Japanese craftsmanship can be used for 20 years! No fried eggs do not stick, iron shovel is not bad, easily get a big meal

Now that life is good, everyone’s taste has also changed, there are more and more dishes on the table ~ No longer limited to fried and stewed, like steak, shrimp, seafood risotto, snacks, etc. It is more and more common.

Of course, get these cumbersome dishes,

Choosing the right pot can save a lot of effort for cooking!

This self -use


Box embroidery rust series stainless steel flat frying pan

,it’s me

Make a delicious kitchen baby!


The main reasons for the panic

It is not as bulky as a wok



The exquisite size of 28cm, saving effort and good storage,


It can make you free to wave in the kitchen ~

Fry first and then fry, simmer, stew, stew, burn, steam, a bite of pot!

All kinds of fried vegetables, roasted meat, fried fish, pork rib soup …

Swipe left and right to view the dishes



It is twice deeper than the traditional frying pan, 8cm.

I have compared to everyone, deep between Chinese -style stir -fry and frying pan.

From top to bottom: Chinese -style stir -fried pot, lotus leaf pan, ordinary pan


Frying is not easy to collapse oil stars.

The steamer is enough to put down the steamer.

About 4.8 liters capacity,

Both single or big family are exquisite and practical. And stir -frying is smooth, fluffy cabbage is not easy to sprinkle.

You can also judge the proportion of water and oil at a glance according to the inside scale line, which is too friendly for novice Xiaobai!

Several young young people who just graduated from the office have started this pot. They should be used for a few mouthfuls, saving money and space.


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Give away stainless steel shovel and vertical pot lid, only 199 yuan.


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Iron pan & coating non -stick pot two -in -one

Frying samples without sticky samples


This pot combines the advantages of non -sticky coating pot and the characteristics of iron -resistant wear -resistant.

Common chemical coatings do not stick to the pan. Although it is not easy to stick to the pan, it is difficult to change the pan because it is difficult to maintain, and it has to be changed in the pan for a year or even a few months.



The lotus leaf cooker is made of medical -grade stainless steel and belongs to a physical non -sticky pot.


Take a closer look at the raised small particles, “lift” the ingredients when cooking, reduce the contact area of ​​the ingredients and the pot noodle, and form a water and oil isolation film.

Naturally frying is not sticky, and is not afraid of stinging, no need to take care of it.

Crispy fish does not break the skin, the epidermis is crispy, and the meat is tender and juicy.


Self -made popcorn, fry the caramel on low heat, and scrape it clean without sticking to the bottom of the pot.

Stainless steel pot noodle material is a level of 316L stainless steel with a surgery knife.

Abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance are not comparable to ordinary stainless steel and coating pot.


The seafood with shell does not hurt the pot!


Not only I think it is easy to use, Kantian | The rust -stain -stain -bottomed deep -fried pan of the lotus leaf, even more

Many food bloggers are using hot models, and their reputation is good ~

Compared with its classic stainless steel color, I love this lit white. Fantasy -like pearl light white, paired with the original wooden handle, is like a fairy in a pot that does not dye the dust ~ It is just a proper temperament hexagram!

Of course, I hesitated before choosing this big white pot ~ After all, when I bought a colorful pot, I turned over the car, and the gas stove was yellowed and transformed in a few days.

I learned after doing my work: There will be many small pores in ordinary paint glaze, which is easy to stay dirt;

The ceramic glaze is different. It has a tight and smooth texture, does not proof oil, and the stains float on the surface.

The lotus leaf pot is cast by ceramics, which is resistant to high temperature and color resistance. Frequent gas stoves are not easy to change color and yellow.

Sisters who like white pot and are afraid of being difficult to maintain can close their eyes!

I can only use this bite of dishes that love, love, and hurt the pot!

Antibacterial stainless steel, more assured to use

For the tools for cooking every day, the safety indicators must be passed!

The lotus leaf pot is rigorous enough on the material,


Antibacterial stainless steel in the internationally recognized 300 -series steel has high safety.


And after the whole pot is tested, it meets the food safety standards for food, so we should use it to stir -fry.

