“Bottom pants” completely sealed the gods in winter, these 4 “street shooting methods”, teach you to get rid of the sense of passers -by

In winter, the temperature drops rapidly. Many people choose pants when facing skirts or trousers. because,

Compared with the warmth performance of the pants, the pants are still strong

Some. Well, “leggings” are the first options for many people.


Fashionable, classic and more fitted on their own leg lines

, Able to be effective

Slow the loss of physical heat

, To achieve the effect of keeping warm and thin.

Although the leggings have the practicality of “one pants more”, but

Many people still say “too rustic”, “can’t wear a sense of fashion”

Essence So,

How can I wear a pair of leggings? Teach you 4 street shooting methods to go out and win.

This article is based on “leggings”, and share with you the fashionable method of 4 street shots with you to make us


Get rid of rustic and cheap issues

, Successfully use leggings to wear out

Fashionable and trendy effect.

1. Lamb hair jacket + leggings + daddy shoes


In winter, there are many clothing and shoes that can be matched with bottoming shirts. If you want to create a fashionable look, you can learn from the fashionable method of others.

In this way


We can choose a lamb hair jacket, soft, warm, and comfortable. It is matched with the slim version of the leggings.

Easily show the effect of warmth and fashion,


It also revealed the personal body curve.

When wearing, with the common and easy -to -control shoes such as Dad shoes, the overall shows

Relieving and cool sense of vision

When we match the lamb coat and leggings, we can

Adopt the “combination of complexity and simplification”

Choose a lamb hairy cover with elements with solid color leggings, you can

Avoid “visual weakness” in the overall solid color

, Make the styling stylish and advanced, full of exquisiteness.

2. Long coat + leggings + sneakers

In winter, the appearance rate of coats is very high. You can easily match a variety of fashionable Look. We can use the wearing combination of long coats + leggings, so that women’s temperament can be manifested.

The reason for choosing a long coat is because of strong tolerance and suitable for various figures. Do not worry about the problems of fat and bloated, and even slightly fat women can easily control it.


There are many shoes that can be selected for long coats + leggings. Among them, shes and shoes are simple and common.

The shoes have the characteristics of versatile, simplicity and fashion, and matched with long coats and leggings. breath.


Third, long down jacket + leggings + sports shoes


As one of the “Three -piece Set of Winter”, down jackets are naturally also costumes with high usage rates.

The down jacket is light but keep warm,

It just meets the aesthetics of women now, and there is no sense of weight to wear, which is very suitable.

Matching long down jackets and leggings, it can be good

Weaken potential bloated, fat and other issues

, Make the overall version comparison and relaxation, and it is more personal. With the previous sports shoes, it can show a comfortable and fashionable effect.


Fourth, short down jacket + leggings + sports shoes

For small people, long down jackets are fashionable and warm, but they are still more medium -minded down jackets.


The short down jacket with leggings can emphasize the existence of high waistlines and extended body lines, so as to achieve a sense of high and long legs, so that the problems such as short and short legs are improved.

When a short down jacket with leggings, the shoes can choose simple sneakers, so that the overall casual and lazy atmosphere can also be displayed, and it can also set off the slender and slender legs.

In addition, we can match the messenger bag, adding a bit of refinement to the shape, and it also shows personal charm and high grades.

Alright, this issue is shared here about the content of the leggings. Will you match the “leggings”?

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Text: Xiao Rui

“Bottom pants” completely sealed the gods in winter, these 4 “street shooting methods”, teach you to get rid of the sense of passers -by



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