How do women who are elegant to bones wear half -bodies? Answer: “The skirt is not on the knee”, it is really temperamental

Dressing and matching is a career that needs to be learned for women in a lifetime, especially the growth of age will make us pay more and more attention to appearance. If you want to become a goddess, in addition to makeup or change hairstyle, more importantly is that it is more important to be more importantly. Learn to wear and use appropriate dressing enough to enhance your charm. When the woman who is elegant in the bones, when she is wearing a skirt, she does not wear it casually, but tries to use this dress that does not put on the knees with a concave shape, which is more elegant and temperamental.


First, why can’t the skirt be on the knee?

① The effect of covering meat is better

Why can’t the skirt go up on the knee? Mainly because the long skirt will be more secure than a short skirt. Many girls are not very good -looking, and even thighs are a bit thick. Wearing short skirts may expose your own shortcomings, and long skirts can often cover directly to cover up Like those slightly fat figures, they also like it.


The longer the length of the skirt, the better the effect of covering the meat, and it should not be too embarrassing to pay attention to the length. Like the skirt length just near the knee, it is a bit short. If the length is not enough to cover the ankle, it will feel very procrastinating.

② Elegant and decent

Long skirts often look more elegant than short skirts, short skirts feel simple and free, and large -area exposed skin will feel more sexy, but long skirts are often low -key and conservative. At the same time, they can also show elegance. The mature charm is still worthy of reference for older women.

③ stronger plasticity


In addition, the plasticity of the long half -body skirt will be stronger, because the length of the skirt itself is short and limited, so there are not so many tricks on the version when selecting. However, the long skirt is different, because the long skirt will look elegant, and it will show different styles on the body. Whether it is straight or hip -in or loose styles, it can show a sense of advancement.

When choosing this half -body long skirt, everyone can also consider different styles, pure colorful black skirts or personality printed skirts. These skirts are worth starting. Okay, you can hold it.

Second, let us understand the popular skirts this year


① Canvas skirt

This year’s popular skirts will always make changes. For example, this year’s hot canvas skirt, this is also a very popular style that belongs to the trendy people. A single product, suitable for daily life.

② satin skirt

In addition, you can also try the satin skirt. The satin material is relatively elegant, and this satin skirt will feel very expensive to wear on the body. Even if your temperament is not very prominent, use such a half body. The shape of the skirt can also be immediately created to create a sense of high -level shape.

③ suit skirt

The material of a suit skirt is a suit fabric with a sense of vertical and very elegant and decent, especially for office workers. You can use this long suite skirt when you don’t want to wear pants. Without the knee, it looks just right, and it will look elegant and intellectual with a shirt.


Third, the introduction of long skirts

Shirt with long skirt


If you want to wear a shirt, but you do n’t know how to wear it, you can use a shirt with a long skirt to reflect the elegant charm. This medium -length skirt is very outstanding to match. casual. And use this high heels to step on the feet to create a sense of high -level, which is also very attractive.


T -shirt with a skirt


The solid T -shirt with a medium -length skirt looks elegant and fashionable, reducing the leisureness brought by the T -shirt, and it looks more atmospheric. The skirt of the wave dot is also very retro. It can be compared with solid color tops, and the layers are very strong.

Knit sweater with a half -body skirt

In the summer, everyone will try to use this short -sleeved sweater concave shape. When matching, you can combine a gentle long dress to create a ladylike model, which looks gentle and decent. The lower body with different color skirts can also reflect your charm, which is really beautiful.

This spring and summer quickly follow the skirt of the tide people who can’t learn the knee. These shapes are exquisite and elegant. The matching of long skirts can also show a sense of high -level. You will definitely like it. Disclaimer: Original text, the picture comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you. Text/9

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