Do you really pick a T -shirt? Focus on the pattern and version, fashionable and thinner

With the gradual rise of temperature, many southern regions have entered summer. In this season, except for slippers,

The short -sleeved T -shirt is the longest item.

Whether you are going to work, going to school, or dating, you can put on a T -shirt to go out.


Comfortable and versatile

And any style can be easily created, it is a must -have fashion item for everyone.

However, don’t underestimate the T -shirt, there are also a lot of ways to wear, it can still show the soil, so let’s share it below.

How to pick T -shirts, and how to wear it is fashionable and beautiful.

How to judge the quality of T -shirts through pictures?

1. Look at the shoulder width size table


Because most people have the habit of online shopping, in order to buy the number of yards,

You need to start with a few details

Come to find the T -shirt that is best for your body.

First of all, it depends on the shoulder width,

Usually the shoulder width of the T -shirt is wider than myself

If the width is in

Within 5cm

Then it is a very fitted version that can wear the effect of positive shoulders.


And if the shoulder width of the T -shirt should exceed us

Shoulder width above 5cm or more

Then you will basically wear it


The effect, this version is easily bloated.


It is best to have a soft ruler at home. You can measure the size of each part of your body in advance, such as

Shoulder width, bust, waist circumference

Wait, then go to the size table in the clothes detail page, so that you can basically find the number of codes that suits you.

2. Look at the printing


If you want to choose a T -shirt with a printed pattern, then

First of all, it is necessary to exclude this large area, reflective printing

It is really cheap.


Because this printed process is basically sticky,

It’s easy to peel off after wearing it for a long time

In the end, the clothes will become tattered. And this large area of ​​printing is printed on the chest,


Not very breathable

It is easy to be sultry in summer.

When choosing a print pattern, it is recommended to choose this


Water slurry


The style, this printed flower has no glue bonding, it is also very comfortable to wear, and the color will not be very bright.

3. Look at the fabric


When buying clothes online, the fabric is the easiest to step on the pit. After all, you can only see it and you can’t touch it. Just looking at the picture, you don’t know what it is.

Especially this kind of pure black T -shirt without any folds,

Either buy expensive, or don’t buy it.

The suggestion is to look at the buyer show when buying, it is best to find this kind of

The physical picture of the natural light shot

The easiest to see what fabric is.

How to choose a version according to the figure?

1. Large chest and thick shoulders

If there is no special preference, then I recommend everyone to daily wear, everyone

Rotten sleeve

The T -shirt is very friendly to the big breasts and shoulder thick body.


The style of falling shoulder sleeves is easy to look back

It will enlarge the figure and look more fat.

The sisters of the upper body must have bought a very loose T -shirt. You think you can cover it to cover the meat. But it is actually counterproductive, this

Oversize’s model will only look fatter

It’s right.

Everyone must

Picking up version

There will be a sense of shrinkage visually, and it will not tighten the meat.

If you really want to buy a loose T -shirt, then it is recommended to try this kind of hurdle


Shoulder design T -shirt

Coupled with the stitching design, it can play a thin role.

2. Short neck

Girls with short necks, it is recommended not to wear any round neck, small high -necked tops, but instead

U -collar, V -neck, Fang collar

More suitable for wearing.

The round neck will cover the neck, and there will be no neck, and the advantage of the big neckline is that it can

Exposing more neck skin


, And play a role in extending, making the neck longer, right, and the effect of showing a small face.

3, thick arm


Girls with thick arms are estimated to have this situation. It is obviously a normal sleeve. After putting it on, it shortens a lot. The entire arm is exposed, which looks particularly strong.

So when choosing a T -shirt, you can choose


Style with long sleeves

, Can cover the arm naturally.



Don’t choose a style that is too meaty

It is easy to expose defects, and choosing a loose version can cover the meat and thinner.

How can a T -shirt wear a personal style?

1. Japanese leisure style

If you want to create a Japanese leisure style, then the T -shirt can be used


Solid color, stripe

The style is the main style, the version is loose, and it looks particularly lazy and casual.

Stacking is also a means to create Japanese style, such as


T -shirt+vest, T -shirt+shirt

, All have basic models, simple and clean.


T -shirt with silhouette workers

It is also full of Japanese atmosphere, but this kind of match is not suitable for small people, and it is easy to press height.

2. Korean commute wind

If you are an office worker, try to choose some more practical versatile styles, such as

Pure -colored T -shirt, clean and neat

Whether it is a suit jacket or trousers, it can be very spiritual.


There are also T -shirts with cropped pants, and then put on a pair of sandals.

3. Sweet and cute style

Girls who like to take sweet and cute style, all kinds of bright t -shirts are naturally a better choice, especially for eyeballs.

Macaron color, fresh and durable, full of age.

T -shirt with a pleated skirt

, Full of vitality, if you put on double ponytails, it looks more playful, it is simply a cute girl who is seen.

Well, the T -shirt is shared here. I hope everyone can find a T -shirt item that suits them.

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