“Brave Game 2” North American premiere Johnson appeared in the “blue carpet”

Johnson attended the premiere event

《勇敢者游戏2》北美首映礼 强森亮相“蓝毯”

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The Hollywood Action Adventure Giant “Brave Game 2: Battle Peak” has been shocked across the country on December 6. The box office has been led the same film, won the single -day box office championship for 4 consecutive days, and became a comprehensive box office champion last week. Recently, the film held a grand North American premiere in the Los Angeles Chinese Theater, California.

Boulder Johnson led the team to appear in all, and Jack Black, Kelvin Hart, Karen Galan, Okafena and others once again “set up a team.” The film was fully upgraded this time, Dr. Yongshi played by Johnson led the brave people to return to the game world bravely. Essence

Brave Team

《勇敢者游戏2》北美首映礼 强森亮相“蓝毯”

The atmosphere of North American premiere at the scene of the scene was warm, Johnson, etc.

On December 9, local time in the United States, “Brave Games 2: Battle the Connect” held a grand North American premiere in the Los Angeles Chinese Theater, California. The members of the special, Karen Grand, and Okafina appeared, and the brave people who worked together in the film gathered again.

《勇敢者游戏2》北美首映礼 强森亮相“蓝毯”

After a series of global publicity activities, the main creators finally returned to the United States and met with the long -awaited fan media. The premiere scene is quite special. One is the new level scene of “Extreme Cold Snow Mountain” in the performance film, and the other is to match the Christmas atmosphere. The decoration of many fir trees and the theme of ice and snow makes people enter the game level instantly while feeling a strong festive atmosphere.

The methods of entry in the main creators are also very special. They take off the off -road vehicles that leap in the desert canyon in the film, and they appear in the screams of media fans in the classic drums. The boulder Johnson, who plays “Dr. Yongshi”, is wearing a embroidered suit. The muscles are tight and smiled brilliantly. As the film is about to be officially released in North America, Johnson expressed his excitement and was confident that he couldn’t wait to share this wonderful movie with all the audience.

《勇敢者游戏2》北美首映礼 强森亮相“蓝毯”

Johnson and the audience interact

《勇敢者游戏2》北美首映礼 强森亮相“蓝毯”

Johnson’s golden partner, famous American comedy star Kevin Hart wearing a black suit, perfectly cooperated with Johnson to perform the “talk show” on the spot. In the film, the two of them once again opened a journey of “Love and Killing and Killing each other”, playing a pair of old friends, not only through various desperations, but also to mutual damage and mutual spraying along the way. The contrast is very strong. The famous American comedian Jack Black, who plays the “Geologist”, is still cheerful on the “blue carpet”, showing the humorous characteristics, and singing the song of bravery created on the spot.

Johnson driving beach car enters the premiere scene

He once successfully voiced the protagonist “A Bao” of “Kung Fu Panda”. Lun Ji Lan continued to star in the “sexy female” in the film. Talking about this time she will challenge more action scenes, she also masters the new skill double stick, and she is handsome to hit the enemy. She is very excited. Today, she Wearing a transparent blue suit was stunning, showing a proud posture in front of the camera; Hollywood Chinese actress Okafena also appeared. The “mysterious character” she played caused countless conjectures and expectations of fans. At the same time, injecting fresh vitality into the film Essence

Johnson attended the premiere of Los Angeles

North America’s word -of -mouth praise is like the “annual surprise work” is about to sweep the world

After the premiere, the film ushered in a super high evaluation, which is called “annual surprise”. The media gives all aspects of visual effects, movements, performances and other aspects to give comprehensive affirmation and appreciation to ignite everyone’s more people to this movie. Strong enthusiasm. The most praised comments were reposted by “” Brave Game 2: Battle the Peak “is a sequel to surprise people.”

《勇敢者游戏2》北美首映礼 强森亮相“蓝毯”

It is worth mentioning that the thrilling levels and realistic and vivid giant beasts that shocked the eyeballs in the film allows the audience to experience extraordinary stimuli, and they are attributed to the top behind -the -scenes production team: the visual effects team from more than 5,000 people around the world create a giant ostrich! , The realistic details of the ferocious beasts such as the violent mountains; they cooperated with the Oscar -level special effects director who participated in the production of “Avatar 2” to create a strong shock -powerful dynamic picture: the desert battle, the ostrich, the extremely cold snow mountains collapsed, the peak forest floating bridge Shanyao chased … surprised the audience.

Johnson and Kevin Hart attended the premiere

At the same time, he participated in the artistic guidance of special effects such as “Neptune” and “Iron Man 3” designed wonders from imaginative primitive jungles, polar ancient castles, and peak forest dangerous situations. The dream of people enter the game world. Therefore, the film is also shortlisted for the preliminary list of the Oscar Best Visual Effect Award, and competed the nomination of the award with excellent films such as “Avengers 4: Final Battle” and “Spider -Man: Heroes: Heroes: Heroes Expedition”.

Hollywood Action Adventure Giant “Brave Game 2: Battle Top” is directed by Jack Castan, the four main characters “Dr. Yongshi” Doun Johnson, “Geologicalist” Jack Black, “Linguist” Kelvin Hart, “Sexy Dama” Karen Gelan’s full lineup returns! In order to save the disappeared companions, the four brave groups gathered again to enter the unknown world of comprehensive and out of control. In the face of the dangerous levels of difficulty, Johnson challenged the limit to escape.

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