The tiles are not selected, the decoration is in vain, the super detailed nanny -grade tile purchase tutorial

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Speaking of decoration, choosing the most painful moment of phobia is to choose tiles.


Is it the same thing for the glaze tiles and polishing bricks?

Why are there so many nouns in tiles, which one is?

Choose bright noodles or matte?

What color bricks are better in the kitchen and bathroom?

Is the bigger brick, the better?

… …

As one of the indispensable building materials in the whole decoration process, how to choose tiles that are most suitable for your home are not important for the final decoration effect.


Types of Ceramic Tile

Speaking of tiles, marble patterns are always a topic that can’t escape, but because of natural marble

It is expensive and naturally formed, it is difficult to repeat

Many of the good -colored old pits have been mined.

▲ Colorful gray

The use of tiles to imitate the marble pattern is a more cheap and controllable approach, so many people go to the offline exhibition hall to choose tiles directly.


Many films, many films can almost be said to be a multi -pointed tiles displayed there


There is no way to start.

In fact, not only the tiles look at the tiles of the brick surface, just like the custom wardrobe selection of density boards or granular boards. The characteristics behind each tile are the most direct distinction.

In the early days of choosing tiles, many friends heard a bunch of nouns such as polishing tiles, throwing glazed tiles, etc. As soon as they came up.

These nouns are actually in the process of burning tiles,

The use of different treatment processes leads to unique attributes to the tiles

It can be used in various spaces more targeted.

Xiao i directly organizes it into a form, including advantages and disadvantages and applicable space directly in place.

▲ Xiao I sorted out the tile classification form for everyone, quickly collect it ~


In fact, according to the table above, we can classify the bricks, matching different varieties of ceramic bricks according to different spaces.

However, when purchasing, there are the following points to pay attention to


1. The ground needs more wear -resistant and more load -bearing tiles. The relative density will be greater. Generally, manufacturers will separate wall tiles from floor tiles.

Can’t mix with stickers, don’t buy the wrong when buying

2. In order to pursue a larger brick surface, you can directly stick the wall when you need it, but the wall tiles cannot be affixed.


The floor tiles can go to the wall, and the wall tiles cannot go down,

Don’t make a mistake

Tile selection


Ceramic Tile Acceptance

For tiles of different functions, the water absorption rate is different. Therefore, the lower the water absorption rate, the better the performance, the better the high -quality tiles can be selected.

You can choose according to the following points

1. Flatness

One touch, touch the surface of the tile with your hands, and look at it. Pick it up to see if the particles of the cross section are delicate.

You can also measure the two diagonal lines of tile tiles. The gap between the two sides is qualified within 2mm.

Second, non -slip

Wearing shoes rubbing back and forth on the surface of the tiles, you can also pour water on the tiles to determine the non -slip properties of tiles in the slippery scene.

Third, dirty resistance

When picking tiles, bring a oil -based pen, write and draw on the tiles, and wait for the ink to dry, wipe it if it is easy to wipe.

Finally, the tiles seen in the model are generally samples, which may be inconsistent with the products you received.

So be sure to check it ~

Kitchen and bathroom tile match

Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Matching

However, as a face -to -value control, the aesthetic perspective is naturally indispensable. Kitchen and bathroom, as the most commonly tile space, how to set up?

1. Kitchen space

Keywords: resistance, non -slip

Choose a brick with good anti -slip and anti -anti -seepage of glaze tiles


David bricks can be paired with lighter color cabinets

To avoid the overall color tone too dull, with the light is an elegant and high -level atmosphere.


However, if the kitchen space is small, it is better to choose a bright brick, which looks more spacious and brighter.

White cabinets and light marble patterns,

The use of light tones makes the entire space lighter.

The ground is paired with black and white gray three -color tiles. It does not set the vulgar set, and breaks through a single light white, making people shine.

▲ The light -colored marble with a gray cabinet is a match that will never make mistakes.

The original white brick and wooden countertop of the Internet celebrity are also a good choice.


Second, toilet




Choose glaze tiles such as good non -slip bricks

▲ It is a good choice to choose a dark and shallow color to avoid the tone of the space.

Smooth blue+small tiles of the same color, small fresh French elegance.

If the ground uses a more complicated way to pave the brick, then the wall brick is best to choose a point.

▲ Looking at the monotonous bathroom of black and white and gray, you can also try to add other colors.


The pink bricks and marbles of brown -colored colors create a different warm atmosphere together.

When it comes to the hottest materials in the near future, it must be water millstones, and it is more suitable to use in the bathroom.


Remember to be full of water milling stones

, Be sure to use it with other materials, otherwise it is easy to become a public toilet style

After reading so many tile cases, what is your most exciting kitchen and bathroom space tiles?

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