Does the supercharged shower selling online really have a supercharged function? If so, what is the principle?


The principle is:

1. In the case where the water pressure is unchanged, decrease

The water out of the water to increase the water out of water, the human body will feel obvious, and sometimes there will be tingling.

2. In the case of unchanged water pressure, reduce the pores, the water out of the water becomes larger, and the water flow increases.

3. Some high -grade showers are injected into the air at the same time as the water flow. While the amount of water becomes larger, the water flow will be like a drop of raindrops, which is very comfortable to increase the strike force, and at the same time, it can effectively save water.


1 analysis


The so -called supercharged function, the physical understanding of middle school is actually very simple. In the case of no supercharged equipment at home, the pressure of water out of water is constant, and the amount of water out of the unit time is also constant. That is, the actual water output is unchanged. So when we turn the water outlets, in order to ensure the same water output, water

The flow rate will naturally become larger.

2. Calculation

Calculation formula for traffic:

Q (constant) = sv.


The section area for the shower,


Water flow speed


Then this formula can be concluded that the flow is unchanged. As long as the section of the water outlet is reduced, the flow rate of water at the mouth of the shower can be increased.

3. Method

Depending on reduction

The method of cross -section is currently there are several supercharged methods on the market.

One is a simple and rude reduction of the section of the water out of the water, that is, many net red springs, it does accelerate the water flow, but this high -speed water flow is not comfortable. Sensitive people will feel tingling instead.

The method of using the big names of some shower is to reduce the pores. Generally, there are several types of water outlets. When you need to switch at high speed, you can adjust it to high -speed water flow, and it feels like a massage.

Top spraying supercharged. Many well -known brands use the use of the air to substitute the air at the same time as the water flow. It is not a water pillar when the water is left, but it is like a drop of rain drops. It is very comfortable to hit the body. It can effectively save water. There are also some imported shower skills, which will make the thickness of the top spray into ultra -thin to out of the water.

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