Change season flop no.1, sweater fancy wear must be arranged

After entering September, the weather is colder every day, and the cute short sleeves and beautiful skirts that belong to summer in the closet are gradually unable to wear it.

Seeing a little friend said that I don’t like the cold autumn day, lost the bright sun, and my mood was covered with a layer of fog. The most important thing is that

Season = No clothes to wear!

This statement is worse. If you look at the bloggers’ street shots, you will find it,


As a trump card in autumn, the sweaters have long appeared.

Recommended every year, the season is popular, but it is not timeless items. The sweaters must be on the list.

I do n’t know if you have found that when you hand over in the late summer and early autumn, the first items you take out are sweaters.



“Keep warm, comfortable, casual, versatile”

The sweaters in one have become the best choice for all fashion icons.


Single wearing handsome and stylish, stacked to leisure style to add femininity, real and durable!


As a model of wearing and versatile in the wardrobe, Bieber is often a sweater+sweater out of the street, fashionable and chIC.

Beer girls use different styles of sweaters to interpret N’s variable styles.

The mint green sweater is refreshing and simple, and the disappearance of the lower body is very suitable for wearing in the end of the summer and early autumn.

The reason for many people to choose a sweater is,


It can be combined with any single product




This distinctive mix and match style is enough to make you the most in autumn and winter.


Fashion entry players always sneer at the sweater: “Well, just put on the cover?”

NO, it is not that simple to wear a sweater into a trendy single instead of uniform workers. In the season of wearing sweaters, let’s see how fashion bloggers control it ~

So the question is, there are so many styles of sweaters, and the style of different styles is very different. How can I choose the one that suits you?

Knowing what kind of style of different sweaters is suitable for creating, you can pick out the MR Right that suits you best.

Hooded sweater


Basic versatile


The most error -prone error must be the most basic style. The hooded sweater is the best option.

Vitality, streets, and sports feel.

The tolerance of the hooded sweater is very tolerant

Girls with fat on their arms and waist and abdomen can use it as a priority option.


Full of meat ability


If you think the solid hooded sweater is too monotonous, you can


Choose some highlights and small features as embellishment sweaters.


For example, the letter logo, color printing, etc., add a little fun and different look to the shape.


The cute cartoon image is also very pleasing. With it, even a solid color sweater will look more playful.


The waist and abdomen lines are tight, and small children can consider the style of the CROP TOP.

The visually extended proportion, the legs are two meters long. Good shape? Take you!

Polo neck sweater

High -level level

Want to wear a sweater

High -level sense




Polo collar sweater is a wonderful choice.


At the same time as simple, the whole is very layered and design.


With suit pants and wide belts, it is not inappropriate to wear it as a commute to the office.

The output of the panel type is self -containing and chic, and the category of classics is not conscious.


Some people may worry, will the lapels look dull? Nothing at all!

As long as the right color is selected, the lapel sweater is still very temperamental, and the retro style comes.

Leg essence can try the disappearance of the lower body.


Pay attention to the overall sense of color. Keeping unification up and down will not be visually divided into two sections.

Round neck sweater


Simple and clean

Thick and excellent fabrics will have a “bloated” visual effect.

The thin round neck sweater is the style that fashionable early autumn likes to wear.

There are fewer streets with hooded sweaters, and more tenderness and femininity.

If it is a pure color or no too many decorative round -neck sweaters, it is necessary to choose a color and layered under the dress.

Matching with accessories will show the effect of 1+1> 2.

With a layered pleated skirt and plaid skirt, you can come in handy at this time.


You can do it by yourself if you are tired of wearing it.

“Style transformation”

, Put the hem of the clothes into the underwear and adjust it a little. Even if the lower body is simple, it is super eye -catching to the crowd.


Of course, girls who do not like to show their waist can also be worn in a relatively suitable way. Jeans of different lengths can be its good partner.



If the lower body is a very personal style of yoga pants, try to cover the length of the sweater as much as possible, and adjust the proportion of the body visually, and show the leg length.

Sweater set


松 松 省 省 省

For lazy girls who don’t like to spend too much attention to matching, sweater suits can be said to be the simplest outlet artifact.


The shirt+under the fit is just a set on the body, and you can go out when you step on a pair of sneakers, easy and saving.


Now the weather is not particularly cold, you can choose a long -sleeved sweater+shorts.

The loose pants legs cover the meat MAX, which looks more lively.

Do you think solid color is too monotonous? The printed OR Zhafeng set can solve this bug well, and it is not wrong to play cool.

As the temperature drops, long -sleeved trousers can also be arranged.

Hailey’s private server is often worn in private server. In order to increase small details, she will add some metal accessories to match ~

Girls who want to highlight their personality may wish to choose a color sweater.


High saturated color scheme comes with a spotlight effect, making you the most prominent little cute in the crowd.

As a long -lasting classic, the sweater is really not greasy.

Such versatile and fashionable items must not only hoard more, but also constantly unlock new wear methods in order to bring more freshness, what do you say ~

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