has no advantages in price, performance, and brands, will be better than Golden Wing?


Therefore, cheap cottage and Internet celebrity traffic can get certain results in the short term, but


Non -long -term


Essence After Pinduoduo quickly punched Taobao and kicked Jingdong, he began to disappear on more and more people’s mobile phones. The short -term bonus effect has passed, but more and more people stepped on the product quality problems. Consumers will naturally return to stability. s Choice. Ghost fire youth is also growing, and the aesthetics of the crowd around him will let him learn to buy only one decent clothes instead of a bunch of cottage clothes.


I investigated the local car friend under 30 years of the troops (sorry, I am not embarrassed to look at the ID card or ask the age, but it is 500 people who look in their looks 20 years old). Limit brand entertainment domestic motorcycle, did it once


Small census

Essence The results were very interesting. Among them, 287 were helped by family or friends and paid a car at one time; 213 people chose to use a credit card or Huayan to buy a car, accounting for 42 % of the total number. At the same time, 335 of these 500 people would change cars within one year or would change cars within one year, accounting for 67 % of the total number. The most stunning thing is that of the 212 people who use credit cards or Huayan to buy cars, only a dozen people said they would repay the model normally. Most of them indicate to be upgraded while riding. If you encounter your favorite models, if the price is acceptable, sell the car in your hand, and then swipe your card to buy a car. Too many young people, the car hangs on the idle fish in a few days.

However, why do the models of young riders who seem to have a strong consumption desire? It’s nothing more than a brand,

Even if the first -tier brand’s price is higher than other brands

Essence Strong consumption desire does not mean stupid. When real gold and silver take out to buy a car, everyone will consider all aspects. Haojue’s models have always been slow, and GSX250R is a standard quality textbook that has won the user’s wave effect. Benali, Spring Breeze, and Cylon are high in quality, with low failure rates, but the after -sales service network has a strong layout, and step by step to maintain a certain amount of growth for the battalion. So far, the bosses of many motorcycle companies think that the golden Gela of Pente has become popular, which is low price+shit. In fact, from the construction of the factory to the present, it has its own engine and always adheres to the brand’s main brand, only Pente. Therefore, the success of Kim Jira is not a low price alone, and there are many years of accumulation of accumulation.

The motorcycle life of the second and third -tier cities, except for riding and punching the net red dot. The rest of the time is the same as ordinary people. Take pictures of P pictures, WeChat group chat, and vibrato. Their motorcycle life, except when riding a bike,

The rest of the time is relatively boring

Essence When car friends in first -tier cities enter consumer desire to decelerate, they start to modify themselves, use motorcycles as carriers, small private motorcycle clubs, unpopular models, etc., and even show the sketching of the house. Due to the boring of motorcycles, in a tireless study. Even if you play your mobile phone, you think about where to go to the motorcycle, what motorcycle equipment to buy, what car is upgraded in the next step, and the vibrato template to copy a section of his own show.

Can front -line motorcycles be changed?


Paste the consumer group tightly


This is a question that every brand must think. In the domestic markets of the first -tier brands laying sales and after -sales networks, new brands such as Penda and Excelle also have room for survival and grow up. It is nothing more than daring to try and error the market with new products. Facing the classic brand models that are not new in young people, they have developed a new engine, designing a new appearance, and an additional configuration. What is good or not, most people come in a fresh atmosphere.

These, for Haojue, Benali, Spring Breeze, Saicolon, may be separately. Because the new car launched is discredited by the brand, the R & D investment of each car is quite huge. Haojue’s DL, GSX, and DR models will only be mass -produced after five years of testing. Its rigor is evident. This has created opportunities for the latecomers. Our domestic first -line brands are actually based on Japanese brands, and we are pursuing quality first and after -sales first. but,


Learning Japanese system is not necessarily limited to this


I have collected many professional books because of the convenience of work. As a must -see exhibition for Japanese brands, a large number of Japanese concept cars appear every year. A few units are the future car -making concepts and cross -era technology that shows Japanese brands, most of which are

Seems to be mass -produced immediately, but since then the stone sinks the sea


The models, but these dying or snow -hiding models have a huge impact on the global fan circle. Some models of these concept cars may be mass -produced after a few years or even more than ten years, or some of the designs on the car will be invested on the mass production car in the future.


