Children will not do homophonic words. Parents can read this article and attach exercise

A parent said that the child is in the fourth grade, and the topic of the same voice group is much wrong.

In fact, such a problem is not an example.

So what causes children to do the topic of homophonic characters?

One, no words to pass the word

Even if you have learned, you will still write wrong.

The cause of this phenomenon is nothing more than writing too little.

Second, the concept of metaphysical characters is not mastered

The third unit in the fifth grade has learned “It’s really interesting in Chinese characters”, which talks about the origin of the phonetic character.

When doing homophonic words, it can be said that it is fully applied to pictophonetic characters.

Third, lack of training

I think very few parents can find the right practice.

So I have prepared homophonic training for everyone, and parents can print them out for their children.

Fourth, lack of consciously sorting out

When you usually learn the characters, you can write the homophonic and close characters you have learned according to the character.

Reference answer:

fēn (spring (wind) mountain (peak) (maple) tree (Feng) collection (bee) honey

dōn冬 (winter) Tiangu (咚)

xìn (surname) name (sex) don’t high (Xing)

shén (what)? (God) Xian

shuānɡ (double) hand autumn (frost)

qīnɡ (green) Mountain (Qing) Water

qì Sheng (Qi) (Steam) Car

qín晴 (Qing) Tianxin (love)


shēn 生 (Sheng) Sunda (Sound) (Sound) Sound

zì Sheng (word) (self) yourself

yòu (right) hand (again) yes

SHí (time) (Shi) head (stone) head

hónɡ (red) color (flood) water

dònɡ (moving) cold material (frozen)

jiān (river) water (will) beans (pulp)

Yǐ can (to) Ant (Ant) (Ant) (already) (chair)

Méi does not (yes) (plum) flower

jīnɡ North (Beijing) Eat (shocked)

个 è (each) from (one) different

Huǒ He (guy) (fire) seedlings

Bàn Same (companion) one (half) (office) method

yán (Tai (Yang) Mountain (sheep) Piao (Yang)

xiào (school) Long (laughs) words

hé (river) water (and) Ping (combined) work


Y (also) Xu Tian (wild)

dì soil (earth) brother (brother)

ē big (brother) sing (song)

hū Zhao (Hu) in ()

kuài flying (fast) stone (block)

yīn sound (Le) Original (reason)

sī Xin (Si) silkworm (silk)

qián (front) gold (money)

zài again (see) (at) home

jié spring (festival) (Jie) White


Yè tree (leaf) (night) late

zhēn Tian (Zhen) (Zhen) Pearl

dào (to) (pour) water

米āo (high) Shanmi (cake) (lamb) sheep

qiān autumn (thousand) teeth (sign)

chén ((long) (city) city (Cheng) Shinhe

mí (fascinated) person (mystery) language

鼓 (ancient) old fight (drum)

xī (Xi) Yang (West) Gua (Greek) Wang (thin) less

lǐ (Li) Zidao (Li) (Libi) Face

Y 下 (language) Wen Xia (Rain) (Yu) Mao

xiānɡ (fragrant) Shuijia (township) (phase) Same

shēn book (body) (extended) exhibition

zhī (of) one (only) (only) (knowledge) Tao (branch) entry (branch) out

yù (jade) Mi Xiang (encounter)

yì Zheng (meaning) (meaning) thinking

Cǎi (Cai) (color) color (step) stepping

wú (None) Heart East (Wu)

shù big (tree) (vertical) starting up

jiān (sharp) calling room (room)

liànɡ flash (light) (dry) dry

jī fly (machine) (accumulated) wood tea (a few) (a few) (strange) number (excitement) movement

Tái (wind) (wind) head

jiā plus (enter) big (home)

wén (text) Ming (mosquito) sub -wave (pattern)

Cì Two (times) fish (thorn)

