How to do American home improvement? ! Old driver teaches you to pretend

Regarding the style of home improvement, in addition to the Nordic style, the Mediterranean style, modern minimalist style, etc., in recent years, many people have also started to prefer American style. The United States itself is a country that advocates freedom, and their lifestyle is mostly free and casual. Therefore, in the decoration of houses, it is also known for its large and comfortable style.

1 Although I have seen a lot of decoration design drawings, if you plan to make a American style home improvement, do you know what necessary elements? Do you know what the needs of each space are? So today, the point of Points will give you a lot of big pieces of American home improvement, so that you no longer worry about it and install American paradigms!


Bright and refreshing living room

The main function of the living room is to treat guests. The living room space of ordinary families will not be too small, so it is not recommended to choose too dark in the choice of furniture color, which is easy to relax.


2 The indispensable of the living room is the sofa and the coffee table. The sofa recommends choosing a bright light color, because the sofa covers a relatively large area, which can give people the first vision to relax and fresh.


The 3rd fabric sofa of Heehe is not as thick as the cortex sofa. The selected cotton and linen blending fabrics, combined with the light color bottom, and the rubber wood as the sofa leg. Lost refreshing. The bending design of the handrail also reflects the classic American style, which is quite beautiful.

4 Heehe’s coffee table, selected cherry wood in North America, maintains the fresh texture of the wood, and the texture is very good; the copper -plated handle is decorated with regular carvings and delicate touch; the design of the Roman foot highlights the highlights of the detail Essence With its decorative American style living room, it will have a more exquisite and elegant classic atmosphere.


Retro -texture study

The study is a place for office, reading, and studying. In the American style, the decoration of the study is also a place where the owner’s life style and taste are reflected. Therefore, the study should not only have a strong aroma of the book, but also not to give people a feeling of depression or boring. The two major must -have furniture in the study is desk+bookcase!

5 Desks must choose the right size and size to avoid too crowded space. You can choose light -colored systems in color tones. It will be great with a little retro, because such a series of desks not only have texture, but also will not increase the burden on vision. When you learn office, you will feel easier.

Youfan Art Antique Desk

6 Created with precious Russian birch to make the whole desk wood hard and solid, and the wood texture is delicate and textured. After antique and old treatment, it seems to show a sense of age. The curved arc design of the legs and feet also makes the entire desk more American.

SO, above, do you want to quickly install a classic American -style home and the elements of various spaces, have you got it?


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