And our domestic first -line brands are holding

If you develop one, you have to mass -produce one


The mentality is easy to make the baggage that wants to win. Therefore, if you can encourage the design department to push the new product trial and error, the three differences will release their own emerging design in the official media, seek market feedback sounds, and keep the brand’s heat in the consumer group. When the feedback from consumer groups is collected, consider the possibility of mass production. Moreover, the first -tier brand is always trying to release the car to the market, and it will also make the post -market product resistance such as official modifications.


The advantages of the front -line brand are not only strong and excellent quality. The after -sales service network is incomparable to other brands.

Putting a powerful after -sales service network in vain

, Can only replace the oil for users to do maintenance, and do a maximum trailer rescue. It really wastes resources, and the dealer’s after -sales profit value is also small. The emerging brand uses a car -making concept of trial and error or even crowdfunding to impact the market. It strikes a short board with insufficient number of new first -line brands and bold and avant -garde design. However, the front -line brand did not pick up the network layout that it was good at.


Although there are not many new products this year, the market planning of the post -product has been brewing for several years. In addition, the user group is huge, and the accumulated content is a lot. It is estimated that there will be new actions soon. In the state of the original speed of the remaining three new products, Sailong suddenly released ten models this year, and several of them have explosive potential. The appearance of three major cars in the rest, retro, and pedal, and the emergence of the RC3S of the sports imitation. It can be said that the mentality of Sai Kelong’s courageous trial and error this time is clear. Each brand is also full of variables in the future, just depends on how to operate.

What is the post -market?


Motorcycle enthusiasts are called niche groups by ordinary people, and the motorcycle industry is naturally weak. After being blood -sucking by the real estate and automotive industries, the new energy industry has risen and packed a wave, and it is an indisputable fact that talents in the motorcycle industry are withered. Therefore, in this industry, there are a lot of brands that run a wave of fast money, and they are almost successful.

Come in the leather bag company to brush the sense of existence

The industry. The first -tier brand is uneasy. I think it is a one -acre three -point land every day. Under various shocks, everyone is paying attention to it. It is the top priority at the annual conference.

Due to the convenient work, the chariot often communicates with the major brand owners or the person in charge of planning management. Almost everyone’s awareness of the post -market is the official modification. Search for “motorcycle modification” from Taobao Jingdong Pinduoduo. More than a few thousand merchants, more than 15 years old stores abound. The rapid development of the industry, with high daily throughput, has tens of thousands of sales every day. This is the share sent by the factory. After all, if the boss arranges the production plant to make some modifications, it is estimated that he can make him want to break his head.

Industry specializing in surgery


Essence The person in charge of the market claims to understand the market. If you ask how much the modification of a car is, it is estimated that it will be stunned.

The advantage of the factory is imported CNC machine tools, robot welding or advanced welders, full set of paint production systems, and skilled assembly workers. In fact, these advantages are


All domestic modification brands. In the end, because I didn’t know the new blue ocean, I sent this profit. The domestic market is not as mature as the European and American markets. There are no big dogs, OCC, West Coast, and Allennus. I have n’t seen these for decades, 125cc, and do large displacement products in entertainment types.


Essence After all, the added value is quite high. Honda has a great influence on Chinese motorcycle companies, and first -line brands are thinking about making good quality. But I forgot that Honda’s official modification company is called infinite.

Many people think that the modification is a gray area and dare not get involved easily. In fact, if you see through, the modification can be in the announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Change expansion

Essence For models selling more than thousands of units on the market, I feel that there are suitable modifications, direct product expansion, and the return value must be more than a lot of investment.

The market is not a official modification piece alone. Harley has a Stergis gathering, Duccadi has WDW world Dutcadi week, and large official activities are the extension of the brand and the market. Domestic in China has also been committed to this way. Haojue has a free journey, Benali has Benali Weekend, spring breeze has a spring breeze, and Sakaron has a big country. Unlike the annual official activities of foreign brands, in addition to mentioned earlier, the domestic activities cover various small activities, and there are all kinds of everything. Everyone has everything.




I am afraid I am backward


The activity is done. Inadvertently, it seemed to return to the scene of the song and dance troupe in various cities and towns when he returned to the 125cc of the Selling Road.


As long as the activity is forced, the content is impressive, and the people are hit by the model, there are naturally young users looking for it. Every year, various exhibitions and various activities, the factory is tired of running up and down, and it is said to be full of soil.

Cost -effective

Actually not high. A group of people can eat and drink together, and the red flag patrols on the buttocks, which is more suitable for user groups over 50 years old. Young people would rather buy a bottle of drinks at the entrance of the Internet Red Store, and they would not participate in such activities. The official activity is fine one year, the money saved, the money is invested

After -sales and upgrade old user model parts

The effect may be better.


