Which one is good for the guitar pilot to buy ten best guitar tuning tables

For musicians, the tuning watch has always had an irreplaceable role in the instrument equipment, and it can provide a very good guarantee for the musicians at critical moments. In this era of rapid development, guitar devices have continued from traditional design to smart devices. Today, we will recommend ten excellent guitar tuning tables for everyone. They include traditional single -block tuning tables, clamping tuning tables and smart devices. You can choose according to your needs ,Hopefully it helped you.

吉他调音器买哪款好 盘点十款最佳的吉他调音表

1.TC Electronic Polytune 2

吉他调音器买哪款好 盘点十款最佳的吉他调音表

As the flagship single tuning table of TC, this tuning table has very powerful functions. You just need to play a chord, and the tuning table will tell you where to adjust the strings, which is very convenient. In addition, this tuning table also adds a flash that can display 0.1%accuracy, making the sound quasi more accurate. At the same time, it is also equipped with a real non -destructive shelter technology, which is completely non -destructive to the signal. In general, this is a very rich manner.

2. Korg Pitchhawk-G

Generally speaking, everyone does not choose a clamping tuning table, but this Korg Pitchhawk-G is definitely a peak. First of all, it is equipped with a bright and easy display screen, and the rubber pad can also be sandwiched on the guitar well, which is not easy to fall off. The rapid response of lightning makes this tuning table perfection in both electric guitar and wooden guitar.


Boss TU-2 has been the standard of a single tuning table for decades, and many well-known musicians are its loyal users. As the successor of TU-2, the TU-3 has a significant improvement, the accuracy of+/-1%, the 23 LED display, and many different strings modes. Combined with the silent buffer switch of BOSS and abnormal solid quality, this is definitely a very durable tuning table.

吉他调音器买哪款好 盘点十款最佳的吉他调音表

4. Hardwire HT6 Fasttune

Today, smart devices are very common, and many software tuning tables are also used for excellent performance. This is a software tuning table based on iOS and Android devices. It can pick up the built -in microphone or headset input. This tuning table supports guitar, bass and some downside modes. More importantly, free! As well as

5. Planet Waves NS Micro Tuner

Another clamping tuning table. Compared with the previous one, the volume of this tuning table is very small, but the function does not have the slightest shrinkage. In addition, the display of this tuning watch will be behind the piano head, and it will be more beautiful in appearance.

6. Korg PitchBlack Poly

Korg’s latest single -block tuning table, which combines solid quality and real lossless bypass. Four display modes of dual -screen and Drop D adjustment mode.

吉他调音器买哪款好 盘点十款最佳的吉他调音表

7. Fender GT-1000 Green Chromatic Tuner

The generally of the smart devices allowed many handheld tuning tables to fade out of people’s sight, but this Ferner Green Chormatic Tunes still maintains this color. Although there are no other fancy functions, this is still an excellent tuning watch.

8. Snark SN-10

The solid and smooth metal shell and the super bright display, this Snark SN-10 provides a very space-like appearance and a very fast response. Clear, simple screens can make you very easy to adjust.

吉他调音器买哪款好 盘点十款最佳的吉他调音表

9.Peterson isstrobosoft HD

吉他调音器买哪款好 盘点十款最佳的吉他调音表

This is also a very good software tuning table. It provides very good accuracy and is very suitable for regulating the guitar.

吉他调音器买哪款好 盘点十款最佳的吉他调音表

10.Seiko STX7

吉他调音器买哪款好 盘点十款最佳的吉他调音表

Although we also recommended several clamp -type tuning tables, it is rarely more practical than this SEIKO STX7. This tuning table is charged through USB, completely abandoning the battery. In addition to the basic tuning function, this tuning table is also equipped with a flashlight function, which can handle the emergency stage emergency.

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