The cafeteria group meal consumption not only uses face recognition, but also the dishes identify the smart dining settles settlement table.

It is said that catering retail is one of the first industries that introduce new technologies. The restaurant and restaurants use codes scanning and ordering machines, self -service ordering machines, and use of code -scanning settlement and self -service cash register, etc., are all reflected in the popularization of new technologies to daily life.

In the special group meal scenarios such as cafeteria and rice dining, buffet ordering machines seem to be unable to meet special functional needs. For example, in these scenarios of school -owned enterprises, you need to identify identity to consume in the cafeteria. If you are not from enterprises or schools to eat, it will damage the order order and funding subsidies of the school and corporate cafeteria. Therefore, many intelligence

Group meal consumption terminal


Cafeteria consumer machine


They will rely on student cards and employee cards for swiping card consumption, but often occur in the use of stealing.

In the same way, some elderly dining rooms also need to use smart group meal consumer terminals and cafeteria consumer machines, but these devices use identity verification methods to face face recognition. Use your face to pay for the consumer terminal and face -brushing to pay the cash register all -in -one. You can identify the identity of the elderly. The elderly can use the face to pay for meals in the elderly cafeteria without having to carry the elderly card with you.

According to reports, the elderly over 75 years of age of Jiangning can enjoy government food assistance subsidies, such as breakfast subsidies for 3 yuan, Chinese food dinner subsidy 4 yuan. Some cafeterias use face -to -face payment consumer terminals to perform identity testing and cashier. This convenient face -to -face payment method can allow the elderly to pass directly

Face recognition cash register

Completing face -to -face payment, convenient use, and allowing the elderly who meet the scope of policy subsidies to enjoy benefits and provide better ways to help the old -fashioned old -age help.

In addition to the use of “face recognition”, the cafeteria dining consumption also applies “dishes recognition” technology. Smart cafeteria self -service settlement terminal and smart meal settlement desk introduced visual recognition technology, combined with smart cameras and visual recognition smart algorithms, can identify the dishes on the smart dining settings settings, the accuracy of recognition reaches 99%.

Smart cafeteria self -service settlement terminal and smart dining settings settings do not need to rely on the RFID plate to reduce the cost of layout and the settlement method is more flexible. The smart cafeteria self -service settlement terminal and smart dining settlement table can support code scanning or face payment through automatic settlement statistics to improve payment settlement efficiency and customer dining experience. In addition, the smart cafeteria self -service settlement terminal and smart dining settlement table can be used to conduct real -time summary and intelligent analysis of the consumer data of the cafeteria, and optimize the management level of the canteen.


Canteen self -service settlement terminal

With code scanning recognition, face recognition and dining AI visual recognition function, it can realize the functions of scanning payment, code scanning, face -brushing, dishes recognition, etc., and is suitable for smart restaurants and school enterprises.

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