Do things! The most “unreliable” island vacation sun protection evaluation in history

Well ~ WELL ~ Recently, PCLADY X geek watched the world in the sea of ​​seawater, and the largest “unreliable” sunscreen PK race in history in Bali, with a wide beach, has been held in Bali.

Someone asked why he went to Bali to hold it? The island is an ideal place for many people to travel, but when you travel on the island, you accidentally expose it to Guan Gong’s face. After all, the sun is really not friendly, so we decided to decide Select the location of this evaluation directly on the most poisonous island of the sun ~

The participating competition includes 8 net red “sunscreen players”


They are:

L’Oreal many protective spray PA +++

Shiseido blue fat sunscreen PA ++++

An Naishi small gold bottle PA ++++

Yibei refreshing whitening isolation sunscreen PA ++++

Jiana Treasure Sunshine Pa ++++


Gaosi suncut sunscreen spray PA ++++

Weizi sun protection milk PA +++

Manxiu Leidun sunscreen cream PA ++++

The criteria for judging are relatively simple and rude, only two indicators: face value and sunscreen ability.


In the first session, the “sunscreen players” showed their personality style and inspected the appearance and texture of the appearance.


In the second session, real -life experiments, apply sunscreen, expose to the beach for 2 hours, and test the sunscreen ability.


First, a wave of exclusive tidbits will try early


In the first session, let’s first introduce the sunscreen of various Internet celebrities




L’Oreal many protective spray


The first L’Oreal protective spray with Euqi appeared. As the first sunscreen spray that can be used directly on the face, it is said that it can be used after makeup. It is naturally not small. It smells inexplicably similar to Dabao. The texture is pretty refreshing, the spray is very thin, and the spray of white bubbles in the hand.



Shiseido blue fat sunscreen



One of the popular topics, it has been rated as the best sunscreen by countless individuals. Xu San has more sunscreens for outdoor sunscreens. The milky white modification liquid texture, light and light has no membrane, the liquidity is very good, and it is quite moist. When it was squeezed out, there was a touch of alcohol flavor, and then the flavor.




Anbei Sun



The third appearance is An Nai Sunbar, known as a fighter in the sunscreen. The champion is a popular candidate. It is said that after use, you can put on makeup and hold makeup. The lotion texture, light and breathable, not white, waterproof ability is very good, but it is a bit oily after applying it.


Jianabao sunscreen


The fourth appearance is the large green tube of the Aju family, the favorite of the face value control, and any skin can try sunscreen. Curry texture, light yellow, light and easy to push, very durable, not pan -fake white, moisturizing and not drying, the taste of fried chicken smells well; Good -looking ~


Yibei refreshing whitening isolation sunscreen milk



The fifth shining appeared is the Yibei Poet Xiaoli light sunscreen, the new net red sunscreen item. It is really “light” like its name. The pure algae ingredients of the ocean, stunning water, light and easy to push, it is easy to be absorbed by the skin. The round and flat design shape and smooth surface are even more cute!


Gaosi SUNCUT sunscreen spray



The sixth appearance is the SUNCUT sunscreen spray, which is the first in Japan for 5 consecutive years. This spray is known as the life -saving straw of student military training. It can calm, moisturize and repair the skin. Strong, it was absorbed by the skin at once, leaving only shallow marks.




Weizi sunscreen


Many people like to use Weizi’s sunscreen spray. In fact, its sunscreen is also very easy to use. The lotion texture, a little sticky, apply it on the hand, wipes it slightly, refreshing and not sticky, with a little color repair effect, the skin will show a natural and beautiful healthy skin, it looks a bit like a hand cream. In fact, the taste smells the smell. More like.


Manxiu Leidun sunscreen cream



The last finale is the thinnest, MINI SIZE, SPF value is as high as 130. Water -shaped texture, strong liquidity, very easy to push away, the skin surface is moisturized and does not dry, but it will feel obvious membrane feeling. After repeated application, there will be a phenomenon of pan -fake white. It does not look natural.

The above can not be seen directly with the naked eye, and the highlight is coming immediately.

The second link, live experiment. We specially invited the bear bears that have always wanted to rely on blushing but ca n’t get blushing for live -action testing. Adhering to the principle of fairness and justice, we specialized in dividing the bear bear into a uniform Jiugongge and painted 8 sunscreens respectively.

At the risk of being cooked, it was exposed to the beach of Nusha Duwa Beach at 30 degrees of high temperature for 2 hours. Finally, the score was decided according to the depth of the sun.

2 hours of exposure. Essence Essence Essence Essence

For better comparison, we tear off the extra products and tape first

From the “beautiful back” of the bear, we can clearly see that the place where no sun protection has been applied has become a piece of black charcoal, and the place where the sun is applied is more or less protected.

The tape defeated 8 net red players with absolute strength, successfully made a debut;

Manxiu Loton defeated the championship, direct dark horse counterattack, absolutely sunscreen version of “surpassing sister”;

The new net red Yibei Xiaolian sunscreen is third (this wave is strong ~)

The above is all the contents of the first issue of fun evaluation. Looking forward to our next issue ~ BYE


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