Zhang Ailing’s classic five novels tell us: Paying through love is not a difficult thing

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I love Zhang Ailing very much because she is so talented and transparent, and many literati have also evaluated Zhang Ailing.

Jia Pingwa said: “It is lucky to live with Zhang Ailing in the world. There is her book reading.” Wang Anyi said: “Only novels are Zhang Ailing’s meaning.” Chen Kehua even praised: “Chinese in the world have Chinese people In the place of Chinese, some people talk about Zhang Ailing. “

The reason why Zhang Ailing was able to get such a high evaluation was to write the prosperity of the world in a pen, and to write through the most authentic but most hypocritical male and female love in words.

I don’t know if you have read Zhang Ailing’s novels. Whenever I have some confusion or sadness, I will look out.


Whether it is the regret of “Half Life”, the transparency of “Red Rose and White Rose”, or the firmness of “Love in the City”, it has made me understand more about love.

So today, I will share with you Zhang Ailing’s five classic novels. I hope you can read the truth of love after reading it.


“Half Life”: Money will defeat love, and time will be ‍

“Half -Life” should be Zhang Ailing’s most familiar novel. Jiang Qinqin’s Gu Manlu and Lin Xinru’s Gu Manzheng are all classics that are not beyond. The regret and sadness in this TV series are also the most common love in Zhang Ailing.

This story takes place in the old Shanghai in the 1930s. Gu Manzheng and Shen Shijun fell in love with each other, but became a regret of a lifetime because of the selfishness of sister Manlu and brother -in -law Zhu Hongcai.


I believe that many people must hate Manlu, because she has ruined Manyu’s life, but the reason why Manlu takes this step and has a lot to do with the entire family.


She also had a lover like Shen Shijun. The teenager gave her the best and most really true first love, but in order to support the family of seven, Manlu had to fall into the dust, abandoned by his lover, abandoned by his family, and was cast aside by the world. Essence

I think if I can, Manlu also hopes that she can love myself and hate what she loves, but she has no such right to live in her livelihood.

Is this the fragility and helplessness of love? We obviously love each other, but we can’t reach the difficulty of lack of money, just like the many couples in reality, because the issues such as Cai Li and the house have ended the emotions. Do we want to blame the other party too realistic or blame the reality to force people to death?

Of course, the tragedy of Man and Shijun can’t just blame Manlu. There are too many yin and yang, and too many misunderstandings are missed. After all, they failed to resist the disappearance of time and scattered in the sea of ​​people.

Have you ever had such a lover? If you persist at the beginning, you will not miss it. If you work harder, you will have the future.

But what’s the use of regret?

I hope that everyone can be extremely firm when they have it. Don’t regret it after losing, because life is a single way, we can’t get back.

Zhang Ailing always tells us the cruel facts so straightforwardly. Maybe we don’t want to face it, but we must face it. Born in this era, we may not have the helplessness of that era, but many of the dilemma in love are also similar.


If you are full of affection, you ca n’t drink water. Let us work hard and let us do our best.

“First Furnace incense”: Low to the dust, it hurts only myself

Although Zhang Ailing is good at writing a love story, she does not have a fish in love. This is probably the common problem of literati. She can point out the fascination of others, but she cannot control her feelings.

When she met Hu Lancheng, Zhang Ailing lost all her mind. She said, “I met you very low and low until the dust was low, but my heart was happy, and a flower was blooming there. “

However, Zhang Ailing, who was low to dust, did not wait for Hu Lancheng’s love. Just like Ge Weilong in “The Fragrance of the First Furnace”, she fell in love with the swing son Qiao Qiao without reservation.

However, too humble results can only be injured and abandoned, and the nature of the person is more cherished.

In love, each of us should understand this principle. No matter how much you love, do not make a comprehensiveness, let alone lose your principles and bottom lines, because the principle of giving up can not be replaced by the principle, and those who really love you will not like you. Originally humble.

If that person can’t let you and him grow up and grow together, just stop the loss in time, just like Zhang Ailing, at least after drawing, we still have ourselves.

“Red Rose and White Rose”: I hope you can find the person who has a topic forever

“Maybe every man had such two women, at least two. Marrying red roses. Over time, the red changed a touch of mosquito blood on the wall, and the white was still bright moonlight in front of the bed; It is a grain of rice sticking on the clothes, but the red one is a cinnabar mole on the heart. “

This famous love saying from Zhang Ailing, I believe that people who have not read the novel “Red Rose and White Rose” have also heard of it.

In this novel, white roses are too faint. They can’t be the male lead’s explanation flowers. The red roses are born with stunners, but it is difficult to be suitable for the family. This dilemma makes people feel regrettable and sad.

However, after regret, I was a little bit more sober for marriage.


In marriage, it is important to find a one who can talk together, because it is too long in life. If you can’t find someone who can talk together, it is really difficult to resist the blandness and helplessness of the years. Lost the foundation of going down.


No one can ensure that passion is immortal, but we should at least have enough soberness and rationality when choosing the other half.

Moreover, after choosing, we must also have firmness and determination to pay, cherish what we should cherish, make love become our armor, and make us a stabilizer of love.

“Love in the City”: Real love is to be practical and peaceful

“Love in the City” is one of the few reunion novels Zhang Ailing. Bai Liu Su divorced home and returned home. She was not very good, but she always maintained her pride, so she met Fan Liuyuan, a “good man”.

The two did not have much sincerity at the beginning, but the country was difficult to make them suddenly understand that wealth, status, and fame and fortune were virtual, and only the talents accompanied by themselves were true.


As a result, they reported to get married and began to live a dull life of their lives.

In the case of illness and seeing the truth, many novels will be available, but Bai Liu Su and Fan Liuyuan are very lucky. They did not miss each other and let their feelings go deeper.

But in reality, there are too many people who are not so lucky. If you have trouble, you may not be able to see the true feelings, and may also make your feelings fall away. Some feelings are more sad. After the disaster returns to calm, it will end.

If we are going to find the reason, we may only blame fate, so we can understand that true love is practical and peace of mind, that is, I love you, so I want to marry you, I love you, so I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you. Love you, so we will never separate our lives.

Bai Liu Su and Fan Liuyuan also let us understand a truth, that is, good feelings are not afraid of late, you just need to do yourself.

May you find such a person too, and hope you can live a lifetime.


“Little Reunion”: Time to stop loss, is the most advanced self -discipline in feelings

Some people say that “Little Reunion” is Zhang Ailing’s autobiography. Indeed, Jiuli and Zhang Ailing have the same experience, and Shao Zhiyong and Hu Lancheng are also popular.

At first sight, someone was mistaken for life, and such a bridge was often found, which was really sad. But we have no way to blame anyone, because when love comes, there are too few people who can maintain rationality. If you can keep calm, it may be because he has not met that person.

However, I really want to persuade all women, do n’t be crazy for love, do n’t lose the bottom line for love, do n’t lose yourself for love. Even if you are stupid for a while, you have to stop the loss in time like Jiuli and Zhang Ailing. Essence

Remember, if you don’t love yourself, no one will love you, and it is not terrible to be injured. As long as you are decisive, you will have a day of recovery. Don’t let go because of sinking costs. There are too many things in your life. important.


Love is a practice, and you will not understand without experience. However, some experiences are really too painful and sad. I don’t want you to try it in your body.

But if you still want to know these, let’s take a look at the love story in Zhang Ailing’s writing. They are very real, so true that you have experienced it yourself.


I hope you can grow in love, mature in love, and hope that you can move forward and be invincible. Of course, if you don’t meet good love, don’t be discouraged, I hope you have at least you have a complete self.


I wish you happiness.

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