Second, whether the sense of use is ideal (


Including smoothness, amount of oil fume, lightness, abrasion resistance, whether it is easy to clean, etc.)


Anti -sticking easy clean, fuel saving less smoke



Easy to stick fish




rice cake



It is found that fried fish saves oil than iron pots, and basically does not “eat oil” very much.


The tender salmon is easily turned over, not sticky and non -shattered.

The glutinous rice cake bar, fry the low heat to the stern and crispy, and then turn it over, and there is no sticky pot.


Because of less oil, there are naturally less oil fume. For sisters who are afraid of the smell of oil to smoke, they are more friendly ~

The residue and sauce floated on the pot, and gently wiped it with kitchen paper and sponge, and the stains basically disappeared. Or simply wash with water+detergent.


Stir -fried food is comparable to the wok, the fire is full of flavor

The heat transfer is particularly fast, saving time and energy and energy and energy. The fire can achieve the effect of stir -fry, and the dishes are crispy, dry, and delicious.


On the contrary, the stir -frying dishes should not be too large, the excess water vapor cannot evaporate, and the cooking is wet.


Lotus leaf pan (left); coating the pan (right)

Making meat vegetables is unparalleled ~ heated evenly, fried steaks can quickly produce a “demela reaction”. The skin of the meat becomes golden, the outer coke is tender, and the meat is strong.


Streaming durable, not picking shovel

The silicone shovel without sticky pot is easily grinded by the coating and turned into a “sticky pot”.


And lotus leaf pot,

It has the advantages of slippery and anti -sticks of coating pot, but it is not as delicate as the coating pot.


Stainless steel ruffle texture on the lotus leaf pot,

Let you iron, wood shovel, stir -fry at 360 °, will not hurt the pot.

Lotus leaf stir -fry (left); coating stir -fried wok (right)

This pot can be described as

The advantages of iron pots and non -stick pots, abrasion, durability, feet, non -sticky, fuel saving, good cleaning.

The novice uses this pot, fried, stewed, stir -fry … just fry!


The Japanese national kitchenware brand Kittea embroidered Bo Yi, a cooking baby specially created for Chinese kitchen.

Lotus leaf non -sticky technology,

Stir -stir -fry

The reason why this pot can combine with coating pot is not sticky and iron -resistant.

Use medical -grade stainless steel,

Through the intelligent stamping process, the lotus leaves with a gap of about 0.2mm are slightly convex, and the entire pot is firmly coincide.

When cooking, the food is “overhead” by these protruding little dots, “not entangled with each other” with the bottom of the pot.

The inspiration of the lotus leaf slightly convex comes from the latest lotus leaf non -sticky technology.


Our elementary school has studied the lotus leaves “out of the mud without staining”. Indeed, the lotus leaves have “self -cleaning power”.


The surface of the lotus leaf is densely covered with micron -level small protrusions like a “small mountain bag”.

The dense “hillbag” depression part is connected to a nano -level air layer.

The water droplets are blocked by the air layer, and only contact the protruding point and cannot infiltrate the lotus leaves.

The principle is cleverly used to make the small point of stamping slightly.


When cooking, the gap is connected into a thin water and oil film, which greatly blocks the contact area of ​​the ingredients and the pot surface. Through physical principles, strength resistance.

The size, denseness, and arrangement of slightly convex patterns have been repeatedly calculated and tested in order to achieve the ideal cooking effect.

There are many similar honeycomb stainless steel stir -fried woks on the market.


↑ The pan -noodles are fully scaled, and there is no dead corner of anti -sticking

The magnifying lines are easy to see, the lotus leaf disadvantage process (left):


High -density slightly convex pattern, stronger resistance;

Open lines, good oil circulation, fuel saving, and not easy to yellow.

Ordinary process (right):

The texture is loose and closed, the oil is not smooth, and the oil is large;


The hot spots are uneven, easy to stick to the pan and yellow.


It can be seen that the lotus leaf slightly convex lines are smooth.

Other wok oil circuits are closed, and the anti -adhesive effect is halved.