Pínɡ (Ping) (Ping) Fruits (Ping)

zhōnɡ bell (sound) (middle) between (middle)

yuán one (yuan) fruit (garden) team (member) (circle) shape

Xǐ Qing (Washing) (Huan)

zuò (sitting) down (seat) position

yào Lord (to) take (medicine)


yāo to (ask) (waist) department

lián (company) long (lotus) flower


shé (tongue) head poison (snake)

fēi (Non) Chang (Fei) Dance

chán (Ping (Normal) Product (Taste) (Long) River

jìn (enter) mouth phase (near)

yī (medical) student (clothing) service

xīn 星 (star) empty (Xing) struggle

xià shock (scared) (below) Rain (summer) Tian

xiànɡ Large (elephant) good (like) (phase) film

Ji (sister) sister (solution) put

Fánɡ (room) (room) (defense) protection

bēi water (cup) (back) package

Bǐ (ratio) than lead (pen)

bìng (and) and birth (disease)

Bǎo (Bao) Warm (full)

chí (late) to (pool) pond


chuān Mountain (Sichuan) (Piercing) Through

chéng (city) city (Cheng) Gong

(Multiplication) car (sincerity) real

dú (independent) self -(read) book

Fú Xing (Fu) School (Service) Floating (floating)

fēng (Maple) Tree (Feng) Futai (Wind)

hú (Hu) Zi (Fox) Tanuki (Lake) Water


hù (household) mouth protection (protection) (mutual) phase

jī (hungry) Hungry mother (chicken)

jí (and) years (level) accumulation (pole)

jì (scheme) counting day (record) Country (interdependence)


jīn Huang (Gold) Gong (Jack)

jīng North (Jing) (Jing) (Jing) Passing

Eyes (eye) (shock) strange

jiàn army (ship) matter (parts) to see (see)

jiāo (teaching) book (intersection) general

Kē one (tree) tree (one) star (subject) science

kè (guest) person (engraved)

Qian (gram) lower (lesson)

kuài flying (fast) stone (block)

lǐ (gift) object (rational) (library) face

lì Mei (Li) (calendar) history (grain)

Láo (Lab) Move (prison)

qí (its) others (chess)

(Flag) 帜 (strange) monster

Qūnd (Qu) City (district)

qīng (green) grass (light) pine (Qing) water

shí true (real) knowledge (knowledge) giant (stone)

SHǐ calendar (history) open (start) (envoy) use

shì city (city) teaching (room) table (shown)

Dad (yes) good (things) (like) (like)

shēn (Shen) Please (extend) waist (body) body

tái dance (Taiwan) (raised) head green (moss)

tù (rabbit) child vomiting (vomiting)

wā green (frog) mountain ()

wèi (Taste) Dao (Wei) Sheng

xī Xiu (interest) (Xi) Yanghu (suction)

xì ((drama) (fine) Heart)

yǐ (already) (to) (to) (chair) (chair)

yì Rong (Yi) (100 million) 10,000

Y ((and) Qi (Yu) Mao (Yu) Zhou

yīn (sound) Le (Yin) God

Yóu (You) its reason (from) (tour) swimming

yuán (circle) circle (Yuan) Dan

People (members) Gong (Garden) (Original) Come on

Yáng Fei (Yang) Hai (Yang) Mountain (sheep)

zhī spinning (weaving) tree (branch) open (branch)

zhí (plant) tree (value) day

zhǐ (refer to) point (paper) entry


zhì (rule) disease flag (帜) (to)

zhōu god (state) flat (boat) (Zhou) encirclement

zhuō (table) Zi (catch)

zhù (wish) Fu (Note) meaning

(Living) Fang Gang (Help)

zhuàng -shaped (shape) (strong) view

Run (melting) reed (aloe) pan -(extensive) decrease (decrease)

Division (isolation) Lu (ruble) lack of (boring) shouting (shouting)

Fuck (brush) plunder (raised) occasion (occasion) fiber (slender)

Buddha (as if) was shocked (surprised) encounter (encounter) relocation (migration)

Valve (petal) swelling (pain) imitation (imitation) tiredness (tired)

Big braid (braid) Zhang (Zhang Kai) Visit (visit) curl (curled up)

Release (release) its (actually) plant (one plant) wait (expect)

