Analyze how men should choose the right underwear

A woman’s charming small inside is enough to provoke the sexual interest of men, showing the importance of panties. In addition to the more prominent effect of provoking sexual interest, the protective organs are protective organs. So how do men choose the right underwear?

1. It is advisable to go to work to fit the quadrocrocolarial underwear or thong underwear. These two are more commonly worn with trousers or jeans such as trousers or jeans.

2. Leisure at home, loose flat pants are the first choice. The advantage is that the sex organs that can be pressed in the pants on weekdays are free. Swinging out is good for dito -shaped underwear, which can reduce the friction of sexual organs from a larger amount of activity (such as long distance walking).

3. Sports shorts with good breathability during exercise, or similar to swimming trunks, and intimate pants. The purpose is to minimize the friction between the thighs, the segia, and the sex organs. In addition, the underwear specially worn for the mobilization of the transportation is also good. It is characterized by a three -dimensional triangular cup with a three -dimensional tailor -made triangular cup in the sex organs. On the left and right, there is a loose support to the hips, which can make your hips more masculine.


4. For business trips or travel, disposable paper or cotton underwear is the best choice. In addition, general white color panties can also be considered.


5. Sleeping preferred four -corner underwear or flat pants, or a sport -shaped shorts with mesh -like design.


6. Those who are fat and sweat, especially those who drive self -driving, should not wear cotton underwear often, and should choose smooth, sweat -absorbing and dry fabrics. If necessary Feeling feelings. In addition, a fabric called Murdal is comfortable, which is quite close to the texture of cotton. The speed of absorption and release of moisture is 50%higher than that of ordinary cotton, which is also recommended.

Author: ArticleManager