“Real Person Fast Play 11” designer shows character clothing candy stripe rifle is quite happy

The fighting game “Mortal Kombat Xi” is officially released today (April 23). In addition to the combat fighting that is still brutal, another highlight of the game is its highly customized role. Brendan George, the chief character art designer of the game, recently updated the official PlayStation Blog, showing us some strange costumes of game characters.

《真人快打11》设计师展示角色服饰 糖果条纹步枪颇喜感

We see that these clothing is also very interesting. Erron Black puts on a red clothes and a rifle with candy stripes.

Shao Kahn’s shape is very retro. He wore a skeleton mask, and also had two Viking style long corners.

The clothing of the series of newcomers Cetrion and the series of frequent guests of Raiden reflects another style. Compared with their default colorful clothing, the new clothing looks more cold and dark.

《真人快打11》设计师展示角色服饰 糖果条纹步枪颇喜感

In “Real People Hit 11”, the new “Custom Character Template” function allows you to customize soldiers in an unprecedented way and create a role that belongs to you. The new graphic engine will exquisite the wonderful moment of each broken cranial eye, allowing you to experience every detail like a realm. Along with the popular movie plot model, coupled with a new and new classic fighter, on the 25th anniversary of launch, the epic series of “Real Person Fast” will usher in a new peak.

《真人快打11》设计师展示角色服饰 糖果条纹步枪颇喜感

“Real Person Fast Hitting 11” on April 23, landed on PS4/Xbox One/Switch/PC platform, so stay tuned.

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