Little fried egg test is not sticky:

The left is a lotus leaf slightly convex stir -frying pot, and the right stir -fry pot

Strong force upgrade is not afraid of steel shovel

5 layers of high -quality composite materials, one -piece die -casting, is equivalent to fixing the 5 -layer “pot”. Improve intensity, high temperature resistance, heat conduction rapid and uniform.

Contains three layers of high -quality stainless steel and agglomeration alloys, safety and corrosion resistance. Each kind of carefully selected pot is internationally recognized environmental protection and quality.

316L medical -grade stainless steel, with strong corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance at high temperature, is the first choice for medical tools and mother and baby products.

Looping layers and middle layers of pot watches are 316L stainless steel, which is why the lotus leaf pot is not afraid of iron shovel and hard shell ingredients.

The stainless steel lotus leaf patterns of the shovel and hard shell ingredients are “raised”. It is difficult to touch the bottom pot body. Of course, it does not hurt the pot and it is more durable.


And after testing, stainless steel with special antibacterial treatment can release sterilization copper (CU) ions to destroy cell activity.

The antibacterial rate is as high as 99.9%, and the pot is more at ease every day.

Test Report


3003 alloy energy storage substrate, high temperature resistance and high insulation, often used in pressure cookers, food processing equipment, etc.

430 ultra -magnetic stainless steel, fast and uniform heat conduction, corrosion resistance, light.


Safe, healthy, and durable lotus leaf stainless steel pot, Baoma used to cook baby supplementary food.


Slip -resistant poly energy bottom 20s fast heat conduction


Multi -layer cluster energy bottom, fast and uniform thermal conductivity


The thick -bottomed thin -walled pot type is good for the calories of the bottom of the pot rapidly and evenly, and the food is well -cooked.


After the fire, the lotus leaf stir -frying pot is rising rapidly.

The outer wall and the bottom of the pot are made of high -density, high -performance ceramic materials. It is said that the Tesla car’s external paint also uses the same high -tech material, which is made of dieting through the precision process, which is strong.

The bottom of the lotus leaf at the bottom of the pot is not only exquisite in texture, but also a certain degree of anti -dirty, which can reduce the soup and fat adhesion to the bottom of the pot.


Easy to wash, not afraid of scraping. After a long time, it is not easy to change color and ugliness.


Change the stove and not change the pot. The lotus leaf wok is suitable for all kinds of stoves, gas stoves, induction cookers, electric ceramic stoves, coal stoves, etc. It is not hindrance to throw it into the dishwasher.

This is too friendly to the rental family! If there is no gas to move into a new home, the pot is not universal, it must be changed.

Only a bite of the kitchen in one fell swoop

Physical resistance, rust, wear resistance, no spatula


… The lotus leaves with both face value and strength are applicable to every household.

Especially recommended for small kitchens, newlywed families, just learned to cook, do not want to hoard or use steel/iron shovel, friends,


Take a bite of Chinese food and western food. Crying ~

The kitchen mother can also be elegant. The net weight of a single pot (no cover) is 1.3kg, less than 3 bottles of water,


It’s half lighter than the iron pot of 5 or 6 catties.


Practical capacity,


28cm outer diameter, 2 to 4 families are applicable, and it is enough to entertain guests.


Stew pork ribs, boil soup, and stewed only the whole chicken.

The bottom of the pot is flat, heated, pancakes and pancakes.

Both the sense of technology and minimalist Japanese atmosphere


Not only generous and visible, but also the ingenuity of Japanese craftsmen from the small details of humanized.

Practicing the wok is smooth and delicate.

Slide left and right to view the details of the wok

The slightly protruding diversion mouth design on the right side is convenient for dumping the soup. My hand -disabled party is no longer full of tables.

This time it brings the latest upgrade model,


The oil and water level scale is added to the pot, which is convenient for novice cooking to control the amount of oil and water. It is clear at a glance, practical and intimate.

The handle is in line with the golden proportion of ergonomics and is comfortable with the grip.

有 Wood, simple and textured. Do not scalding and slippery.

