Children have learned to walk, plant grass, my favorite function shoes

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Many mothers do not know how to choose to learn shoes for their babies, and some say that learning shoe function shoes are IQ taxes.

NO! Don’t think so ~

As a second -born mother, I think a good pair of shoes is really important for children ~


First of all, the baby’s bones are mostly cartilage during the steps of the school. At this time, if we buy a pair of shoes that are not suitable for feet, it will cause a serious impact on the baby’s little feet ~

It will also cause a series of footsteps:

For example, toe valgus, feet out, foot, flat foot, flat feet, high bow foot …

At the time of Yibao Xue Station, I was wearing Ibao to learn footwear and functional shoes.



This one I chose to Yibao

Breathable and environmentally friendly

This time I chose Ibao’s scholarship shoes. Let me talk about the reasons and experiences of Ibao’s choice of Knoo shoes for Ibao.

Choosing this pair of shoes is to see it is very breathable,


Soybean fiber insoles are also breathable and will not be stuffy.

Everyone knows that children’s feet also prefer sweat ~ good breathability shoes will keep the baby’s little feet dry all the way ~

Therefore, you must choose shoes with good breathability for your baby. At the same time, it is recommended that the mothers prepare for the baby ️ two pairs can be replaced ~

And when I got these shoes,

There is no taste at all.

There are many inferior shoes on the market and a pungent smell. It is recommended that this shoe must not buy it for the baby ~


Children must choose non -toxic and harmless environmental protection ♻️ Material ~

There is also a good rebound of this shoe. The 1/3 is correctly bent, making the feet exercise in the correct direction, and it is easier to start, which is particularly conducive to the development of the arch.

The one I bought is the Konipu TXG1086 sea fog purple. The face value of these shoes is also the purple that I particularly like. It looks good and special ~

I choose this shoe is a spring. After the New Year’s Eve, I can put on beautiful shoes to visit the park ~

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