Translation (translation) basis (basic) bead (pearl) waiter (serving)

Pride (proud) modest (modest) generation (representative) sugar (candy)

Jiao (Jiao Nen) apologize (apologize) cutting (crusade) pond (pond)

Uniform (uniform) legend (legend) cowardly (cowardly) holding (holding up)

Spoon (spoon) Turn (rotating) glutinous (glutinous rice) stick (stick)

Old (old) soul (soul) borrow (borrow) wine (drink)

Bo (Uncle) Soul (Step) Error (error) sprinkle (free and easy)

He (geometric) technical (technical method) test (experience) calendar (history)

River (river water) wood (wood) inspection (inspection) powerful (powerful)

Different (difference) and (and) continents (Europe) deposit (existing)

Guide (guide) Eye (eye) State (state and county) on (online)

Health (Health) Inner (content) Mistake (misunderstanding) bee (bee)

Construction (construction) meat (meat) 蜈 (蜈) front (sharp)

Including (parentheses) group (composition) inspection (inspection) honey (bee)

Top (topic) obstruction (obstacle) Picking (picked up) dense (close)

Annoying (trouble) Mo (bubble) hindered (hindered) leisure (leisure)

Item (project) wiper (scrubbing) to be closed (obtained) closed (closed)

Bubble (blisters) stick (stick) fox (fox) intestine (sausage)

Cannon (cannonball) hold (hold) arc (arc) Yang (raised)

Pick up (pick up) Zhuang (strong) Ling (sharp) mention (advance)

Lift (raising) -like (shape) edge (edge) embankment (dam)

Ink (ink) dye (dye) waves (waves) mushroom (mushroom)

Black (black) 柒 () 黑) wolf (wild wolf) grinding (torture)

Gall (guts) to pull (pull) back (looking up) bowl (rice bowl)

But (but) Address (address) suppression (suppression) euphemism (euphemism)

Fantasy (hallucination) wax (candle) seduction (temptation) multiplication (recognition)

Young (young) wax (lunar month) embroidery (embroidery) good (well -behaved)

Sword (sword) mode (model) official (official position) copy (copy)

Convergence (convergence) Touch (touch) palace (harem) second (second watch)

Must (must) (must) (brilliant) attack (attack) danger (danger)

Heart (mind) Shanshan (Shantou) Gong (Kung Fu) Pick up (pick up)

Sex (sex) volume (test papers) cargo (cargo) feeding (feeding)

Surname (name) tiredness (tired) loan (loan) Number (snuggling)

Partial (partial) glue (glue) sticky (sticky) wolf (wild wolf)

Editor (compilation) comparison (comparison) stickers (tightly) ruthless (cruel)

Picking (sandwich) donkey (donkey) art (art) rack (shelf)

Come (future) protection (protection) begging (begging) driving (driving)

Zhan (looking for) Weng (old man) butterfly (butterfly) miscellaneous (complex) spear (contradiction)

Eaves (eaves) buzzed (buzzing) disc


The shed (scaffold) deaf (deaf) sleep (sleep) Xin (hard) ditch (hard)

Stretch (tight) towering (towering) eyes (eye) lucky (happiness) structure (structure)

Borrow (comfort) Shuo (flashes) bat (bat) account (tent) beach (beach)

Human (Book) Gravel (Gravel) A amplitude (Format) 怅 (怅) Difficulty (unforgettable)

Qi (gorgeous) drunk (drunk) cooking (cooking smoke) floating (floating) plow (wood plow)


Riding (riding) broken (broken) blow (blowing) drift (beautiful) pear (pear)

Refers to (guidance) side (side) buried (buried) (buried) (noon) earning (earning money)

Lipid (fat) test (speculation) rational (reason) sound (sound) clean (clean)

Fight (gradual) ton (tonnage) without (future) millimeter (mm) habitat (habitat)

Sui (Tunnel) Poly (Suddenly) At the end of (end) Hao (pride) exposure (exposure)

Carbon (carbonate) hidden (invisible) built (construction) stinky (odor) vegetable (vegetable)

