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Pre -pregnancy examination time

It is generally recommended to check for 3-6 months before pregnancy. If you find a problem with your body during pregnancy, you can also have time for intervention treatment.

The woman’s pre-pregnancy examination time is best to be carried out 3-7 days after menstruation, and the same room should be prohibited during this period. The man’s inspection time is best to check the semen for 2-7 days of abstinence.

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Fertility assessment

Prevent birth defects, bred healthy and smart babies

Medical fertility assessment is for the purpose of preventing infertility and promoting eugenics and eugenics. The evaluation of medical fertility can not only understand how much fertility hope is, whether it is suitable for fertility under the current situation, but also to detect genetic diseases that are harmful to the baby in the future, so as to be treated early.


Ovarian reserve function examination

1 hormone detection

Reproductive hormone examination, also known as six hormone examinations, is to check the content of estrogen androgen in the body. Through this content measurement, you can analyze the diagnosis of women’s ovarian, breast and other organs, and can also analyze diagnosis of men’s testicular development and other diseases.

2 AMH detection


AMH, called Anti-Mullerian Hormone. AMH is secreted by the granular cells of the small sinus follicles of the front of the sinus and the small sinus follicles of the diameter. The accurate and reliable stable results can be generated in time to evaluate the ovarian reserves.

Check women’s ovarian function and breeding ability. AMH is an important indicator of egg inventory. Women’s physiological age is not equivalent to ovarian age, let alone the function of ovarian reserves. The “higher the index” indicates that the amount of eggs is large, and the fertility ability is naturally strong.

3 Ultrasonic examination

On the second or third day of menstruation, through ultrasound examination, monitoring of ovarian volume, the number of foundation sinus follicles, and ovarian arterial blood flow and other indicators can help predict the ovarian reserve function, and the reactivity to the stimulation of drug stimuli , To a certain degree of prediction of the possibility of successful pregnancy after auxiliary reproductive treatment.


A healthy baby

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Preparation couples should actively perform pre -pregnancy examinations

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A series of guidance such as health care and reasonable nutrition during pregnancy

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