50 pieces of sweaters! The cheap and fashionable, the student party must collect it

“National Cooling Map” yesterday on the hot search

You all have seen it

Most areas have become blue

Guangdong is still “yellow” firmly

But the heat is hot

The autumn clothes that should be bought still need to be prepared

After all, the temperature changes faster than the dregs men’s heart

The preferred item of this season

Of course it is a versatile and fashionable sweater


The thickness is moderate, and you can also match a variety of styles

Actually as early as a month ago

There are little cuteness and urging more




I finally arrange for everyone today!

Except for three different styles of matching reference

I also compiled nine cheap and good Taobao shops


Wait for the mud to praise me online!

The sweater itself is a single product with its own casual atmosphere

Want to play this feature to the extreme


can choose

Design simple and simple color matching styles


It is enough to choose simple solid color trousers underneath

This style is most suitable for sisters who like to act low -key


Photo source: Octopusme Octopus Home Original Design

Round -neck sweater is the most basic style

The solid color will be too monotonous

You can choose to have a simple print


Wide -legged jeans not only hide the meat skills first -class skills

And light denim blue is versatile

No matter what color you choose, you can hold it

This combination formula is copied according to


You can come to me when you make a mistake!

Picture source: Eunina flagship store

Student party can choose priority

More dynamic hooded sweater

With a colorful baseball stick

Simple without losing the highlights

Sister paper who likes losses

Don’t choose wide -leg pants

Putting up the trousers with a long straight pants is more suitable for you

Personal girl on the streets of autumn

Of course it is inseparable

Unique printing, bold contrasting color


Oversize’s outline, creative stitching …

With the style of the same style


I feel like I can get a section of freehateverle

Picture source: beerbro

This year’s short sweater is particularly popular

Be sure to leave a position in the wardrobe!

Match high waist pants

Can turn 55 points into 37 points

Visual increase of 5cm is not a dream

P.S. This article is not suitable for


Small belly is too eye -catching girl paper


Picture source: Bibulu Studio self -made

I used to abandon the fisherman’s hat soil

I just think it is cool now!

If your height conditions are good

You can boldly try long sweater

The fluorescent green of the top is more eye -catching


Choose a darker military green in the next dress

Maintain the same color system while there is light and dark

Want to improve age reduction

You can choose some

The style of the girl to match

Plear skirt and strap pants are a very good choice

Picture source: Lesai flagship store

Polo collar sweater, pleated skirt and stockings

All with strong college wind

This whole set is matched

that is

Good -looking student girl



When my mother sees it, I praise you

Where the weather is too cold

It is not recommended to wear it like this

Candy -colored sweater

Also this year’s explosive items


Many stars are wearing


Don’t like bright colors

Can be like Shen Yue

Select white models of sweater

Belt pants retain candy color

The effect is as playful as playful

The next step is to chop the hands

The price difference between different shops is relatively large

So I deliberately made a price distinction

Everyone chooses on demand


Tao password ¥ 4jlkyp49t0x ¥


Very suitable for the student party’s shop


The price is affordable, and the style is relatively rich

Little fairy who likes casual and comfortable style

Just copy the model to wear

Tao password ¥ G8VLYP4qttn ¥


Sweater style is very similar to the first one

But this combination

It is more suitable for dating

Tao password ¥ CVV6YP4QVAO ¥ ¥

See the name of the store and know that it is a childlike shop

The sweater printing is very cute

Girls who like soft and cute winds recognize this family!

Tao password ¥ Kohhyp4jg3j ¥

There are many original styles in this shop

It’s relatively not easy to hit a shirt

And the model is a hat control

Each top is very stylish

When you take the sweater, everyone

You can also learn the skills of choosing a hat

Tao password ¥ 42LQYP48GFV ¥

I want to buy a little fairy who wants to buy girlfriends

When you go to this house, you will have a gain!

Almost all styles have two colors

And two models show you the effect of the upper body


Tao password ¥ FLYMYP4RBKO ¥

Treasure stores excavated this summer

I bought a lot of T -shirts in its house

Prospense and good -looking


Its new autumn and winter products have not disappointed me

I can’t help but click on the shopping cart

Tao password ¥ ch4EYP476TV ¥

I do n’t need to repeat it if I do

The style design has always been unique

The combination of the model has always been very powerful

When you want to find out inspiration

I will open it at home and take a look

Tao password ¥ 729pyp47ar7 ¥

The overall design is interesting

Sister paper suitable for the pursuit of niche design

Its pants are also very unique

You can focus on it


Tao password ¥ 0zznyp47d8n ¥

Girl brand under Taiping Bird

The design is very unique and the color matching is bolder


Some European and American wind sweater is a bit picky

Occasionally, if you want to change your style, you can try it

At last,

What are your privately hidden women’s Taobao shops?

Come and share it with the little sisters


Today’s message area


That is everyone’s “chopping hands”

Source: Qin Guoguo

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Which sweater is beautiful in which sweater wears

Photo source: Octopusme Octopus Home Original Design

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