Autumn and winter are here, we will give you a list of backpacks

Backpack is not just the patent of the student party now,

Both practicality and aesthetics


The backpack is simply a must -have for commuting.


The characteristics of liberating hands

Let you maintain super popularity all the year round, making it a more HIN tide for many celebrities ICON.

A clean and handsome face always exudes the “scholar atmosphere” of college years, youth idol Xiong Ziqi wore red and white striped knitted tops with


Simple black backpack


, Exude a sense of refreshing youth.

The mature man is born with a strong man’s charm, and a embroidered printed trench coat cannot resist his stability and style, matching

Riveting stitching material on the shoulder bag

, Fashionable and charming.


Of course, the motion style combination is used


Casual backpack


Come to interpret the best, look at Sun Jian’s dress, each item identifies the dynamics of “exercise”. Especially the interpretation of the white backpack, master the thief.


It is undeniable that most of the double -back bags on the shoulders now play a finishing touch in the overall match.

The streets and alleys of the city all year round, from students, office workers, vacations from outing, and out of the streets from the streets. This backpack is absolutely essential.

In terms of selection, men’s backpacks are obviously not as particular as girls. Compared with the requirements for exquisite and pursuit of cuteness, at most, it is

The style is very different from the color, men pay more attention to the practicality and visibility of the bag

Essence We go out everyday, so we don’t need to pay attention to those professional terms such as “carrying the system”, which can be in line with daily matching.


You need a “backpack list” and give you all the best today.


Round backpack

Round -shaped shoulder bags are the most common packages in daily life, which are generally mainly canvas and monochrome.

This texture canvas bare bag reveals a casual and relaxed atmosphere, so it is the easiest to control students.

For men who are in the workplace, for the first time,

A textured cortex round -shaped backpack is more practical

Essence The thick cortex is more suitable for all kinds of coats and coats in autumn and winter, and the overall is full and not too thin.

In the 2018 street shooting, the backpacks played important accessories.


Not only is it a basic equipment, but the dazzling contrast also plays an overall combination, which can be described as the best use.


Of course, creative designers will try their best to make articles on the original boring prototypes. Various decorative backpacks are full of personality and diversity.


Like this black bag with a ribbon with a dark blue, it can jump out of boring and walks vividly.


Backpacks with rivets make black no longer dull. This kind of elements belonging to punk, rock, and streets have divided this serious sense.

Immediately becoming a personality, this is a common technique on the street.


Sometimes the backpack is still very colorful as a “accessory”,


Not only can it alleviate your sense of burden, but also increase a chic and free attitude. It can also make you carry very gloriously and become the best decoration in clothing.

Hype from Britain Hype’s focus on the design concept of “not tide does not need money”, its color and patterns are unforgettable.

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What is impressive is it

“Starry Sky Series”

Each color color is very eye -catching and cute.

Square box -type backpack

The biggest difference between the box -shaped square shoulder bag and round is that it makes men’s upper body look more upright and more energetic.


Secondly, the square bag has a strong college atmosphere, with a strong gentleman and British style.

The British Academy’s style and Cambridge bag are fused, making this bag a high frequency in Chaonan street shooting.


Many brands have also been launched one after another. LV decorated with logo LOGO or more avant -garde LINDER has a place.

The square shoulder bag is usually linked to functionality and outdoor sense, so in daily matching, choose a small version of the style. Nowadays, the tall and wide back is carrying a small “restrained” bag, but it is actually cute.


Of course, the big version of the big version is more practical. It can be used as a travel bag or a mountaineering bag. The larger the square bag is generally waterproof canvas or nylon, which is more abrasion and cope with multiple outdoor occasions.

Speaking of cortic square -shaped backpacks,

HERSCHEL, this Little America Backpack, should be a classic in this type of package type


Essence Presumably every British man wears one, which is a texture, glory, and stylish.


Of course, most of it is still a square backpack of this sports style. The coolness of the camouflage and the khaki pants on the body are matched with the wind. Favorite men can search for the HERSCHEL flagship store directly online.

Similarly, such a large and multi -pocket backpack wants to appear on the street wanton, the texture of the bag itself can be interesting and colorful.

As a company that produced a mountain backpack, Jansport, the nylon and leather selected are superior materials, which perform well in waterproof and wear -resistant.

Secondly, many of its bags are also one of the most popular reasons.


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Light, non -seepage, practical front bags, and large capacity, these advantages allow you to throw everything in anything. The colorful color makes you have more possibilities in the matching of clothing, and the overall is more in line with the aesthetics and vision of the current tide.


As a new fashion item, this type of packaging is no longer “exclusive to sports and fitness”, but uses the rope rapid design to bring a new trend square.

This kind of package operation is simple, and the space is sufficient. It can be plugged in daily, can be handed, and can be concave.

Although this is more selected by girls in daily life, because the small shape is more and cute. But there are no shortage of traces on the show.


I suggest that if men choose, you can choose a larger model, and it will not look ladylike.

As a trend -oriented Louis Vuitton, its backpacks include this typical lace -up drawing.

Such fashion has used more than a season, but the design of the style is still colorful.


The closure of the partial shoulder bag is also more distinctive in the use of fabrics, such as this one like this

Nasir mazhar

The backpack is not only stopped in ordinary leather or canvas models. The unique fabric gives the future color. Of course, the trendy man who likes to spend will not ignore this one.


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Both color matching and shape are very durable, so it is worthy of back. If there is no one in your backpack, you can try it in the combination of autumn and winter, and you will definitely “explore” the first!


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