The reason for your hair loss may also be too much scalp

Although everyone started to slowly restore the original life and dare to go out, but for protection

No relaxed at all

Intersection Girls who wear hats and braids on the road can still be seen everywhere

But the hat has been worn for a long time, not only myself, many small mustard will have such concerns

Didn’t you hold your hair with a hat! How to take off faster than before!

And it was necessary to wash your hair every other day, but after wearing a hat, do not wash it for a day, and it will be on the top of the head.

Oil out of oil

Intersection Is it a collective rebellion in my shampoo? Intersection

Actually, this is a common one


Scalp phenomenon


What is the scalp?

When you wear a hat or hair, if you sweat, it is difficult to evaporate from sweating

Always staying on the scalp and slowly

Easy to breed bacteria

The oil secreted by the scalp is absorbed again, making the burden on the scalp more serious! Over time, slowly

Dandruff, itching, tightness, hair loss problem

Just come to the door!

Want to get healthy scalp, not only

Life law, stress relief




Hair care

There are many places to pay attention to!

What do we avoid

What about bad hair care habits?


Washing frequency is too high or too low

When your hair is too high, the sebaceous glands will start thinking.

ah? What about this oil? What about the oil I just gave birth?

After that, you will work harder to produce oil, and your head will start to get more and more oily … cycle reciprocating, one

Oil -producing permanent motivation


It appeared!

And the frequency of shampooing is too low … I won’t say it,


Live you oil



Don’t clean the scalp while shampooing

Your scalp is better than you think

More sweat glands, sebaceous glands


And the pores of the scalp are increasing! very easy



The scalp has begun to appear “overwork” girl, be sure to

Choose carefully for your own washing suit

Intersection The best choice is of course some containing

Natural ingredient

The hair care products help nourish the scalp and hair more gentle! Like



, It can help nourish the scalp and strengthen the scalp barrier;

green tea


Where, hydrating and moisturizing! It can also relieve the scalp and reduce the greasy feeling!



It contains a lot of nutrition and can also increase hair elasticity!



Wipe the hair milk and hair mask on the scalp

We often hear that the hair milk and hair mask should not be wiped on the scalp, which will make the scalp

Secrete more oil

Come to block the pores of the scalp, there is only oil in the pores, so naturally there is no hair!


Zilu Hair Mask

Different! It is clear

Use on the scalp


of! Can nourish the scalp and hair,

Strong hair!

As long as I have activities at that time, I will use my hair mask the night before. Get up the next day,

Hair is smooth and bright


There is no boring sensation after hot dyeing, and my mother no longer has to worry about hairstyle to block my scalp pores!

I did n’t take pictures after using it at hand. Those who are interested can go to Watsons!

In addition, the eight mustard is still some

Hair care tip

I did n’t know before, I loved it myself!


Share it with everyone, if there is any change, it will be unbelievable!

Don’t comb your hair when your hair is wet!

Yes! Do you feel knotted after washing your hair? (Of course, there will be no such troubles with Zi Lu.) I was anxious to combine my hair?

Can’t! When the hair is wet

Most fragile


The hair scales are all open


Woolen cloth! At this time you comb, your hair loss will be more serious! Let the hair that is not thick, worsen the snow!

After washing your hair, you must blow your head!

Many girls have such a misunderstanding. The opportunity of hair dryer causes hair to dry, so it is actually wrong to keep waiting for it to be natural!

After washing your head, you do n’t blow dry the water immediately, you will take away most of the thermal energy.

Easy to catch a cold


, Second, the scalp is accumulated in water


Very easy to breed bacteria

Intersection After a long time, it will affect the hair follicles, and the hair follicles are problems.

It’s the old saying again, you are not bald, who is bald?

So I want to become a possession

Exquisite girl with thick hair

First, blow your hair!

You can choose to use it after blowing your hair

Scalp essence

Come and strengthen, strong hair!

When you use it, you are squeezed in the position of the hair slit and the hairline

Suddenly troublesome girls can

Put it out directly

, Massage the scalp again

The little assistant said that when she was not busy at night, she would have a set

1 minute scalp massage method

, Can also help relieve the pressure of the shoulder and neck!


Hold the top of the head with one hand, slowly stretch the trapezius muscle on the neck and shoulders (alternate left and right)


Gently massage the scalp with both hands and abdomen



Fist with both hands, from behind your ears to the center of the head, tap several times


Stretch your hands naturally, start from the top of your head, slowly press down



Finally, repeat the steps to massage the scalp with your fingertips, relax and soothe the scalp

Is it easy to use, proof of effect!

The little assistant said that in the “spin” caused by her own year, she grew a lot

Newborn little hair

It looks a lot dense, she wants

Keep your repurchase


Alright! Today’s “strong hair” little knowledge is shared here ~







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