Morning Travels have participated in most riders, whether long -distance or medium journey. There are hundreds of riders from all over the country. These reception stations are affiliated with the media or civil organizations, but for riders who go out to Mo, the reception stations of unfamiliar cities are always intimate. When you encounter a bad car, find the reception station to help introduce the repair shop. Accommodate and eat at the reception station. Especially the reception station on the way to Xinjiang, Tibet, the number of riders each year is considerable. However, every time in the tourist season, the owners can see the owner ask for help from various WeChat groups every day, saying where the car is bad, and ask the nearby Moto reception station phone call.

Haojue, Benali, Spring Breeze, Saikelon, each brand’s after -sales service network from hundreds to thousands, and the size of a densely fragrant -like merchant, why failed to follow the reception station


Intersection Is it too utilitarian? Morocco received, as one of the post -market, especially in the large and small cities on the tourist route, the income is actually quite considerable. The factory has a ready -made store station, but the utilization rate is extremely low. This kind of soil and golden place in Beijing and Shanghai can be understood due to the lack of reception stations due to huge investment. In the lack of a large number of second- and third -tier cities, do the factories encourage and help? Or take the initiative? I believe this subject can still be studied.


Cultural products are also indispensable for the market. The reader often receives a message in the background, asking the Juejue Free Journey T -shirt, Benali young lion head


LOGOT shirt, Sikonglong Ring Tower Memorial Hood


Wait, where can I buy it. This obviously shows that consumers are right

Brand consciousness

Essence Although the brands are willing to use good materials in the production of T -shirts, the design is more conservative than the model design and lacks a fresh style. At the annual large -scale conference of Sikaron, there will be clothing models wearing the Cylon brand. They will do this in cultural products and do it very early. The spring breeze has done well in several major brands. The 30th anniversary albums, T -shirts, hoodes, brooches, bags, calendars and other small objects are often collected and collected by fans users.

Cultural products, saying good is a souvenir, it is ugly

Brand cultural aggression


Essence Specifies, preconceived. What can really do is handsome and creative, and it has become an object that everyone competes for retention. It is not a problem to recover the cost of investment. For manufacturers, it is even greater. In fact, several major brands have tried in the post -market, but they are limited by energy and experience, so although they have made every effort, they have not deepened. At present, the weird environment in China has also caused difficulties in the market after operation.

Strange phenomenon of Chinese motorcycles


In the era of the portal, the mainstream voice of domestic motorcycle enthusiasts is the avant -garde crowd, which is sensitive to fashion and pursuing niche. In the era of the forum BBS, the mainstream sound of domestic motorcycle enthusiasts is professionals, which is a good exchange of exchanges and pursuing resonance under the same hobby. In the era of mobile, the whole people carnival. When there is no threshold restrictions on the presentation, there is no need to bear responsibility. The mainstream sound has been occupied by 99 % of the small white. A major feature,

YY foreign goods, demand for domestic production

Essence Domestic brands are engaged in activities, they are free to eat, drink and live, and they have to scold the arrangements for the arrangement of the arrangement when they walk; there are only snack drinks when engaging in activities, buying T -shirts for 10 % off, excited tears are about to flow down, and the excited tears are about to flow down. Essence


Under the magnification of the short -level fast media such as Douyin, Xiaobai’s demand


Simple and rude


Essence Either you are a price killer! Either you have a bunch of configuration, and you should be a price killer! Also, be fast! Not only will the new car go fast! Fast displacement! When I was about to get a certain configuration, you have taken the initiative to add it! To meet these conditions, you are conscience! You are the light of domestic products! As for buying or not, it is another topic …


Another feature of Xiaobai is that it is easy to be encouraged. As long as it is the topic of brands such as Haojue, Benali, Spring Breeze, and Cylon, it will immediately bring the BUFF bonus. Haojue AFR125 has been very lively in the past few days. The grassroots big coffees in various ways have been in line. The reasons such as not controlling and difficult to ride are sprayed. The main content is AFR imitation UY. Why? Because there are enough Haojue users, spray it with traffic guarantee. A bunch of low -cost and low -quality garbage equipment that you bring your own goods can be taken logically. Xiaobai shouted various, anyway, you sell it expensive, and you are the big coffee. I don’t want to face


you get what you pay for


The truth.


