“Bamboo fiber underwear” Bamboo fiber underwear What are the advantages of why choose bamboo fiber underwear?

Bamboo fiber underwear refers to the underwear made of bamboo fiber. It is a natural cellulose fiber underwear. It is essentially different from the cheap “bamboo charcoal panties” and “chemical refining fiber panties” appearing on the market. Bamboo fiber underwear uses recycled bamboo fiber as the basic material. It is spinning with certain cotton and spandex. It has strong ejaculation and has strong applicability in the promotion of size. What are the advantages of bamboo fiber underwear? Let’s take a look at the detailed introduction below.

【Bamboo Fiber Underwear】 What are the advantages of bamboo fiber underwear

Why choose bamboo fiber panties

What are the advantages of bamboo fiber underwear and bamboo fiber underwear

We know that many diseases are caused by bacteria. Summer sweat, body heat, body gas, affected by high temperature, cannot be distributed in time, and there are many clothes in winter, too thick, and it is not advisable to distribute. Harmly bacteria, which causes various diseases, but if wearing bamboo fiber antibacterial underwear.

First, the bamboo fiber is breathable and hygroscopic, which can form a refreshing and breathable sanitary environment. In this environment, harmful bacteria loses the living conditions;

Second, bamboo fiber is fluffy and soft, which can take good care of the reproductive parts.

Third, bamboo fiber has deodorization and sterilization effects, can remove odor and kill harmful bacteria, and escort your health.

Why does bamboo fiber underwear have the above characteristics?

1. Why is bamboo fiber panties smooth and soft

Bamboo fiber panties feel like “绫 绫”. Bamboo fiber textiles have thin units and smooth feels: good whiteness, bright color; strong toughness and abrasion resistance, unique rebate; strong vertical and horizontal intensity, and stable unity, good hanging.

2. Why do bamboo fiber underwear inhale and breathable

The cross section of the bamboo fiber is covered with large and small oval pores, which can instantly absorb and evaporate a lot of water. The water absorption of bamboo fibers is three times that of cotton. The height of the natural cross section makes the industry expert calling bamboo fiber: “breathing” fiber also calls it the first of the “fiber queen” bamboo fiber’s hygroscopic, humidity, and breathability of major textile fibers.

Third, why bamboo fiber underwear is warm in winter and cool in summer

Bamboo fiber textiles are used in summer and autumn, making people feel particularly cool and breathable; used in winter and spring, it is fluffy and comfortable, which can eliminate excess heat and water in the body. The warm summer and cooling function of bamboo fiber textiles is also unmatched by other fibers.

Fourth, why bamboo fiber panties antibacterial and bacteriostatic

The sterilization rate of more than 90%of the same number of bacteria is observed under a microscope that bacteria can be reproduced in large quantities in cotton and wood fibers, and bacteria on bamboo fiber products are killed more than 90%after 24 hours. Having.

Fifth, why bamboo fiber underwear natural beauty

It has the natural beauty effect of bamboo, natural anti -mites, deodorization, and insects to produce negative ions. 6. Why the ultraviolet penetration rate of bamboo fiber panties anti -ultraviolet bamboo fiber is six thousandths, the penetration rate of cotton’s ultraviolet rays is 2,000, and the anti -ultraviolet ability of bamboo fiber is 417 times that of cotton.

Seven, why bamboo fiber underwear natural health care

The whole body of the bamboo is treasure. A long time ago, the bamboo was closely related to people’s lives. There were 24 in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” about the medicinal effects and prescriptions of different bamboo. Contribute to our human health.

Eight, why bamboo fiber underwear is green and environmentally friendly

Today, today, which promotes “energy conservation and protects the environment”, the green environmental protection role of bamboo is increasingly prominent. Bamboo can grow 3 feet overnight, which can grow and update quickly, and can be used continuously. To a large extent, wood and cotton resources can be relieved. Bamboo fiber textiles use biodegradable materials, which can be completely degraded by microorganisms and sunlight in the soil. This decomposition process does not cause any environmental pollution.

Features of bamboo fiber underwear

(1) Dry and comfortable: It can quickly absorb sweat and moisture.

(2) Smooth and soft: The structure of the fiber can provide soft fabrics, make the fabric smooth and reduce the stimulation of the skin.

(3) Fast absorbing and fast drying: The grooved groove formed by a specific structure of the fiber can absorb sweat quickly than other general fiber such as polyester fibers, and spread and discharge, so as to keep dry and cool.

「竹纤维内裤」竹纤维内裤有什么优点 为什么要选择竹纤维内裤

(4) It has the pure naturalness and unique antibacteriality of bamboo, effectively anti -bacterial, antibacterial, and anti -odor, which can effectively prevent symptoms such as bacterial gynecological diseases, skin diseases and itching of the genitals.

How to choose bamboo fiber underwear

At a glance

Good quality bamboo fiber underwear is bright and colorful, and the color of the color is high. It will not be easily discolored due to factors such as washing and sun exposure.

Two smell

The quality of the quality of bamboo fiber pants is aroma and has a fresh taste of bamboo.

Three -distinguished feel

In the product, the bamboo fiber content is high, and the feel will be very delicate and smooth.

Four to see the ashes

There is no black smoke when the wire wire is burned, only a little white ashes, and the poor silk thread is burning. There are many smoke when burning.

Five look at shrinkage

The poor quality bamboo fiber underwear will shrink sharply after washing, and the appearance is deformed and the size is reduced.

Sixth look at work

Most of the poor bamboo fiber underwear are not fine enough, obvious seams, and most of them have jumping lines.

When you buy bamboo fiber underwear, you grasp the two principles:

The first is to choose good materials (such as bamboo/cotton, bamboo/mixed spinning), and avoid weaknesses;

The second is to choose a good manufacturer and enjoy formal craftsmanship;

The third is to choose well -known brand products.

「竹纤维内裤」竹纤维内裤有什么优点 为什么要选择竹纤维内裤

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