2017 suitcase brand ranking details

How about the ranking of the hotel brand? There are many brands on the market, and the quality of different brands will also be different. For lever box manufacturers, only by continuously improving their product quality can consumers be favored by consumers. Then the following editors will lead you to understand.

1. Snacksonite (founded in 1910, the top ten luggage brands, large multinational companies, professional companies dedicated to luggage design and production

2. Louis Vuitton LV (France in 1854, the world’s top 500, the world’s first brand in the field of luggage and leather goods, Louis Vuitton (China) Commercial Sales Co., Ltd.)

3. Crown Crown (founded in 1983, one of the largest luggage companies in Asia, manufacturing experts in the luggage field, ten luggage brands, Shanghai Roger Tourism Products Co., Ltd.)


4. Winpard (in 1988, a group company specializing in luggage design and manufacturing, well -known trademark in China, a famous trademark in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Weibao Industrial Co., Ltd.)

5. Dai Pai

Dai Pai (China) Bag Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of the luggage, a subsidiary of Dai Pai Group, began in 1991. It is a well -known trademark in Fujian Province, a comprehensive enterprise with a well -known brand product design, research and development, production, and sales of collecting bags in Fujian Province Essence

6. Ambassador

Ambassador (Dongguan) Bag Co., Ltd., Delsey, began in 1946. French iconic luggage brand, symbolizing French high -quality and excellent craftsmanship in the luggage field. Mobile luggage brand.

7. Yashi

Wan Guo Tong’s Co., Ltd., Anste Packet (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., Eminent, began in Taiwan in 1979, internationally renowned luggage brands. It started with professional suitcases.


8. Aisi

Aisi Group (China) Co., Ltd. started in Japan in 1940. Its first rotary hard box design is well -known internationally. It specializes in large enterprises in the design,/R & D, production, and sales of various types of luggage products.

? 9. Aihua Shi OIWAS (Huizhou Aihua Shi Sports Co., Ltd.) (400-887-3868, founded in 1995, is a famous trademark in Guangdong Province, a hot-selling brand in China, with its novel style and high quality Quality is famous in the industry, Aihua Shi Sports Products Co., Ltd.)

10. ACE Aisi (Aisi Group (China) Co., Ltd.) (800-820-3008, began in Japan in 1940. Its first rotary hard box design is well-known internationally. Aisi Group (China) Co., Ltd.)

2017 suitcase brand ranking details

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