How to do Weibo group purchase, the little prince of foreign trade scarves revealed the secrets for you!


With the rise of the Internet, the platform of Weibo, a public topic of Weibo, has gradually become active in the past six or seven years, and it has become a commonplace for many people every day and evening. It is said that there are places where there are people, and Weibo marketing is also full of vitality with the rise of Weibo. There are four smokes on Weibo, crying, laughing, singing, and singing. Gathering Xiao Gu’s experience in buying foreign trade scarves in Sina Weibo in the past few years, and share with you some things you don’t know with Weibo group purchase with you.

People are a group of animals, so group buying will sprung up like a family. Many people use group buyers to get rich, and there are new terms on the Internet called the head of the group. This head of the regiment has nothing to do with the army, but the same troops and thousands of horses! Many heads of regiments use Weibo’s resources to make water.



Of course, we are not here to explore how the head of the regiment make money, but how a small wholesaler or a small shop owner like Xiao Gu brother has a good relationship with the head of the group and how to sell our things! There is also how we choose a good team leader. This is a technical issue. I hope this article can be beneficial to everyone.

What kind of group has purchasing power, Weibo group purchases are mixed, and there are many cheating group heads. How to choose the right group is indeed a big problem for many friends who do not understand group buying. Because a business that is eager to sell things, especially small and medium -sized merchants, the choice of the head of the group and the group is passive. If people can ignore you, you are very happy, and then how much money they can send a link.

Later, a product was not sold, and then went to the next head of the group, paid the money, and did not sell it again. After a few times, it was flickered, so that Weibo group purchase was deceived.


At this time, the technique of choosing a group appeared. A good group must have a lot of loyal fans, so after each group purchase, many fans will follow the evaluation of the later. So as long as you follow this clue, you can find the group you need. If such a group with a very high degree of activity, I think as long as I cooperate with you, it is equivalent to finding a cash cow. Of course Cooperate with you. How to find the head of the regiment and cooperate, the next technical issue appears!

The Weibo group should now be very mature. The head of the group will definitely have many long -term cooperative merchants. It is almost difficult for new merchants to integrate into this circle. In fact, the seemingly open group has long been solidified. When you contact each group, you will have product registration forms, mailboxes connected to the product, and so on. In fact, the registration of this email is almost the same thing. They are really acquaintances. In the group, newcomers will be very difficult to intervene, but how to enter this circle as a newcomer is actually a way.

There must be several core merchants in each group. They often buy fixed group groups. You only need to find a commonly issued merchant, and then you tell the group that you are the friend of this merchant. He introduced you to the head of the group. Basically, the head of the regiment will give you his personal contact information. Speaking of which I think you should understand the following!

There is also a strange visit. Everyone who is unfamiliar will feel that the opportunity will be slim, but there are also skillful in this. Almost all the group heads that can be insisted on Weibo group buying have their own fixed style, Japanese, Harbinham, Europe and the United States, domestic, young people, young people, young people, young people, young people, young people, young people, young people, young people, young people, young people, young people, young people, young people, young people, young people, young people, young people, young people, young people, young people, young people, young people Various styles of petty bourgeoisie are different. They are also eager for their high -end brands. If you have high -end goods that he needs the brand, such as you are doing Europe and the United States, if you launch the original clothing of Raft Rallen, the style is relatively new. I miss you. As long as he is sent to him, he will be tempted. He contacted you, that is, the problem of time. It is also a good way to knock on the stepping tile in this way!


In fact, everyone will communicate with their own way. The way that Xiao Gu’s brother may not have tried and tested, he just tells everyone that many problems that everyone thinks of impossible may be possible. In fact, you may become possible after your efforts. Easy, we can’t do anything. Only by continuous learning can we not be abandoned by this era!

Like Gu Gu, from the original forum to accumulate primitive wholesale customers, to the development of retail business in Weibo group purchase, now mainly focused on WeChat marketing. In the background of the downturn in the current market, his foreign trade scarf wholesale increased against the trend. The better.

Of course, there are many places worthy of criticism on Weibo group purchase. Weibo group purchase is nothing more than a fan marketing, with irrational side. Therefore, the head of the head and the group, between the group and the group, the tearing wind is popular. It is not because they love to quarrel, because they are not professional. Many heads of heads do not have professional knowledge, and they are arrogant and rude. Therefore, Weibo group purchase is not a pure land, and it will also flow undercurrent.

Weibo group purchase is now a big waves. The era of huge money grabbing has been gradually drifting away. The decline of Weibo in the past two years has led to slowly going downhill. There are fewer people playing Weibo, and many groups of groups buy are gradually moving. However, there will also be a lot of group buying still strong. Some old -fashioned groups such as the largest group, painting skin, and wow. They all occupy a place on Sina Weibo and have their own sky. Some small and medium -sized small groups are still shining. In fact, it is difficult to do anything, I do it, so I am!

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