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Nanjing K Kerui extruded machine manufacturers are a comprehensive advantage of dual screw extrusion machine design, manufacturing and application technology! Double screw machines will choose Nanjing Kero extruded machine manufacturers to build it for you! High stability, cost -effective! Each dual screw machine and other products such as high efficiency and reliability and technical advancedness.

Efficient single screw extrusion machine

Based on the fact that the currently widely used single screw extruder output and high energy consumption, Nanjing Kero extruded Machinery Co., Ltd., based on the practice of German equipment, combined with years of practical experience, successfully launched the “CSE CSE in 2013 TM系列高效单螺杆挤出机.该机产量大、能耗低、同时具有优异的抗磨损性.在加工管材时,该机的比功耗为0.25~0.3 kw.h/kg,加工板、 The power consumption is 0.15 ~ 0.2kw.h/kg when the sheet and granules. It is significantly lower than the single screw extruder in the current application. The existing extruded production line only needs to replace the host (barrel, screw and reducer, reducer and reducer. ), You can realize that the unit energy consumption is reduced by 30%-50%, and the output increases by more than 30%, making your product more cost-effective!

Features of dual screw extrusion machine

1. According to the relative position of the two axes, there are parallel and cone -shaped;

2. According to the two screw meshing procedures, there is a meshing and non -meshing type;

3. According to the rotation direction of the two screws, there is a distinction between the same and different directions, and in the different directions, there is an inward and outward distinction;

4. Rotate the screw rotation speed, there are high and low speed;

5. According to the structure of the screw and the machine, there is a difference between the overall and the combination

Analysis of the work of dual screw extrusion machine work:

国内微型双螺杆挤出机公司 专业挤出机生产企业 行业领先

1. We must figure out that more than two polymers and materials in the process of changing the state of material changes, mixed forms, structural changes, and final mixture and performance in the process of extrusion.

2. During the squeezing process of the polymer, the transformation of the object of the transmission principle of the transmission and exhaust of the solid melt, and the establishment of a physical model of the mathematical physics to guide the design and extrusion process of the dual screw extrusion machine. optimization.

国内微型双螺杆挤出机公司 专业挤出机生产企业 行业领先

3. As a dual screw extruder, the reaction process, speed, performance and screw configuration, and operating conditions of the reaction molding are established to establish a model to guide the reaction molding extrusion.

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