In the early summer, I was anxious to wear short sleeves? Add a sunscreen suit and go out, keep warm and practical

Everyone in summer is wearing short sleeves, and people who are full of skirts on the streets, but there is a clothing that does not exist for coolness, but there are many people who can’t give up. When you go out, you must wear one.

Sunscreen jacket


A simple jacket can protect our skin and prevent sunburn. No wonder girls like to wear sunscreen shirts. In the early summer, they are anxious to wear short sleeves? Coupled with a sunscreen suit, go out again. It is also practical to keep warm. It is not very hot in early summer.

the weather is too hot

It is not so comfortable to wear sunscreen.

Fashion match for sunscreen jacket

Sun protection jackets are really all in summer, the most common white ones are even more common

Very versatile

Essence For example, pure black clothing, with colorful and white coats, are better than paired with black coats, and enough

Refreshing feeling.


Black short sleeves with patterns are cool. At this time, it is more suitable


, Don’t need the coat to be too fat, or the simpler style looks cool, but the simple style is more suitable for matching

Hypertrophic jacket

It is more comfortable to look at it.

For example, the combination of this gentle purple T -shirt and black pants, the styles and colors of the top are gentle. A little ordinary leisure and sporty feel are added to the ladylike, which is suitable for matching tight black leggings or light.

Leg wear, show

Slender and a little relaxed.


At this time, if the sunscreen jacket is not loose enough, it will break the tight design of the upper upper ups and downs in the clothing. At the same time, with a long hypertrophic jacket, it can also make it more layered.

Gentle and peaceful.


The sunscreen jacket has a translucent feeling, but in order to protect the sunscreen, this transparent effect will not be particularly obvious. Therefore, wearing dark clothing and colorful clothing will have a more layered sense. However, with light -colored clothing, it will have a more unique effect.

Senior more literary and artistic.

For example, the combination of white and gray, this

What a refreshing color scheme

After adding a transparent white jacket, the casual style has become advanced. However, in addition to white, the choice of blue and pale purple is also suitable for light -colored clothing. Of course, the outer set has a pattern,

It can also increase the level.

There is a pattern sunscreen clothes that look more cute, even if it is a regular stripe pattern, if it is ink or flower, it is refreshing and cute. The pattern is much more unique to choose hollow,

Poor sunscreen


It is more layered, so that it is much gentle with light -colored clothing.

For example, pale blue jeans, white T -shirts, etc., with


Not only unique but also refreshing. Although this kind of sunscreen shirt with pattern is also versatile, it must be rested with any style of clothing with it.

Leisure and low -key.

A little unique sunscreen jacket style

Sun -sunscreen jacket is so important. Of course, there are many different styles. The unique color matching will be a bit difficult to match, and at the same time, it is more grabbing and more personality. For example, a gray -blue jacket is not only unique, but also

Gentle and peaceful.

This gentle coat, with a red skirt, has a completely different style, but will

Red skirt

Set off a more sexy effect. But you can also match the same gentle clothing, such as

White knee skirt


It’s very good.

The black sunscreen jacket does not feel so refreshing, so few people like to wear it, but you can add a little colorful pattern and pattern to make the temperament more refreshing and stylish.

For example, floral clothing

, Generally made into a skirt, but the black skirt is not so fashionable to wear it.


, With a stylish skirt, it feels like summer.

The transparent feeling of black sunscreen is much worse, not easy to wear


At this time, I recommend that you choose a short skirt or shorts with a jacket when you match it, so that the summer is smart.

The level will be more obvious.

Color sunscreen jackets and light texture can make your clothing wear more generous. For example, dark red mid -length jacket, or light purple, there will be

Transparent and light feeling.

The darkest coat can be paired with black inside.

Cool effect


fruit. If it is pale purple or light blue, it is more recommended to match the color tone deeper

Color clothing,

The dark purple is more layered in the pale purple, and

It looks more advanced.

Although the short sunscreen jacket does not look very advanced, it is not easy to wear a free feeling, but there is

The effect of stacking,

Looking at it is also more advanced and smart.


If this jacket wants to wear a layered sense, it is suitable for matching

Short -sleeved T -shirts or sports vests.


At least one piece of clothing is needed this summer, the summer clothes can be matched, practical! After watching so many sets of sunscreen shirts, everyone also knows the charm of sunscreen shirts. The practicality is not only reflected in


, Also reflected in the charm of clothing matching, the semi -indifferent feeling can make it simple to wear

Instant reciprocity


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