The parity is good, these perfumes are given to you!

As a girl, there is no past in the past. Let Xiaobian Amway you have a good enough perfume!

1.Yadley Iris Yardley Iris (261.5 yuan / 125ml)

Intrinsic: Wooden flower


Time adjustment: citrus green leaves

Mid-adjustment: Rose violet iris lantern

Rear adjustment: herbs

The projection is soft, and the fragrance time is about four hours. The fragrance is natural, there is no obvious industrialization, it is a kind of elegant, although it is more than a famous iris, but the price of the person, is a lot of people’s choices.

2. Ohana Mahaalo Flower Flower Fragrance Series (150 yuan / 30ml)

This fragrance, soft cute packaging, colorful colors from Japan, firmly grabbed many girls’ hearts. It has a total of 14 fragrant, floral, fruit floral, trees, amber, etc. Feel, worth starting ~

3. Bodymate Bright White Musk The Body Shop White Musk (150 yuan / 60ml)


Time adjustment: Lily Musk White Songxiang Basil Yilan


Mid adjustment: Lily Musk Jasmine Rose

Afterwards: Iris Amber Patchouliomyrhorn Peaches Jasmine Oak Moss Fur Rose Rose

Clean, transparent and full of musk, pleasing, although thin, but not sorry. The breath of spray, it seems to have returned to the girlhood, you are still the teenager with a cold temperament. In addition to the mediocrity of fragrant and projections are quite perfect.

4. Bo Burli red powder love song Burberry Brit Sheer (240 yuan / 30ml)

Intrinsic: Flower Fruit

Time adjustment: lychee Japanese grapefruit pineapple orange

Mid-adjustment: Peony Peach Peach

Post-adjustment: Muskwood

Sweet lychee jacrants with some oranges of oranges, followed by a slight flowers and pears surrounded by pears. Suitable for 20, a clean and simple pink small girl, but there is a lot of women’s mature and intellectuality. Overall is whimsome but not losing premium powder, the fragrance time is OK, the only shortcomings are too sweet and medium-sized.

5. Emiert bed 笫 (145 yuan / 30ml)

Intrinsic: fruit fragrance

Odor: Orange Passion Fruit Mango Guava Rum Lemon


Property: Zhongxiangxiang

Don’t be tempting by the name of this perfume. It doesn’t have a mysterious taste that is not a whit, some is a colorful smell full of summer fruits. The warm summer fruit is fragrant, sweet, but because of the messenger, lemon intervention, sweet in the sweet, not too tantamon, the overall aroma is particularly pure, it is easier to let the public accept, stay incense for about an hour, suitable for the Yuanqi Full of teenagers ~


There are still a lot of affiliates that are suitable for girls. The little fairy wants to find the one suitable for you ~

Intrinsic: Wooden flower

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