Tomato tastes pasta, add western food to the baby’s supplementary food

Tomatoes have a special status in the baby’s supplementary food, because tomatoes are not only nutritious, but also sweet and sour. In the baby’s supplementary food that cannot be added, tomatoes can play a role in natural seasoning. Tomatoes contain lycopene, carotenoids, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, vitamin A, B, C and other nutrients. The lycopene content in tomato is the highest among all fruits and vegetables. Toxide is an antioxidant that helps delay aging; carotene and vitamin C contained in it can enhance blood vessel function, prevent blood vessel aging, and are beneficial to maintain skin health with folic acid.

Preparation of ingredients:


40 grams of pasta, 30 grams of tomato, 20 grams of Xiuzhen mushrooms, and 30 grams of chicken.



1. The pasta is cooked, and the chicken breast is cooked.

2. Cut the tomato pulp and Xiuzhen mushrooms, stir -fry with a small spoon of oil.

3. Mix the ingredients of Practice 1 and Method 2 into stir fry, add a little tomato sauce.


Nutritionist Xiaoming

1. The pasta is appropriate to adjust the size of the baby’s chewing ability.

2. Tomato sauce is high in sodium, and it can be added in an appropriate amount to avoid increasing kidney load and avoiding the baby’s eating habits that have a heavy taste from an early age.

Author: ArticleManager