Swimsuit that does not pick up! Wearing shaping puts on the fat

There is no beautiful body swimsuit,

The male god is rare to ask you to go swimming to the party

Do you dare to go?

Such a hot day,

What else can be better than swimming at this time,

Is it more comfortable and more summer? Intersection

But for most girls,

No one wants to expose himself in front of the male god!

Did you have a figure?

Did not pick a satisfactory swimsuit,

Absolutely half a step close to the pool.

Hey, put on a swimsuit,

The advantages and disadvantages of the body will also be revealed,

I have not been successful for my body to lose weight,

Hurry up and call a cup of milk tea takeaway.

Because Xiaobian, I have Valtos swimsuit,

Visual swimming pool god costume ~~~

Bikini without a figure!

I can’t let go at all when I see the burst,

I just want to go swimming all the time ~

You ask why? Intersection Stupid and not stupid …

How can you miss more beautiful opportunities than others!

Swimwear for the body, dear, dear ~ dear ~

No steel ring gathers small breasts,

Perfect hips and shaping are fully wrapped,

Some styles can be kept even small belly!

Avoid the embarrassment of fat …

One time the traditional swimsuit is helpless,

Four figures of the figure:

“Yima Hirakawa

Too small

On the battlefield of this woman by the beach,

Xiaoping’s chest is completely unsuccessful!


There is no additional swimsuit, smooth and flat,


It will make the little breasts paper reveal,

Especially the small neckline will still press the chest.


Turly collapse the chest into disaster ~

Then this series of swimsuits is definitely your Noah’s Ark,

Gathering no steel ring to rescue the small airport of the chest ~

It won’t be shifted by how to move.



Summer ice cream, barbecue, crayfish …

The season of food is slightly relaxed,

Small belly appears,

Swallowing the navel and the like, even if you’re

The trembling fat is a capital joke!

Let these two conjoined swimsuits come out,

Reward your fat joke,

Blocking fat second transsexual love goddess ~


Large flat hips

Usually pants have the effect of lifting hip -lifting,

But under the visible swimsuit,

Big and flat hips have nothing to do,

My eyes are embarrassing …


Is this defeated?

Swimwear that comes with hip raising,


360 degrees comprehensive package,

Domineering and leaking the light,

Perfect little motor is you ~


“Old style


There is an old style style that is unchanged for thousands of years,

Sisters! Beach swimming pool!

If there is no good swimsuit,

It’s as if I didn’t make up makeup to see EX,

It’s embarrassing to pretend not to know.

Dear, look at the lace swimsuit?

There are also American split swimsuit trials?


If it is too sexy, I can’t accept it,

There are also a few conjoined models,

Make sure you are fascinated!

This type of swimsuit is listed,

It is well received by users,


The swimsuit that does not pick the body,

Have you ever seen it before?

I will bring you my artifact today ~

There is a traditional lace model,

There are also sexy models that gathered breast enhancement,

There is no one -piece conjoined model that can block the belly ~


Hee hee, every one is my favorite!

[Swimming pool god outfits visual thin breasts]

Genuine Valtos swimsuit bikini conjoined swimsuit


No steel ring breathability and comfortable vision is thin

Gathering sexy and temperament can add chest pads

Original price 199 yuan


Fans set up 11 yuan for only 188 yuan



Exotic charm beauty


Hollow design visual impact,

Triang Triangle Design:

The fixed bottom enclosure will not slide,

Provide good support for the chest.

The back ribbon is surrounded by hollow,

Make the overall more layered free adjustment,


Changyou unrestrained to show sexy seductive curves ~


No steel ring sports chest cup design,

Soft and comfortable to breathe freely on the chest,

Pocket type can be inserted and thickened the chest pad,

It is not easy to move, and the plastic breast effect is upgraded.

Safe and firm, more close and comfortable,

Hanged pants stretched leg curve,


Sexy upgrades are doubled.


This one has three colors to choose from,

Every model is my heart love ~

If the size is compared according to the figure below

Beauty and wayward

Lace swimsuit is super eye -catching

Hollow lace is a key to sexy unlocking,

The seductive hemisphere is displayed on the chest hollow ~

3D three -dimensional blooming cloth effect is amazing,

The innate, agile and true feelings,

You can’t help but stroke,

The three -dimensional pattern modifies the woman

Life like flowers.

Back belts can be adjusted freely,

The unique design of the tail end is more beautiful,


High -waist briefs, full of elasticity,


Sexy but not exposed, lengthen the long curve of the legs.

You can take off the thin pad+thick pad,

The lasting does not deform, get rid of the small chest embarrassment,


Concentrate to gather the beautiful breasts, built -in positioning,

Do not worry about the displacement.


Newly upgraded to gather chest pads,

The side orientation is thickened to improve the gathering effect.


Blocking fat is not embarrassing

If you have a small belly, small fat,

Still suggest you choose a swimsuit.

The swimsuit itself has elasticity and compression effect,

Compared to the flesh over the split shorts,

The conjoined style wraps the belly,

Naturally, it can hide the shortcomings.

The conjoined editor brings a conservative type and unrestrained type,

Satisfy the jealous heart of men.

Black retro conservative

Sexy V -neck tailoring,

Pulling the neck lines deep and charming,

Built -in three -dimensional thickened chest pads to improve the tight chest shape,

Confidence shows plump temptation chest lines.


Fashionable sexy back design,


Exposing beautiful butterfly bones,

Add the sexy index of a swimsuit.

Streamlined hip hip three -dimensional tailoring comfortable all -inclusive,


Black and white contrasting color highlights the female S curve,

Modify the buttocks line,

Show sexy hip type ~

The thickened pocket type can be extracted, the chest pad,


Push the chest to gather better under the chest,

Inject sexy seductive charm for beautiful breasts.

Add elastic rubber band by the edge design pants,


Seamlessly fit the legs to bid farewell to light.

White cute and unrestrained style

Someone is conservative and some people choose to be different,

Sometimes playful, cute, and dynamic,

Sometimes sexy charm is gentle and gentle,

Help you into a variety of angels.

Disassembly customized chest pad,


Natural or stylish choice,

Refusing to score and stress,

Traveling is more comfortable.

Personalized waist hollow design,

It’s your sexy and careful machine,


Just right, exposed meat,

The embarrassment of blocking fat,

Give the most mysterious sexy ~

For the fairy,

Swimming is undoubtedly a big show,

It’s a good place to show your figure

As the seaside of the beautiful concentration camp,

The concave -shaped swimsuit cannot be taken lightly,


The swimsuit can best highlight everyone’s good figure,

It will also be easy to expose the shortcomings of the figure ~

The summer of dew has officially attacked,

You are still not practicing well,

Do you dare not go to the beach?


Today, according to our recommendation, choose a swimsuit,

Let you easily complete with your girlfriend

This summer’s seaside vacation blockbuster!

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