The AFR car needs to pick the bones in the egg, I can find a bunch of chariots, but similar models, I can

Find more

Essence Anyway, standing without back pain, just spray it. When Hao Jue came out of VS125, the UU125 models had not been found. When UU125 came out, no one sprayed VS125. Until then, the big coffee suddenly found out. IQ is a good thing. Why does it sell big coffee not only selling global A stars, Dennis, and Revit? Because the price is too transparent, can’t mix water? Motoboy, Richa, CC protective gear, etc., which are both the first of domestic goods and the bottom line of personal equipment. You still need to think more about making a leek. Even if you are slaughtered, you are cheap and cheap garbage equipment. In case you encounter a crash, it is easy to hurt the leek leaves.

UHR has not been listed yet,

Xiaobai knows how to compare the PCX priced at more than 26,000, but the price of UHR will be slightly over, and how much can not exceed 10,000. Everyone is an adult, since I know


Haojue’s product control PK Honda

However, he asked Hao Jue to cut himself first. Chinese motorcycle companies have difficulty growing, and they have to face such Internet leeks. From the experience of the chariot, the UHR150 is estimated to be just a small test. Next, UHR180 and UHR200 may also be brewing. PCX150 and PCX160 are washed properly. and

Under UHR’s shell

What car is, I believe that experienced readers can guess.

The four -year iteration law of Japanese cars has remained for a long time. That is, the first year of the new car production, the second year of the flower update, the details of the third year or the configuration of the small upgrade, and the fourth year iteration. Only the explosive models will launch a high -end and limited edition or customized version according to user needs to screen higher -end customers. But in the eyes of Xiaobai, most of them may not know at all, and occasionally they know

Be disappeared


Essence Everyone is killing the factory to put new models. After all, a new car is not a shot of the vibrato. At present, domestic brands are affected by market public opinion. At the speed of overload, new products are piled up at the Mo Expo. How many units can you afford it? Do you really dare to buy it?

Economy and society, everything is

Economic law

Can follow. No motorcycle company serves the people. In particular, the brand ranking of the top motorcycles is also indispensable for the taxes. The social responsibility that should be assumed is also not missing. It is also necessary to bind the rapid rise in labor and material costs. I only know that a tendon requires that domestic motorcycle companies learn Lei Feng, but they do not consider that others must support their families, and they must survive and develop.

I said in the post before the tank. With the price of the products of several well -known big brands in China, the survival space of Horizon companies was squeezed. In addition, the profit space of the medium and large displacement products was discovered, and it was devoted to the manufacture of large displacement products. Horizon companies have been in my country for many years, but their products have always been regarded as the end of the chain of cars. Although the historical cause is slightly complicated, it can



There must be followers under lightness, and China’s motorcycle market is an extremely special market. Unlike the grandchildren of Europe and the United States, they will adhere to only one brand motorcycle. The domestic motorcycle user brand loyalty is extremely low. Under the law of competition, the extremely smart Chinese people choose to have milk. As long as the product is cheap, it can produce enough attractiveness, so there will be a large number of novices Xiaobai each period. Try to spend less money for 13, a wave of waves.


Slim to gradually mature

Essence You know, China -University Disted Motorcycle is an entertainment product, not a mobility tool. Survival tools can be used for low -priced in the short term, but if you buy entertainment products for the same purpose, you must not rely on both ends and do not value things.

The biggest advantage of horizontal line companies is to light up and shot a shot. use

Township connections and painting big cakes

, Follow the first funds, get a ready -made waterwheel or a machine, make a bunch of gimmick configuration, put a low price, and spread public opinion on the Internet. Those cars that are detached and practical, and even the travelers who look quite magical, will form a strong shock in the eyes of Xiaobai, and the outlook on life can be refreshed. The communication has achieved a certain effect, and the dealer also comes with profit drive. Receive orders and prepayments from the dealers, and then the big cakes with profit divided by the supporters continue to raise funds, and the models can be put into operation.

Everyone knows the development of a model. From design to mud, from engine to the entire vehicle, from the testing table to the landing assembly, from the sample car test to the formal production. In this process, every link will be tested hundreds of times, and even every problem may lead to previous investment and efforts.

Push down


Essence Not only do you need a lot of funds to inject, but also countless manpower and resources to work together. Only by completing these, a real car that landed on the ground may have the opportunity to mass production.