Two stainless steel stamping rivets are fixed, exquisite and firm, with a bearing capacity of 9kg.

Hanging holes at the end can be suspended to save storage space.

Extend the electroplating connector, and the maximum fire of the gas stove will not be burned to the wooden handle.

The pot lid is also a anti -scaling scalf. Transparent explosion -proof glass, do not need to be unveiled when stewed, you know the amount of water at a glance, which is more humane than the metal cover.

The lid can still be stood up, and the small stove is not worried about the lid.

The texture of the gifted steel shovel is also good, moderate size, 304 food -grade stainless steel, safe and wear -resistant.

Extend the handle to avoid hot hand, and save it if you use it ~

Japanese ingenious inheritance of refining and casting is a good pot

“Do only one thing in your life”!


It is the lifelong pursuit of a Japanese craftsman to polish to the extreme and bring a sense of joy to users.


Kita Kitchenware

As the leader of the old Japanese kitchenware manufacturers,

It has the reputation of consumer satisfaction products for 50 years.

The market share of kitchen utensils has accounted for 90%of the Japanese market, and it is also the royal kitchenware brand of most top Japanese stores.


Kangtian and the emerging creative brand embroidered Bo Yi’s cooperation together to join on the basis of the exquisite traditional pot craftsmanship of Kanda

Innovation “Lotus Bionic” technology has greatly improved the practicality and experience of pots.



Bo Xiu Yi’s lotus leaf stainless steel stir -fry pot

All materials are

Strict selection

Essence Then from the advanced automation equipment, 12 processes such as mold opening, die casting, stamping, polishing

It lasted 38 hours.


Finally, after artificially cooperate with the tedious quality inspection procedures of precision instruments,


You can enter the market after 100%qualifying.

It is strictly checking the quality


The 20 -year commitment.

The brand promises 10 years of quality insurance (1 year of accessories)

: As long as it is not artificially damaged, the quality of the pot will be guaranteed;

Change new in 10 years:

If you don’t want to use it for 10 years, you can change the new for free, and


The new pot will continue to enjoy 10 years of warranty

Add up to 20 years of companionship,

It is the longest confession of a good pot.

For new rules and new matters, I need to register the official WeChat account of “Kangtian Kitchenware”, hold valid purchase vouchers, consult customer service and handle new matters through the official platform.

*Due to the upgrade of the product replacement, this time I will send you upgraded models, which is exactly the same as the old version of the material and performance. It only increases the logo and scale line, which is more convenient to use ~

For everyone’s safety, the current Santian | Bo Xiu’s products will be detected by multiple sterilization and nucleic acid testing before and after entering the customs.

Disinfection of outdoor goods


Concession price: 199 yuan

Gift: stainless steel shovel and vertical pot lid


How to open the pot:

When used for the first time, pour half a pot of water in the pot, cook for 10 minutes on low heat, and then pour the water. After drying the water of the pot wall, pour a little oil, apply the oil brush to the inner wall of the pot, heat the low heat for 2 to 5 minutes, and burn it while coating. After the pot is cooled, wash the pot and use it.

Maintenance of pots:


1. The pot is fast and uniform, and the fire can be achieved with medium and small fires during cooking;


2. It is forbidden to make a dry boil for a long time;

3. Do not exceed the bottom of the pot, so as not to smoke the grilled handle;

4. After use, after the pot is slightly cooled, then clean it with a sponge or Baijie cloth. Avoid rinse high temperature pots directly in cold water

Box embroidery rust series stainless steel flat frying pan





Identify the QR code and buy immediately

Identify the QR code and buy immediately

Identify the QR code and buy immediately

Identify the QR code and buy immediately

Identify the QR code and buy immediately

Identify the QR code and buy immediately

5. The bottom of the white ceramic pot is not resistant to 剐, and the sharp friction is avoided when cleaning.

Intimate reminder:

The handle and the top bead of the pot are naturally solid wood (beyl wood), which is directly cut and polished.Without any uniform coloring, the primary color of the solid wood is retained, so there is a natural and weak difference in color.Please know before you place an order ~

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