“Getting Started by Monitoring Technology” how to choose monitoring camera brackets

Monitoring the camera bracket is a small inconspicuous thing. Some friends will say that there are any good explanations to monitor the camera bracket, just use it casually. The role is huge.


The monitoring camera bracket is used to fix the monitoring camera

According to the material, it can be divided into metal monitoring brackets, plastic monitoring brackets, etc.;

According to the type of use, it can be divided into a gun bracket, a ball -type gimbal bracket, etc.;

According to the shape, it can be divided into universal brackets, I -shaped brackets, L -shaped brackets and duckbill brackets, etc.;

So how to choose a suitable security monitoring equipment bracket?

In order to better fix the camera to a certain position, it is not a trivial matter to choose a suitable stand.

There are long, short, straight, and curved indoor brackets, and choose suitable brackets according to different use environments.


Outdoor stents need to consider his load capacity and outdoor environment to choose, and then there are installation positions, because in practice we found that many outdoor cameras have special installation positions, some are installed on the electric pole, some stand on the tower crane, some stand on the tower crane, some stand on the tower crane. Some are installed on the iron frame. Due to various reasons, the existing brackets may be difficult to meet the requirements and need to be processed or improved. The materials for brackets include plastic, metal chrome, and die casting. There are various brackets. Different types of brackets are selected depending on the environment and different structures.

We can choose such brackets for the ceiling, which is convenient for hanging, with a universal head, which can rotate to different angles.

Installed on the wall, we can choose such brackets, suitable for wall installation, firm installation.

On the round rod, we can choose such brackets. According to different thickness of the round rods, the hugs of different thickness can be used, which can be adjusted by ourselves


Long and short, easy to install.

For beauty, we can choose a bracket with such Tibetan cable functions, with its own waterproof box. Open the waterproof box below to put the rear line of the camera in the waterproof box. It is especially suitable for the POE power supply system. There is no power supply. In the box, it couldn’t get rainy.


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