New car research and development


Long process


Out of the responsibility for investment funds, all links need to mobilize the participation of the industry elite and head resources to ensure that the model will not be eliminated for several years in the planned period. Even so, if the market wind direction fluctuates rapidly, it is likely that the models that have been developed will be put on hold or even die, and these are the high costs that well -known brands need to pay.

Democelis Sword

Essence Is willing to stack the market with new products? The person in charge of the project will bear several times the pressure of conventional new cars.


Dark reincarnation

Mirror with history, self -confidence in my heart

Essence In the late 1990s, it was the peak of the development of my country’s motorcycle industry. The prosperity of the industry brought about the brand’s flowers. However, in 2009, the industry ushered in the lowest valley of darkness. When the price war was fierce, even the brand motorcycles fell to more than twenty dollars a pound. Yes, you read that right, sell it. If you look at the eyes of Xiaobai now, this is a good thing, and it is more affordable. However, at that time, it was the time when the industry was the worst. Overseas markets, Southeast Asian branches were smashed, warehouses were burned, and the backlog of return was like mountains. Domestic markets, even when the village rushed to a big collection, there will be a truck with a motorcycle. The sales staff holds every ordinary people around them.

Most of the current little white people’s impression of the poor quality of domestic cars comes from the experience of the elders riding a motorcycle at home during this period. When they set foot in society and buy large -displacement products in entertainment types, the idea of ​​preconceived is: import, naturally expensive; domestic production must be cheap. In their eyes, whether it is a domestic first -line brand or a horizon company,

All motorcycle factories

The production cost is definitely the same. Regardless of whether you have invested in research and development, it is not spent to spend more money on me. That is you deserved. Your car sells expensive, just take it with

original sin

Blind pursuit of prices will definitely lead to bringing the industry into the trough

Connected effect


Essence This is why the horizon has always been at the bottom of the bottom of the chain from birth to the present.


In the darkest period of the industry, even the outside world issued a motorcycle

Sunset industry


The sigh, today the search for the sunset industry, the content of the emergence is also a motorcycle. In the era when the chaos could no longer be chaotic, there were still several companies fighting out. Haojue, Xincen, Wu Ben, Jianya, Zongshen, Qian Jiang, etc. It can be said that none of the companies surviving are the lowest prices of the same type, even the most expensive price of the same level. Aside from the background of two Yiya joint ventures, the Juejue at that time had already held up the Yangtze River brand, and continuously won the national sales of more. Zong Shen and Qian Jiang could fight against each other.

During this industry’s trough in 2009, in fact, many people in the industry are in the hearts of the industry


Because the funds began to flow towards the housing and the auto market, the brand that originally came in to make fast money to make fast money disappeared, and the ranking of various brands and main cities was clear and clear.

Stepping between step -by -step

The top ten families in China are inevitable.

After 2011, Haojue, Qianjiang, Chunfeng, and Zongshen have opened the investment of domestic and large -displacement entertainment models, which has stimulated domestic consumers’ desire for motorcycle products.

Era of Entertainment Motorcycle Consumption

Essence At that time, I was still thinking that the Chinese motorcycle brand was going in all over the world. With the growth of over 60 % in the Chinese motorcycle industry for several consecutive years, a large number of non -industry insiders smelled the business opportunities. After taking the leader of the elder brother, dozens of brands have joined the market for competition.


Later people like to break the rules the most, but they do not want to break the rules, but they


Take away the “shortcut” when avoiding heavy weight


Essence There is no investment in the development of the model. It is based on copying, and uses a low price to collect white rats that try to occupy cheap. As a result, the traffic models and online red models mentioned earlier appeared. Consumers who are unknown are by Xiaobai’s mainstream sound



In the low price, and waiting for a lower price.


I couldn’t help sighing here, and finally couldn’t escape the vortex of historical reincarnation. Eye is holding the rolling wheels of the Chinese motorcycle, and will you go to that reincarnation in 2009?

High price and status quo

Haojue, Qianjiang, Chunfeng, Zong Shen, four major brands


I have been being stomped for many years

Spray high price. Especially the Haojue, each car has shouted at a high price for ten years. Fortunately, the car of Haojue is slow, and it may not explode at that time, and the stamina is getting more and more. Needless to say, the classic of GW250. The DL250 conference was said to be high, but the sales volume continued to rise. If you stood the number of motorcycles on the National Highway 318, the most was DL250 and Benali TRK502. The GSX250R is also said to be a high price, but last year this year for two consecutive years, letting everyone understand what quality is the last word. The release of the DR300 has been released for a year, and the slow heat period is almost the same. I believe that the DR torrent will appear again next year.