Research (Research) Yang (Sunshine) Jian (Health) Sniff (Smelling) Relaxing (negligence)

Drive (pioneer) silence (loneliness) practice (practice) monument (stone monument)

Riding (riding) Uncle (uncle) shallow (shallow beach) spleen (temper) boil (stay up late)

Call (preparation) paint (paint) Luo (Lieli) hiding (dodge) slow (slow)

Tao (Bo Tao) knee (knee) Luo (radish) body (body) Man (romantic)

The umbilical (umbilical cord) (also required) Hui (brilliant) cake (pancake)

Squeeze (crowded) fork (cross) waving (command) bottle (vase)

Mongolian (Mongolia) Silent (Lonely) Tu (Caddy) Xiao (Children) Fake (if)

Mo (dim) Shu (lady) Xu (Xu Xu) Su (serious) Xia (Chaoxia)

Storm (exposed) halo (motion sickness) timid (timid) involved (negotiation)

Exposure (exposure) Army (soldier) but (but discouraged) apprentice (apprentice)

Camel (camel) (camel) (encountered) post (resignation) screen (breath) draft (manuscript paper)

Snake (snake) bad (bad) Ye (Jesus) bottle (vase) is engaged (messy)

Performance (grade) egg (egg) insult (insult) (insult) (insult) (疙 瘩) sorrow (desolate)

Debt (debt) incubation (incubation) sea (sea) begging (begging) Jie (quick)

Polar (bias) drama (sharp) Gou (Gou Ji) serving (serving) arrogance (arrogant)

Wave (Waves) is enough (can) (can) (can) (can) (for) device (weapon)

Kuang (Ping Kuang) inlaid (inlaid) Nu (hard) purple (purple) replace (replacement)

Expansion (expanded) (expansion) (screaming) crossbow (crossbow) tight (tension) takes (counterfeit)

Bowl (dishes) paint (dark) cluster (cluster) move (mobile) land (land)

Mending (winding) knee (knee) clan (nation) enough (can) strike (palm)

Taking advantage of (taking the opportunity) fluff (catkins) plug (stuff) tie (abduction) bundle (bundle)

Hurry (Hurry) Tight (nervous) Sait (Horse Racing) State (Xingbang) Sleep (Difficulty)

荤 (stubborn) 荤 (amaranth) frustration (frustration) instructions (instructions) 嘹 (嘹 Liang)

Dig (excavation) military (soldier) sniper (sniper) belong to (belongs)

Pray (pray) dirt (stains) dandruff (paper crumbs) legacy (regret) rubbing (scrubbing)

Loss (Listening) (Lost) Cutting (Exploitation) Federation (Gift) Falling (Capital)

Shell (shell) geese (big geese) 砚 (砚 台) simplicity (concise)

Pot (teapot) difficulty (difficulty) observation (ornamental) cylinder (bamboo tube)

Aflute (fluorescence) Meeting (reunion) fragments (fragments) poverty (poverty) respect (respectful)

Firefly (Fireflies) sewing (door gap) database (soldier) Fen (fragrant) a total of (total)

Difficulty (difficulty) mix (chaos) rank (order) humble (humble) slaughter (slaughter)

Victoria (dimension) Kun (Kunming) anecdotes (anecdotes) spleen (temper) Xin (hard work)

Repeated (repeatedly) bore (chest) service (service) hail (hail) Note (gaze)

Lou (building) Tang (ridiculous) did not (no) thunder (thunderstorm) frustration (frustration)

舔 ())) lick (lick) sunflower (sunflower) hot (scald) torque (rules)

Watch (command) add (add) ascending (climb) soup (hot soup) giant (giant)

Thinking (idea) tracking (tracking) howling (whistling) Xia (knight) dismantling (demolition)

Punishment (punishment) comprehensive (comprehensive) Xiao (depression) cheeks (cheeks) folding (origami)

Chen (display) (flag) stroke (touch) eyelashes (eyelashes) banquet (banquet)

Mo (unfamiliar) weaving (organization) pull (retention) Jie (fast) treasure (jewelry)

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