The younger sister strikes the snow -white conjoined skirt, Bing Qingyu is very vulgar. What do you think?

The younger sister strikes the snow -white conjoined skirt. Bing Qingyu is very vulgar. The younger sister wore a simple and high -end dress with a style, with a single -chain small bag, and the female elite in the workplace. I think the younger sister is wearing this way, which is very generous and confident. In ancient times, describing such a young lady can be said to be a fan of a fan, which is beautiful. The younger sister was very calm, and her look was delicate. To say the appearance, there is a word that gives the ancient rhyme, that is, the distant hibiscus.


The blue and black eyebrows are like the mountains of the mountains and the end of the water and the sky, and only the strip -shaped green ink is seen thousands of miles away. His face was white, moist and smooth, and flushed, like the hibiscus flower next to the quiet leaves. The color of the thin pink lip is also like the color of the ancient women with a lipstick. Long hair is waist, and his face is smooth and mature. This appearance is a big beauty. At the same time, the temperament and appearance of the younger sister are suitable for white. Or gray, brown and other earth colors, as well as Morandi color.

Wearing gorgeous colors will cover the charm of the younger sister. The color, the higher the style, the more atmospheric, the more you can set off the lady’s aura. Such as beige, khaki, oyster colors, milk coffee, linen color, lemon grass color, etc., as soon as ordinary people are worn, they have no spiritual colors. People with high -level feelings can easily show the beauty of handsomeness. In the same way, this kind of color can also enlarge the beauty of high -level people. Different appearance and manners are suitable for different colors.


There are a few people with beautiful appearances look good, because their appearance is too beautiful, which can drive all styles of clothes. In front of people with a stunner, the clothes will be sad. It is like a clothes from the hands of the design master, that is, people who are very ordinary to wear, and they will also shine people. There are some people with beautiful appearances, the most suitable clothes styles are minimalist clothes and fresh colors. And those who look like chocolate noodles and bright eyebrows, such as Zhou Dongyu and Papi sauce Jiang Yilei, floral sling and other rural winds. The fairy style seems to be very good with them, but those who are really suitable for them are those rich colors and A distinctive personality, because of complementarity.

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