The most unmoved of the industry’s mainstream sound

Yes, it is also a hero. Faced with a shouting of a large displacement, this year the Mo Expo only took out the XCR300 and TR300, and some riders may feel disappointed. You know, Hao Jue, as a nationwide sales of more than 19 consecutive years, is the foundation of Chinese motorcycles. In the face of the aggressive Japanese products, if the bottom of the family shakes out, the opponent will suppress more targeted development models. Domestic cars that have been involved in the large -scale displacement models for more than ten years have not been as much as more than 70 years of product reserves. You don’t need to have noise with Xiaobai, you only need to know that Chinese companies can know the Chinese users best.


Benari, a subsidiary of Qianjiang, has not been launched in new models this year. There are only 1200GT, Tornado 302, Tornado 252, Benaren 600 joint models, TNT899, etc. QJMOTOR, a newly -owned brand owned by Rich River, impacts the intermediate displacement market with a number of new products. The Benali brand is gradually returning to internationalization. From the repeated delay of the mass production date of TNT899, the price is not published in these signs, Benali began to focus on making cars and boutiques. When the new model indicators are no longer full, there will be plenty of time in R & D and testing to improve a model. The information collected from the chariot will appear in a new look, especially the heart and walking system.

Three -cylinder king

It is adjusting the state and preparing to block the triumphant three -cylinder.

This year’s spring breeze is also low-key. The new cars include MT800ADV and 1250TR-G. Different from Benali’s QJMOTOR assists, the independent war of spring breeze can see that it is affected by market opinions. The 700CC engine that was originally upgraded by the 650CC engine temporarily turned to overseas, instead of the 800CC series engine from the KTM790. The 800SR that is said to be released will also use the same engine. As a new domestic product, the prestige of Chunfeng Ben and Binbon models, when it continues to open up the market layout of its existing engine, even if there is an official cooperation with KTM, after all, it is subject to people. If it was not affected by the voices of the new market and the pressure of competitors, it would not be able to look back on KTM’s reputation. For many years

High -pushes style

Looking at it, next year will make changes on the new engine. The original 250cc engine and 400cc engine of Chunfeng will be adjusted next year. There are a lot of views.

Zongshen’s high -end brand Sai Kelong released new RE3, Re3 climbing, RG3, RX3S, and RX6 in the early days. The nine new cars of RT2 and RX1S Max are unveiled together. The fifteen models before and after have exceeded the number of models I heard by the chariot I heard during the internal meeting of the previous product. Sacon has not had enough layout of the new product layout in the large displacement field in China. This year, he perfectly handed over the answer sheet. During the same period, the ZS650, SV900, and ZS650 automatic transmission were displayed in the same period, which transmitted behind Sikaron

Technical reserve

Powerful. Also

Several engines are hidden and not sent

I believe there will be greater surprises next year.

Judging from the above brands, they have strict planning for the launch of new products. In terms of product prices, it also maintains its own stable steps, and has not been impulsive due to the voice of the market. Facing the chaos in the domestic market, and the aggressive overseas enemy, the main force will be unable to defeat the entire line if it is chaotic. On the other hand, low -cost killer brand models have rarely appeared around us. Because, in a cry of shouting, everyone is continuing to look forward to the next lower price brand.

Shouting for you and buying your car, after all, it’s still a two -size thing


October in October, the decline in temperature also indicates the end of the peak season for sales of the year. In the next time, the first -tier brand motorcycle enterprise is used as



, I definitely face more saliva and mixed sounds, but the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility.

Do not fight for day, the future day is available

It is hoped that in the context of the continued growth of the domestic market, several major brands will continue to grow while the cross -industry shock has reached, and grows into a mainstay of the four major families in Japan. Jun did not see, the former price killer Long Xin was already on the way to bankruptcy reorganization.

Chinese entertainment motorcycle products, from the rise of the Sino -large displacement in 2018, have experienced the development speed of the eggs within 3 years, and it has presented

Different malformations and fatigue

Essence In a few years, there are only a few explosive models, and the total number is not as good as a wave. It feels like a signal that is extremely declining. How to keep your own progress in the fast -moving era, you still need to play more

Tian Ji horse racing

The rules of their own, the shortcomings of the enemy. What needs to be vigilant is that the environment is far from what the brands and consumers think are as optimistic.

2021, material desires.



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